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Trump Rips Biden Border Crisis in Philadelphia Rally


Trump Blasts Biden’s “Unsafest Border Ever”

A fired-up Donald Trump blasted Joe Biden for creating the “unsafest border in the history of the world” at a raucous rally in Philadelphia.

Trump pulled no punches, slamming Biden’s radical open border policies that enabled hordes of dangerous criminal migrants to invade our communities and commit horrific violence.

Under Biden, previously deported illegals run rampant, turning our border into a war zone. But Trump roared, “We had the safest border in history of our country!”

He vowed as president again to swiftly impose order after the deadly border anarchy Biden caused. Trump will stop the madness of Democrats putting criminal migrants over America’s own vulnerable citizens.

Trump said Biden policies created “bloodshed and crime” in Philly, linking the city’s chaos to the flood of migrants Biden welcomed in. Horrific migrant murders, rapes and assaults of American citizens now plague border towns and the heartland thanks to Biden rolling out the red carpet for lawbreakers.

The massive crowd went wild as Trump promised on Day One to implement mass deportations and strongly back immigration enforcement. He will staunch the tsunami of illegal migration enabled by Biden’s treachery.

Trump Pledges Immigration Crackdown

Donald Trump recently held a massive rally in Philadelphia, where the former president spoke truth to the American people about Joe Biden’s utter failure to secure the southern border. Trump pulled no punches in exposing how Biden’s lax policies have directly fueled an unprecedented illegal immigration surge, enabling dangerous criminals to flood into our communities.

Trump thundered: “Under Crooked Joe, the City of Brotherly Love is being ravaged by bloodshed and crime.”

He rightly pinned Philadelphia’s outrageous rise in violence and theft on Biden’s refusal to halt the open border free-for-all.

Trump dubbed it “Biden’s migrant crime,” pointing to countless tragic examples of Americans murdered, assaulted, or robbed by illegal immigrants allowed into the country by Biden’s catch-and-release directives. Biden’s sickening prioritization of criminal migrants over law-abiding Americans has turned our border into a war zone.

Trump contrasted his own presidency: “We had the safest border in history of our country.”

He continued: “Now we have the unsafest border in history of the world,” highlighting how Biden’s laxity unleashed an unprecedented tsunami of illegal crossings and got countless Americans needlessly killed.

Trump vowed as president again to take immediate executive action, including mass deportations and support for immigration enforcement, to restore order after the chaos Biden has caused. It’s what the American people want after suffering the deadly consequences of Democrats’ insane open border agenda.

Biden’s appalling border negligence has hurt American families in other ways too. As waves of illegal labor flood in, wages for US workers stagnate. Inflation and economic uncertainty rise across the country. As Trump succinctly put it, “Inflation is a country-buster.”

He pointed to inflation being minimal when he left office in January 2021. But since Biden took office, he has totally destroyed our economic stability with his idiotic policies, including wide open borders. Biden is crushing the American dream in service of law-breaking migrants.

As Trump said, on day one of his new administration, “we will throw out Bidenomics and replace it with MAGAnomics!” He will put Americans first again after we’ve been kicked to the curb by Biden and Democrats’ “America last” agenda.

Other patriotic leaders joined Trump at the Philadelphia rally, including Senate candidate Dave McCormick. He received Trump’s enthusiastic endorsement that night. As McCormick told the cheering crowd, “They want to get rid of Joe Biden, and they want to get rid of [Senator] Bob Casey, who votes with him 98% of the time.”
Trump said of the Senate candidate: “David McCormick, you have my total support and my total endorsement, and you’ve got to win.

“Dave will defeat your atrocious radical left senator Bob Casey.

Bob Casey… He doesn’t do anything.”

The grassroots hunger for leaders who will actually stand up for citizens and American workers was electric at the rally. Attendee Phyllis Madigan spoke for many when she described feeling “our country is being overrun, and the American people are taking a back seat to illegal immigrants.”

Madigan added: “I just think Trump sees that. He wants to put the American people first and keep the American people first.”

These fed-up citizens are done with how Biden and other elites put illegal migrants first at every turn. Biden even cruelly prioritizes deportation relief for illegal “Dreamers” over caring for America’s homeless vets and struggling families.

Trump’s rally keynote hits on the boiling outrage among law-abiding Americans over the deadly disorder at our southern border. As Trump stated plainly, “we have the unsafest border in history of the world.” Horrific migrant crimes are tearing apart US communities and families while Biden does nothing.

Migrant Crimes Surge Under Biden

A tragic case highlighted by Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg recently exemplifies the preventable carnage caused by Biden’s border negligence. Ogg discussed the recent torture and murder of an innocent young teen girl by two previously deported illegal aliens in Texas.

As Ogg explained, “Unfortunately, we see a great deal of violence committed by illegal immigrants…This was bound to happen.” She described feeling the murder was inevitable under the unsustainable strains Biden’s border crisis has imposed on local communities.

Ogg called for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to see firsthand the preventable damage done by the tsunami of migrants and accompanying crime.

Ogg stated: “Border prosecutors, sheriffs, and local law enforcement are under tremendous pressure because of the additional crimes being committed by folks streaming across the border.”

She highlighted the crushing burdens on local manpower and budgets thanks to Biden’s mess. Plus the danger to officers being forced to confront the crimes of many released migrants. As Ogg asks, “why were they released in the first place?”

Dems Prioritize Illegals Over Americans

Biden’s suicidal immigration directives have even prioritized deportation protections for upwards of half a million illegal immigrants enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Never mind DACA’s unconstitutionality, this massive amnesty handout will cost tax paying citizens billions.

The Congressional Budget Office projects enabling DACA enrollees to get Obamacare could cost $7 billion yearly. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for taxpayers already reeling from Bidenflation. Working Americans always pay the price for Democrats putting illegal migrants first.

DACA recipients being allowed to draw from citizen-funded healthcare, education, housing and other services while Americans struggle is simply unjust. As Republican Rep. Erin Smith said about the Obamacare expansion, “The continued prioritization of non-citizens over Americans is appalling and must be stopped.”

Hard-working citizens deserve leaders who will look out for their interests first – not line-jumping migrants breaking our laws. Trump’s rally call-outs of Biden’s illegal immigration travesties show he will again put America First if elected.

The open border free-for-all has been a boon for smugglers, cartels, human traffickers and other criminals who exploit Biden’s negligence. But it’s ravaged US workers, families and communities, from the disaster at our border to rising crime in Philadelphia.

Biden has done nothing but release even dangerous felons into our neighborhoods. He cruelly prioritizes law-breakers over vulnerable Americans in need. As Trump said, on Day One of his new administration, the open border chaos ends.

Americans will once again be able to leave their houses without fear of being assaulted, robbed or worse by the flood of criminal migrants nurtured by Biden’s policies. Our wages and job prospects will improve as the endless waves of cheap, illegal labor are halted.

Communities strained to the breaking point by crimes committed by released illegal aliens will finally see relief. And billions wasted on giving free healthcare and services to those here unlawfully will go back into the pockets of Americans in need.

Trump’s presidency brought security, prosperity, and sanity after years of Democrats selling out American citizens. Biden quickly destroyed it all, caring only for their globalist open borders agenda. But Trump will soon win back power to again defend this nation’s sovereignty and put its people first.

It’s what the forgotten men and women of this country are desperately crying out for after suffering greatly under Biden and the Democrats. Trump has heard their pleas and will valiantly take up their cause once more.

His message at the massive Philadelphia rally spoke directly to the swelling outrage among patriotic Americans. Open borders kill, and Biden’s immigration failures have already claimed hundreds of preventable victims. His first duty is protecting American lives, and he has utterly failed.

Trump will right these grievous wrongs. He will staunch the tsunami of illegal migration enabled by Democrats’ treachery. Our wide open border will be secured through bold action, including mass deportations, ending catch-and-release, and supporting immigration enforcement.

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