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Albertans Choose FREEDOM, Danielle Smith Emerges Victorious


The attempts of insidious Liberals to silence Albertans have faltered. The people have spoken and chosen what’s truly right for them. Danielle Smith has won the election, ushering in a renewal of the hope she gave Albertans back in 2022. Real change takes time, and with Smith remaining as Premier of Alberta, we can surely expect much more. Stick around till the end of the video to know why Smith was the only right choice.

After a fierce election, Danielle Smith once again pulled her weight and won with the UCP capturing XX of the popular vote and xx of the 87 seats in the Alberta Legislature. Albertans knew better, and they certainly were not interested in repeating Rachel Notley’s nightmarish reign because the wounds of her failures are still fresh in minds. 

With the support of conservative heavyweights like former prime minister Stephen Harper and CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre. And Notley’s only high profile endearment in the form of controversial ex-mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi, a win was all but certain 

Alberta has suffered tremendously during the NDP’s last reign under Notley, the damage was so severe that many thought it would be irreversible. But hope was renewed in 2019, the UCP finally took back power from the puppets of the federal government and started to truthfully represent the wants and needs of the people of Alberta. Jason Kenney was elected premier from 2019 to 2022 and has led Alberta to take its first steps out of the dark during a very challenging time. He wasted no time slashing Alberta’s carbon tax, fighting back against foreign attacks on the local oil & gas industry, and even cut his own salary along with that of MLAs. Things however started truly ramping up when Danielle Smith finally took power in 2022.

Kenney received an Alberta battered from years of NDP neglect and the harsh oil shock of 2014. Smith didn’t get any better, she got an Alberta still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, the federal government’s horrible handling of it, and of course lingering NDP policy failures. Yet undeterred, she rushed to deliver the will of the people. 

The already high cost of living has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Houses, food, and all basic necessities were more expensive than ever. All Canadians, not just Albertans, were struggling to make ends meet. What does the federal government do? They just continue to line their pockets with tax money and keep pushing their out-of-touch socialist policies even further. Smith was watching from a distance, but soon she would take Albertan politics by storm. 

Danielle Smith has officially replaced Jason Kenney as Premier of Alberta in 2022. At that point, she had had enough and fearlessly stood up to the federal government’s tyranny. Smith started to implement her inflation relief act to help bring prices down, a much-needed temporary suspension of provincial fuel tax, cutting high corporate tax to attract business investments and protect Alberta’s autonomy with the sovereignty act, giving Albertans the power to choose what is best for them and not what is best for Trudeau.

The NDP sat silent while Trudeau and his liberals went on insane and unjustified spending sprees that benefitted no one and only cause Canada to accumulate record levels of debt. Alberta was not spared, particularly under NDP rule, which is by extension Liberal rule. Smith’s sovereignty act built a necessary line of defense against these broken policies. Albertan Legislators have gained the ability to say no when they deem Ottowa’s policies unfair or unfit for their own province. Democracy at its finest.

Alberta’s economic situation, like all other Canadian provinces was exacerbated by extreme federal COVID-19 mandates that brought more harm than good. These fear-mongering mandates continued long after COVID was no longer a threat which again proves how out of touch liberals are and shows that they certainly are not capable of handling national emergencies. Smith took a hard line against COVID discrimination, pushed for kids to return to schools, lifted a burden off hardworking parents, and finally ended mask mandates. Smith bravely announced the end of the pandemic through her actions, a necessary step that Trudeau did not have the guts to do.

With Smith back in power, Albertans can expect further tax cuts to help individuals hold their ground against increasing prices. Passing new taxes would require a referendum that Albertans vote in. Corporate tax will be slashed further to attract the businesses that Notley once scared away. More jobs will be created. Increased provincial governmental revenue would be invested in health care, education, and making the streets safer.

Even though Albertans took the correct path, one must not forget the atrocious NDP rule and the reason why Alberta is in need of much reform. It is unbelievable that Rachel Notley even had the audacity of running again, assuming Albertans have the memory of a goldfish, forgetting her atrocious time in office.

If it wasn’t for the UCPs and Danielle Smith’s rapid intervention, Notley would have single-handedly driven Alberta into the ground. As we’ve explained to you before in one of our videos, which will appear on the screen if you want to check it out, Notley is only a disposable pawn of Trudeau and Singh with no real power or authority. She only executes the will of her overlords, who arrogantly assumed they knew what Alberta needed, only to push it over a cliff.

To prove that Notley has no mind of her own, she served Alberta a Trudeau classic: reckless spending and massive debt. Alberta’s debt was hovering around $11-billion in 2015 when the NDP took over only to skyrocket to a staggering $85.9-billion, all pre-pandemic. 

Droves of businesses and individuals have also left the province because of ridiculous taxation. Notley raised corporate tax by almost 20% during her reign, pushed for a useless carbon tax, and because of this did not generate any new jobs while in office. Instead, she erased around 14,000 jobs, pushing more hard-working Canadians into financial ruin. Compare that with the 130,000 jobs that were generated since 2019 under UCP rule. Investment dried up and Alberta was no longer the economically booming province it once was.

The madness doesn’t end here, Notley struck the last nail in the coffin when she undermined and crippled Alberta’s biggest industry in the name of “climate justice”, oil and gas. Get ready for a shocking and sobering statistic of how badly the sector was hit. According to the Fraiser Institute, Alberta’s oil and gas sector went from being 3rd in the world to the 43rd! Truly heartbreaking.

Nevertheless, today is a glorious day for Alberta and hopefully a ray of hope for all other provinces to stand up to Liberal injustice. The fight is far from over, and with this victory, it’s almost sure that Trudeau and the rest of his puppets will put Alberta in their sights. Every Canadian, not just Albertans, should celebrate because any win against the Liberal government is a win for all. Congratulations Danielle Smith, we believe that you can bring real change, a better Alberta for all, a better Canada.

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