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Trump Exposes Fragile Biden In Humiliating Debate Implosion


Feeble Biden Buckles Under Pressure

The charade is over. Biden’s catastrophic debate performance obliterated the myth of his fitness for the presidency perpetuated by desperate Democrats and a complicit media. 

Now the inconvenient truth Trump asserted all along stands exposed under the harsh spotlight of public scrutiny – Biden is pitifully unfit to lead. His incoherent ramblings and vacant stare betrayed shocking cognitive decline even biased polls show over 70% of voters recognize. 

With Biden’s numbers plummeting after his humiliation, panicked Democrats whisper of pulling the feeble nominee they now realize cannot withstand real pressure. A party scam to install an unfit candidate despite obvious deficiencies has collapsed spectacularly. 

Trump deserves immense credit for compelling Biden’s defenders to confront what they worked fervently to hide the disturbing spectacle of fragility and incapacity displayed by a nominee shoehorned into a role far beyond his capacities. 

A transparent ploy to seize power despite Biden’s unfitness now lies in ruins.

Trump’s Debate Strategy Exposed Biden As “Empty Suit” Propped By Desperate Dems

Once again, Trump’s blunt honesty exposes the elephant in the room that terrified Democrats scramble to hide. Biden is mentally and physically unfit to serve as president, Trump rightly labeled Biden an “old broken-down pile of c*rap” after demolishing him in their debate.

 While liberals clutched their pearls over Trump’s coarse language, most Americans silently agreed. Biden rambled incoherently, lied repeatedly, and even childishly insulted voters. Trump deftly exposed Biden as the empty suit propped up by desperate Democrats aware their nominee is pitifully feeble.

Biden’s pathetic debate performance underlined what voters see daily, his cognitive decline renders him unable to handle the presidency’s rigors. When even biased media polls show over 70% believing Biden lacks the mental fitness for office, his unfitness is undeniable. 

Every flaky, confused Biden speech reinforces his inability to lead America. Trump deserves credit for using the debate stage to spotlight Biden’s fragility for all to see. No wonder panicked Democrats now whisper urgently about pressing Harris into duty.

Harris is no prize either. As Trump stated, she’s “so f***ing pathetic.” Her unlikable personality and jarring laugh grate on voters. As a radically far-left non-entity, Harris appealed to almost no Democratic primary voters before being handed the VP slot through backroom deals. 

She’s grossly unqualified to lead and widely reviled for her abrasiveness. With Biden fading fast, scheming Democrats eye Harris as their Trojan Horse for implementing their radical agenda. Americans resoundingly reject her.  

Trump’s assessment is blunt but accurate, how could Biden possibly confront ruthless enemies like China’s Xi? Biden buckled pathetically when Trump confronted him on a debate stage. 

Against calculating adversaries, Biden’s weakness and muddled mind would be a disaster for America. Grinning tyrants would steamroll frail Biden while eating ice cream. Only Trump has the fortitude to stand up to them.

The post-debate polls prove Trump’s arguments hit home. As Biden’s numbers crater, Trump surges because Americans see the stark contrast in vigor and competence. Biden inspires zero confidence in crisis management, while Trump’s economic record and foreign policy achievements speak for themselves. 

Trump rightly predicted he forced Biden “out of the race.” Democrats are panicking as Biden embarrasses himself. Some urge replacing their crippled nominee, but it’s too late. Biden’s deficiencies are exposed for all to see now. 

Harris is reviled and would fare no better. Their desperate ploy has failed spectacularly, leaving them trapped with a candidate unfit for office.

Trump’s campaign team is correct that the biased mainstream media concealed Biden’s unfitness, aiding his nomination. But they can’t hide Biden’s fragility after Trump exposed it to the full glare of public scrutiny. 

“Every Democrat who is calling on Crooked Joe Biden to quit was once a supporter of Biden and his failed policies that lead to extreme inflation, an open border, and chaos at home and abroad.” 

Democrats, media and the swamp will be held accountable for their complicity in this transparent charade to install an unfit Biden. Voters won’t forget or forgive their deception.

As Trump’s team emphasized, his bold policies starkly contrast with Biden’s failures that crippled America. Voters know Trump alone has the tenacity, vision and leadership to revive American greatness. 

“Make no mistake that Democrats, the mainstream media, and the swamp colluded to hide the truth from the American public – Joe Biden is weak, failed, dishonest, and not fit for the White House,”  Trump campaign officials Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles said in the missive. 

Democrats’ sabotage only strengthens support for Trump’s epic America First movement. On November 5th, Americans will resoundingly reject Biden’s feebleness and decline in favor of Trump’s strength and optimism. 

Biden’s team can feign confidence all they want, but the reality remains. Biden is intellectually and physically unfit to serve as president. Trump did voters an invaluable service by compelling Biden to expose this truth. 

Trump Forces Democrats To Confront Biden’s Shocking Decline

Meanwhile, Democrats have not been on the same page as Biden’s. Finally coming around and convinced that Biden’s time is up and it’s time for Trump to be the President of the United States.

Rep. Golden’s startling admission reveals the grim reality Democrats desperately want to hide. Biden is mentally and physically unfit to be president. With the election fast approaching, panicked Democrats know Biden’s obvious cognitive decline dooms their prospects. 

Golden’s op-ed makes public the secret fears privately tormenting his party. Biden is headed for catastrophic defeat, and even Democrats now brace for Trump’s inevitable return. 

“Biden’s poor performance in the debate was not a surprise,” Golden wrote in the Bangor Daily News. “It also didn’t rattle me as it has others, because the outcome of this election has been clear to me for months. While I don’t plan to vote for him, Donald Trump is going to win. And I’m OK with that.”

Golden deserves credit for his rare honesty in assessing Biden as hopelessly faltering. The disastrous debate left no doubt Biden lacks the acuity and stamina the presidency requires. He rambled incoherently when not angrily insulting voters. 

Seeing their nominee humiliated on live TV rattled Democrats who could no longer pretend Biden possesses vitality that has clearly deserted him. They harbor grave concerns over Biden’s ability to withstand campaigning’s demands, let alone the actual job.

Astoundingly, Golden states he’s now “okay” with Trump retaking power given Biden’s pitiful disintegration. This underscores the desperation gripping Democrats as their unfit nominee flails under scrutiny. 

While some still cling to denial, clear-eyed Democrats like Golden acknowledge the obvious, Biden is finished, and Trump will capitalize on his implosion. They are begrudgingly resigning themselves to the inevitable.

Tellingly, Golden admits voter focus is solely on kitchen table issues, not Democrats’ overwrought “threats to democracy” hysteria. Here, too, Biden falters. Inflation, crime and immigration crises have citizens yearning for Trump’s proven leadership. Golden sees voters flocking to Trump’s economy and law-and-order agenda. A feeble Biden simply can’t compete. 

Significantly, Golden insists Congress holds the real power over voters’ economic fortunes, not the presidency. This lays bare an emerging Democrat strategy to minimize Biden’s role and impact during what they know will be a disastrous one-term tenure. 

They aim to constrain Biden behind the scenes while urging voters to focus on Congressional races they still hope to win. 

Astoundingly, some Democrats now state openly they expect full GOP control come 2025, with Trump restored as president. This stark admission reveals their recognition that the Biden experiment has collapsed before it could even begin in earnest. 

They know voters will resoundingly reject his fumbling incapacity in favor of Trump’s bold certainty.

Biden’s diminished state leaves Democrats dispirited and divided. Despite party bosses pretending otherwise, many share Golden’s outlook, Biden is helpless to stop Trump’s resurgence. 

Their internal polling likely shows a doomed candidate destined for landslide repudiation. Biden’s vacant utterances and aimless meandering don’t inspire confidence when challenges mount. 

In assessing Biden as washed up, Jared Golden demonstrates the courage so rare in today’s career politicians. He abandons the charade propping up Biden to tell difficult truths. Though his party may resent his honesty, voters appreciate his clear-eyed assessment. 

Biden’s pathetic debate implosion and free fall in the polls confirms he is intellectually and physically unfit for office. With even Democrats like Golden now acknowledging the obvious – that Trump will steamroll feeble Biden in November – Biden’s humiliating unsuitability is undeniable.

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