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Trump Masterfully Checkmates Democrats’ Project 2025 Scheme


Trump Crushes Biden’s Smear Campaign

Donald Trump just delivered a death blow to the Democrats’ latest smear campaign in the fight for America’s future. In a move of pure genius, Trump exposed Joe Biden’s bogus lies about his involvement with the controversial Project 2025.

Liberals left shook as Trump utterly crushed their latest ploy to take him down. With one single post, the former president obliterated the left’s desperate attempts to falsely link him to the Project 2025 plan crafted by the Heritage Foundation.

Biden was devastated as Trump called him out for shamelessly deceiving Americans about the former president’s role in creating the proposal. But Trump isn’t backing down.

Find out how the king of truth slayed Biden’s lies and left the democrats reeling from their failed plot to tie Trump to the outrageous transition scheme. you’ll be on the edge of your seat as trump wipes the floor with the dishonest media hacks at it again trying to smear his record.

The stage is set for an epic clash as Trump lays down the gauntlet against the unhinged leftists trying to defraud Americans about his allegiance. 

Trump Disavows Radical Plan

The fake news media struck again this week, desperately trying to smear Trump by linking him to the controversial Project 2025 transition plan. But the truth prevailed, as Trump himself publicly disavowed the project and exposed Joe Biden’s lies about his involvement. 

In a groundbreaking social media post, Trump declared “I know nothing about Project 2025. I have no idea who is behind it.” He rightfully criticized some of the concerning ideas in the proposal, calling them “absolutely ridiculous and abysmal.” The president made clear “Anything they do, I wish them luck, but I have nothing to do with them.”

With this one post, Trump shattered the Democrats’ latest ploy to slander his good name. Biden and his cronies have been hysterically trying to tie the former president to this transition plan crafted by the Heritage Foundation, knowing full well he had no part in creating it. 

They want the American people to believe the outlandish policies in Project 2025 will become reality if Trump is re-elected. But Trump isn’t having any of their shenanigans, proactively setting the record straight himself. 

When Trump says “I have nothing to do with” Project 2025, we can take that to the bank. Unlike slippery Joe Biden, Donald Trump is honest and transparent with the American people. He doesn’t mince words or speak in Washington doublespeak – he tells it like it is. So when he definitively states his lack of involvement with this controversial proposal, we can believe him.

Meanwhile, Biden continues his campaign of deception, still desperately claiming Project 2025 was written for Trump, saying, “He’s trying to hide his connections to his allies’ extreme Project 2025 agenda. The only problem? It was written for him, by those closest to him. Project 2025 should scare every single American.”

This is an outright, bald-faced lie. Trump said himself he knows nothing about the plan and disagrees with it. But the facts don’t matter to Biden and the rabid leftists pulling his strings. They will spout any falsehood, spread any misinformation, to drag Trump’s impeccable name through the mud. 

It’s clear Biden’s accusations that “Trump’s campaign advisors and close allies wrote [Project 2025]” are totally baseless. He relies on weasel words like “close allies” to give the impression of impropriety by association. 

But Trump shot this smear campaign down with his unambiguous denial of any involvement. Check and mate, Biden. No matter how hard the left tries, they can’t pin this extremist proposal on our law-abiding ex-president.

Project 2025 outlines concerning policies we absolutely do not want implemented, like a dramatic expansion of presidential power and firing tens of thousands of federal workers. Thank God we have Trump publicly distancing himself from this plan. Could we say the same about Biden if the shoe was on the other foot? Doubtful. More likely he would happily go along with the radical leftist wish list while claiming ignorance, as he has done his entire sham career. 

Trump’s strong rejection of this so-called coup against good government wasn’t enough for Biden and his crew. They’re so desperate to push their false story that they’re using scare tactics and even hinting at violence. 

When Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts mentioned a hypothetical “second American Revolution,” the Biden campaign jumped on it. They accused Trump and conservatives of “dreaming of a violent revolution to destroy America.” This is just plain ridiculous. 

Roberts already retracted and clarified his remarks, stating any such uprising would be “peaceful” and at the ballot box. But the damage was already done by our dishonest media, giving Biden an opening to smear his opposition. 

Let’s be clear – it is leftists like Biden who promote violence through their inflammatory rhetoric, encouragement of mob rule, and dangerous policies attacking law enforcement. Law-abiding conservatives like Trump just want to preserve our great Republic.

Biden’s Lies Exposed

And the dishonest media’s smear campaigns against Trump continue. Their latest ploy tries linking Trump to a potential mandatory military draft in a second term. But this claim is patently false, as Trump himself said it is a “ridiculous idea,” adding: “The Story is completely untrue. In fact, I never even thought of that idea.”

“This is only a continuation of their EIGHT YEAR failed attempt to damage me.” 

The Washington Post’s hit piece cites former acting Defense Secretary Miller supporting draft “readiness” tests for students. Trump rightly ignored this terrible suggestion when Miller served under him. Yet now the media selectively quotes Miller to cast suspicion on Trump.

In reality, Trump has always opposed reinstating the draft. He has consistently pushed for a strong, voluntary military – not forced conscription of young adults. The Post’s insinuations that Trump would consider this awful idea are totally unfounded and ridiculous.

The media cannot point to a single instance of Trump endorsing anything close to reinstating the draft. They rely on out-of-context quotes from former advisors to plant seeds of doubt. But their deception won’t work – Americans know where Trump truly stands through his long record of military support.

This is yet another conspiracy theory spun up by the fake news to undermine Donald. But their lies only reinforce his reputation for honesty, while exposing the utter corruption of the media. 

With Biden floundering as his polls tank, you can bet we’ll see more shady tactics like this. While Donald handles things with poise and truth, Biden’s out there spreading division and lies, trying to distract from his lack of leadership. 

His party’s extreme agenda is pushing the country to the edge. From skyrocketing inflation to unchecked illegal immigration, Biden’s just brought chaos. Meanwhile, Donald is working hard to promote the rule of law and policies that actually help all Americans.

The choice this November couldn’t be clearer. On one side, there’s Donald, who’s straight up disavowing a transition plan he had nothing to do with. On the other side, there’s Biden, spreading misinformation to smear his opponents.

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