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Trump Trounces Biden in May Fundraising $141M to $85M


Trump Trounces Biden in Donations

Biden’s campaign is on life support after Trump absolutely obliterated him in May fundraising. The president pulled in a humiliating $85 million to Trump’s $141 million behemoth haul.

Even worse – donors broke records giving Trump $53 million in just 24 hours after his sham conviction. Every attack makes his supporters fight harder.

Polls confirm Biden’s looming defeat. Trump leads by 10+ points nationally as voters abandon the failed president en masse.

Biden’s not even bothering to campaign or fundraise. His donor well is dry. He had to beg former rival Bloomberg for cash.

Trump has all the momentum and energy while Biden puts voters to sleep. The enthusiasm gap is an unbridgeable chasm. Biden limps along on fumes while Trump’s grassroots army thunders into november.

Elites can’t prop up Biden forever. Americans are hungry for Trump’s America first renewal after years of woke failures. The Biden nightmare is nearly over!

The question isn’t if Trump will win in an historic landslide – it’s how badly he’ll embarrass Biden in the election thrashing of the century.

Trump Dominates Cash on Hand, Biden Lags Badly

In a stunning testament to his enduring popularity, former President Trump raised a jaw-dropping $141 million in May – crushing Biden’s haul of just $85 million. This landslide fundraising victory shows that Trump’s America First movement is as strong as ever, while Biden limps along propped up by special interests.  

The 81-year-old Biden was left “in the dust” by Trump’s monumental May totals. In fact, an incredible $53 million poured in from donors in just the 24 hours after Trump’s sham conviction in New York – proving donors were eager to fight back against the witch hunt.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign admitted the president didn’t even hold any major fundraising events in May – which shows just how little grassroots enthusiasm there is for Biden’s failing presidency. He’s having to rely on big checks from elites rather than a wave of small donors. 

This is a man who can’t even be bothered to campaign or make his case to the American people. 

Biden’s campaign tried to spin their abysmal fundraising by calling it their “second best month.” But that’s like saying you scored the “second most points” in a basketball game you lost 100-50. Spin all you want – Trump dominated Biden in May fundraising.

This follows Trump similarly crushing Biden with a $76 million to $51 million advantage in April. Biden is proving no match for Trump’s fundraising juggernaut fueled by his loyal grassroots army.

Trump has also likely overtaken Biden in cash-on-hand after closing a $50 million gap in May. That’s an astonishing swing in just one month. 

This really puts the nail in the coffin for Biden’s chances in november. He can’t even keep pace with fundraising, let alone mount an actual campaign.

While Biden hides from voters, Trump is clearly the one with momentum and energy on his side as we approach the election. His conviction in New York only strengthened his supporters’ resolve. 

Donors motivated by the historic guilty verdict gave an astonishing $53 million, right after the sham trial. Every attack on Trump only makes his base more eager to fight back.

This explains why Trump raised nearly double what Biden did in May. Trump’s loyal grassroots army is exposing that Biden has pitifully little real support.

His own campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a news release their fundraising shows “Our strong and consistent fundraising program grew by millions of people in May, a clear sign of strong and growing enthusiasm for the President and Vice President every single month” – but the numbers reveal the opposite. 

Biden is struggling to match Trump’s huge totals month after month. Where is this “growing” enthusiasm? It’s nonexistent.

Trump’s spokesperson nailed it by saying Biden has a “money problem.” They challenged team Biden: “Show us the money.” Because right now, all signs point to Trump completely overwhelming Biden in fundraising and cash-on-hand.

Biden is limping to the election propped up by elites while Trump rides a grassroots wave. This enthusiasm gap spells doom for Biden’s chances.

Biden’s weak fundraising also shows how even wealthy mega-donors have grown tired of backing his flailing presidency. He’s had to rely on people like Michael Bloomberg to pad his totals.

In May, none other than billionaire media mogul Bloomberg gave $19 million to a pro-Biden PAC. That’s pretty ironic considering Bloomberg crashed and burned running against Biden in the 2020 Democratic primary. 

But it reveals how few high-dollar donors want to give to Biden these days. He had to turn to a former rival to bail him out.

Meanwhile, Trump is being fueled by many donors chipping in out of loyalty and grassroots energy. That’s much more sustainable than Biden’s reliance on elite billionaires like Bloomberg.

Biden has taken big money contributions from Wall Street his whole career. But now even they’re hesitant to back a failing president. Biden has always been reliant on corrupt special interests. That well is running dry.

This is evident in Biden raising only $85 million in May, which was called one of the DNC’s “best” months. If this pathetic haul is Biden’s “best,” he’s in deep trouble come election day. 

Polls Agree – Trump’s Movement Strengthens, Biden Bottoms Out

Biden’s weak fundraising numbers directly correlate with his abysmal polling. The latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows Trump trouncing Biden by 10 points nationally. This reveals how much stronger Trump’s position is compared to the flailing Biden as we approach 2024. 

While biased mainstream polls may try to pretend it’s a close race, they can’t hide the undeniable truth – Trump’s momentum is surging while Biden plummets. This Rasmussen poll found a whopping 54% of voters disapprove of Biden’s utterly failed presidency. That’s a damning indictment on the corrupt and incompetent leader Biden has proven himself to be.

The former president touted his big lead in the Rasmussen Reports survey in a Truth Social post Friday. “Trump crushes Biden big with 10-point lead,” read a graphic shared by Trump, which he pinned to the top of his timeline. 

Biden is weighed down by public discontent over inflation, immigration and other major issues. 

Trump keeps Biden and the radical left in check simply by fighting back with the truth. This poll found 59% say the government isn’t doing enough to combat illegal immigration. Americans know Biden has utterly lost control of the border.

A recent Congressional Budget Office report highlights the ways in which Biden’s high-migration policy could negatively impact American workers and the economy over the next decade. 

Specifically, the CBO predicts that the influx of migrant labor will put downward pressure on wages, especially for lower-skilled workers. With so many new workers competing for jobs, wage growth is projected to slow to just 1% per year after accounting for inflation.

At the same time, the CBO report acknowledges that the majority of new migrants under Biden’s plan will end up in relatively low productivity jobs like services. This will hamper overall productivity growth for the economy. 

Productivity is critical for raising living standards, as it measures the value each worker can produce. Slower productivity growth means slower growth in real incomes for American workers.

The migrant influx is also projected to raise interest rates and federal debt under Biden’s plan. Higher interest rates make mortgages and other borrowing more expensive for American families. And additional interest costs on the federal debt take money directly out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Trump’s campaign rightly said in a May statement: Donald Trump’s campaign team recognizes the economic impact of migration. Biden’s unpopular policy is  “flooding America’s labor pool with millions of low-wage illegal migrants who are directly attacking the wages and opportunities of hard-working Americans.”

Surveys showing Trump trouncing Biden illustrate that Americans are already hungry for a change in leadership after suffering under Biden.

As Trump said, “We will again put America First. We will again Make America Great Again.” Polls reflect that this uplifting message still resonates strongly with voters who remember how good they had it under Trump’s leadership.

The Democrats are terrified because all signs point to Trump steamrolling Biden in november. Surveys like Rasmussen’s make clear that momentum remains firmly on Trump’s side as he seeks to restore America’s greatness after the disastrous Biden years.

Trump’s astronomical fundraising numbers reaffirm his commanding position over Biden entering the elections. Trump’s monumental $141 million May fundraising haul marks the latest sign that his America First movement is strengthening while Biden limps along weakly heading into election.

Fueled by an army of grassroots supporters, Trump is dominating the money race despite being shunned by some wealthy special interests.

Americans are opening their wallets to fuel Trump’s efforts to restore a strong country after years of decline under Biden. The president hides from voters and seems totally reliant on elite donors to prop up his failing political operation.

Meanwhile, Trump draws energy from the forgotten men and women who have been abandoned by the corrupt D.C. establishment. His staggering advantage in donations shows the enthusiasm gap between the two candidates. 

Trump offers voters a substantive vision focused on issues like inflation, immigration and crime – while Biden pushes divisive woke ideology. Americans are responding very favorably to Trump’s uplifting message.

The Democrats have no answer for Trump’s populist juggernaut. Even their candidate seems resigned to sit back and take it easy, knowing he can’t generate grassroots enthusiasm. Trump’s monumental May fundraising was just the latest sign Biden will be no match for him in November.

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