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A Reporter’s Investigation Reveals Web of Deception in Government Contracts. ArriveCan is Just the Tip of the Iceberg.


Rebel News Contributor, Andy Lee has uncovered startling evidence of fraud in her investigation of government contracts. Repeatedly finding supposed offices and headquarters that don’t exist, with millions suspiciously funneled to ghost locations.

What began as a small look into some strange ArriveCan vendors has exploded into a massive scandal implicating the highest levels of Trudeau’s government. Andy has uncovered a tangled web of “ghost contractors”, fraudulent business addresses, and millions upon millions in taxpayer funds drained into unknown pockets.

As Andy exposes more deception across the country, the case builds for a criminal probe into what looks increasingly like sweeping embezzlement. 

How much more proof is needed before those stealing taxpayer funds are held accountable?

The $54 million price tag for the ArriveCan app has been hugely controversial, with Canadian taxpayers outraged over the excessive government spending under Trudeau. A big part of that price tag went to GC Strategies, a small two-person Ottawa consulting firm founded in 2015 by three young men which was awarded over $11 million for its work developing the app. 

Two of its founders, Anthony and Firth, would later become infamous for their role as “ghost contractors” in the scandal. With no one from the government willing to take responsibility for selecting GC Strategies, it’s clear this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to questionable contracting and funding under the current administration.

The ArriveCan debacle raises serious questions about how taxpayer money is being managed and where else similar waste and illegitimate sole-sourcing of contracts may be occurring.

To find answers to these questions Andy Lee has been investigating companies tied to these government contracts to see if there are similar companies draining government resources. 

She started this one-woman investigation earlier this year and has since uncovered other sketchy contractors who received government funds. 

With the help of volunteers, Andy has been tracking business addresses in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and other cities to see if there are active company operations at those addresses with the in-house capabilities to match their supposed credentials. 

What she has found reveals what many have long suspected – the government has been handing out this funding apparently without the most basic proof of life checks.

Her investigation has uncovered the darkside of government consulting, contracting, and subcontracting as well as how these contractors are operating with limited oversight or accountability. 

So far this quest has spiraled into a labyrinth of misrepresentation and gross fiscal mismanagement. But it’s still unclear how far this trail of “ghost contractors”, contradictory information, and empty headquarters leads. But one thing is clear, someone should provide answers for what’s happening to taxpayer money.

Investigating what is at best “a story of gross fiscal mismanagement and incompetence with a heavy dose of falsification” and at worst something that could “end up being full blown criminal fraud and embezzlement”, Andy is determined to uncover what’s really going on.

The first two office addresses of companies receiving massive government contracts turned out to be nonexistent.

Another office receiving government funds also seems to have never existed at the address they listed at 60 Adelaide street. The receptionist said they had never heard of the company which reportedly existed at that location, instead the entire 12th floor is occupied by the Canada Press office.

The fourth office in Ottawa, supposedly the headquarters of a 300 employee company receiving multimillion dollar government contracts, also turned out not to exist. It wasn’t even listed in the building’s directory. And as for “Suite 100” on the ground floor, that office appeared vacant with no staff in sight.

So why has this company received millions in taxpayer money to apparently outsource government contracts and not even operate an office?

Andy’s investigation has not revealed how or why this is occurring but by the 5th empty office it seems obvious that something is happening with these phantom companies. 

Speaking of which, the fifth company in this investigation was actually listed on the building directory, but had been posted for lease just 16 hours before Andy’s volunteer arrived. When Andy called the listing agent, “he confirmed the company is no longer operating out of that space even though they are on the directory”. But when she told him why she was looking for the company, he hung up on her.

What is behind all of these empty offices? And why is no one from the government making sure that companies actually exist at their corporate addresses? 

If thousands and even millions of dollars are being handed out to these companies then it seems that there should be some sort of verification of their location and operations. If not, then it opens the door to countless system abuses as we’ve already seen with GC Strategies. Like these companies uncovered by Andy Lee, GC Strategies didn’t have a physical address. 

They were able to overcharge the government for altering CVs and taking a hefty commission on their so-called work. Is it the same case with these companies too?

It’s difficult to deny that something suspicious is going on here. When Andy’s volunteers arrived at the sixth company, it turned out to be an entirely different company than the one initially listed at that address.
At least this company appears to be operating at the physical location, so one out of 7 so far. 

The 8th company also receives around $100 million a year for a number of contracts – including national defense contracts. However, their listed address led Andy’s investigation to a timber industry company. 

When she finally found it, it turned out to be a small empty workspace shared with the cosmetics company Estée Lauder.

While these are only 8 companies out of the hundreds receiving government contracts each year, Andy’s reporting raises alarm bells about the drain these ghost companies could be on government spending.  

It also raises countless questions about what other scandals could be simmering beneath the surface.

Now, with this investigation well underway it could be time to bring it to the attention of 

Larry Brock, a conservative MP who is currently leading the RCMP investigation of ArriveCan. 

The mounting discoveries of empty offices listed as headquarters, directories without the “300 employee” firms listed there, and baffled building managers, all point to a systemic scheme of corruption. With each new revelation, the veneer is chipped away showing what’s really lying at the heart of this Liberal government.

Could this investigation reveal even more fiscal irresponsibility than the $54 million ArriveCan scandal?

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