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Africa Leaders Shun the West and Call for Unity


Former Leaders Call Out Current Leaders

Two legendary former leaders sounded the call to arms and unity. Their bold words have shaken the continent awake. For too long, Africa has suffered exploitation and betrayal by the West and its puppet leaders. It was stuck in a perpetual cycle of regression and poverty.

Khama and Mahama revealed the immense challenges facing Africa’s development.

Foremost is the lack of principled leadership – an infection spread by Western nations who prop up corrupt strongmen.

Africa must unite behind visionaries truly committed to uplifting its people, not serving foreign interests.

Nations like Ghana were once the African West’s model, now brought to ruin by years of IMF dictates. Its leaders mortgaged Ghana’s future for selfish electoral gain and financial promises that were never going to be delivered.

And now Ghana is a stark example of a country that is suffering economically due to all the western influence that its leaders have allowed without challenge.

This ends now. Africa is rising, breaking the chains that have trapped its vast potential.

Africa Leaders Call for Unity

The recent African Heritage Awards shined a bright spotlight on the immense challenges facing Africa’s greater development, foremost of which is the lack of principled, effective and honest leadership.

Former presidents Seretse Khama of Botswana and John Mahama of Ghana spoke candidly about the failings holding Africa back from realising its vast potential.

Their insights reveal the desperate need for the continent to unite behind visionaries truly committed to uplifting all African people and working in their favour and not in the favour of outside Western influence.

For too long, Africa has suffered exploitation and betrayal by selfish politicians putting their personal interests above those of their citizens.

Such greed for power and wealth would obviously breed instability, stifling hopes of progress for ordinary Africans seeking decent lives for their families.

While preaching democracy, Western nations support corrupt politicians and leaders who keep Africa’s riches flowing into foreign bank accounts.

True African leaders understand that serving the people, not themselves, must be the guiding purpose. As Dr. Khama remarked, quality leadership means placing Africa’s needs first, not compromising the continent’s future for corrupted foreign aid. Such integrity is sorely lacking when the West dangles money to compliant lap dog rulers.

Africa must break free from this cycle holding it hostage to unaccountable strongmen. There can be no freedom until Africans take charge of their own destinies.

For what progress has all the Western aid achieved when young Africans still risk death crossing the Mediterranean seeking opportunities denied them at their very own home?

As John Mahama noted, Africa urgently requires long-term strategic planning for self-reliance. Its leaders must think creatively, tell Africa’s story, and harness technology on its own terms.

Africa boasts a youthful population full of potential if given the chance. Yet shackled by foreign debt and limited self-rule, how can Africa thrive?

Africa Leaders Warn that Ghana Should not be how Africa Operates

One stark example for an economy ruined by vain western promises is Ghana itself.

Ghana once represented Africa’s hopes, held up by the West as a model for economic growth and democracy. Yet this mirage masked ghastly incompetence by Ghana’s leaders and exploitative policies dictated by Western powers.

Ghana today teeters on the brink of ruin thanks to politicians mortgaging the country’s future for their selfish electoral gain. Exactly what leaders like Khama and Mahama are warning all of Africa about.

For decades, Western institutions like the IMF preached fiscal restraint, yet turned a blind eye when Ghanaian politicians went on pre-election spending sprees to entice voters. This addiction to foreign loans became ingrained under the guise of “democracy.”

Corrupt Ghanaian politicians thought that the West would always provide a safety net bailout in times of need. Little did they realise that once a coloniser and a disruptor, always a coloniser and disruptor, no matter the new look or name.

So Nana Akufo-Addo felt no irony promising costly policies before the 2016 election.

Providing free high school education and restoring nursing allowances seemed laudable, but Ghana could ill-afford these budget-busters.

The IMF had just forced painful austerity measures on Ghana, yet did Akufo-Addo curb his promises? Of course not, as the West signalled election promises mattered more than financial prudence and economic stability.

Ghana’s budgets exploded after 2016, with runaway debts owed to foreign electricity producers and loans from Western banks eager to keep Ghana chained. And this is all before COVIS-19 even came about.

When COVID-19 hit, Ghana took $1 billion from the IMF to fund relief policies, which audits later suggested were misused. But did the West demand accountability? No, new loans were extended so long as elections proceeded and politicians made sure to satisfy every Western demand.

Akufo-Addo then managed to refuse seeking the IMF for economic help in 2021, as going hat-in-hand would expose his failed economic stewardship.

The proposed e-levy on transactions revealed Ghana’s tax base was inadequate after years of adhering to Western free market ideology. Yet listening to citizens protesting the e-levy’s impact was unimportant according to Akufo-Addo – the West wanted revenues raised, though it meant deepening poverty.

Ghana only turned to the IMF after markets rejected more borrowing in 2022. By then, the damage was done via cedi depreciation and soaring inflation.

But Western media blamed Russia’s war in Ukraine, absolving decades of disastrous advice that left Ghana unable to withstand external shocks.

Africa can be Better

This is the reality of Western “partnership” – Ghana remains dependent on Western institutions that care little for its people.

When recession hits the West, Ghana suffers, as the world’s economy remains rigged against African interests.

True liberty begins with economic freedom. Africa commands immense natural wealth that should enrich its people, not overseas shareholders of multinational corporations.

Western criticism of governance rings hollow when their own corporations plunder Africa’s resources with impunity.

Where are the calls for open markets when Europe obstructs African agricultural exports to protect their farmers? Globalisation cannot be a one-way street. Africa demands a level playing field to prosper.

Moreover, Mr. Mahama’s call to remove barriers to African movement and integration is long overdue.

Why do Africans require visas to travel within their own continent? This colonial legacy only hampers trade and fragments brotherly relations between African nations. The free movement of people and ideas accelerates progress.

Africa must speak with one voice on the global stage to end its subservience.

A unified continent of over 1.2 billion proud Africans can reshape the world order in its own interests.

No longer can the West pretend to solve African problems. Its so-called aid comes wrapped in patronising moral superiority.

No longer will countries like Ghana suffer economically due to its failed leader’s dependency on Western handouts.Africans are the authors of their stories, not passive recipients of Western charity.

Our traditions, our innovations, our civilizations reveal Africa’s pivotal place on the global canvas. We create our own futures by empowering youth, rejecting tribalism, and reforming governance guided by the welfare of all citizens.

These truths give hope amidst turmoil. The world cries for Africa’s abundance – its natural riches, its resilient workers, its visionary thinkers.

Freed from corrupted leaders and external exploitation, no end exists to Africa’s potential. Our greatest resource lies in our people, who day by day toil to raise the continent to its rightful place.

We give thanks to leaders like Khama and Mahama for speaking honestly and from the heart.

Africa understands the true meaning of their words – that we must stand united against forces seeking to keep the continent down.

Our moment has arrived to take control of our destiny. The liberation struggle continues, but this time Africans will rely on themselves to win lasting prosperity and dignity for all. No obstacle can withstand a billion people’s cries for freedom and stability.

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