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Trump Dares Biden to Debate Rematch, $1M Charity Bet


Trump Exposes Biden’s Weakness

Trump just threw some serious shade at Sleepy Joe Biden after he chickened out of a $1 million debate and golf match. Biden’s team claimed he’s too “busy” for a rematch, but Trump wasn’t buying it. 

He ripped into Biden, saying he’s scared of public events that show his declining mental state.

At a wild rally in Florida, Trump roasted Biden for dodging the debate. He offered Biden a chance to redeem himself, but Biden wants none of that. Trump said Biden knows he can’t handle the heat without the media covering for him.

Biden’s team came up with a weak excuse about his packed schedule, but Trump called it out as a joke. He pointed out that Biden’s public calendar is pretty light and suggested he spends most of his time napping and mumbling behind closed doors.

Trump didn’t hold back, saying Biden’s campaign is all smoke and mirrors to hide his mental decline. Trump is on a mission to drag Biden into the spotlight and show how unfit he really is.

Trump Dares Biden to $1M Debate Rematch

A bombshell challenge by Donald Trump has exposed Joe Biden’s weakness and unfitness for office. The former president called out Biden to face him in another debate and golf match this week. Trump even offered to donate $1 million to any charity if Biden somehow won. 

But Biden’s camp quickly chickened out, claiming he’s too “busy leading America” for such contests. This pathetic dodge reveals Biden’s growing desperation to avoid public events exposing his declining mental state.

At a high-energy rally in Florida, Trump skewered Biden’s dismal debate pratfall in June. He offered Biden a chance to “redeem himself” in a rematch without moderators filtering questions.

Trump understands Biden’s handlers want to hide his crumbling acuity from voters. That’s why they shut him in his basement while Trump rallies drew thousands. But Trump vows to make Biden answer for his endless failures directly to the American people. 

Trump also remembers Biden’s pitiful attempt to brag about his golf game during the debate. So he challenged “Crooked Joe” to an 18-hole match, even offering ten stroke handicap odds. But Biden wants no part of facing Trump on the links either.

Biden once claimed a six handicap as vice president, but those days are long gone for this diminished shell of a candidate. He knows cameras on the course would only highlight his frail condition and flailing swing.

So Biden’s campaign issued a pathetic statement claiming he’s too busy “leading America and the free world” for this $1 million contest. But we all know Biden is barely lucid enough to lead himself around a room, let alone America.

This excuse comes straight from the Democrat playbook – when cornered, just declare moral superiority and attack Trump. So they called him a “liar” and “convict” trying to “destroy the country.” Right, says the team bankrupting America through open borders, crushing taxes, and devastation of our energy independence.

But Biden’s supposed busy schedule is an utter joke given his track record of gaffes, naps, and being shielded from public scrutiny. Trump is correct that Biden’s talk of being too preoccupied to face him is complete hogwash. This worn-out candidate spends half his time babbling incoherently or resting up just to utter a few garbled sentences.

Biden’s entire candidacy rests on smoke and mirrors illusions. His Rare public events are carefully scripted, with lists of pre-approved reporters and topics. This political prop specialist avoids direct questioning that might expose his faltering mind. 

Americans recall Biden getting lost in the White House, flashing bizarre notecards, or saying he came to the Senate 120 years ago. This is who Democrats insist is laser-focused on leading the free world? Please. Biden can hardly lead himself to the bathroom or navigate a set of stairs.

The painful truth is Biden hopes to limp across the finish line without facing further scrutiny. He wants no more debates or contests where his visible decline can alarm voters. This cowardly strategy treats citizens like fools unable to see what’s right in front of them.

But Trump refuses to let Biden hide. He wants to confront Biden directly before the nation again to underscore the stark choice – between inspired leadership versus bumbling mediocrity. 

Trump’s challenge highlights his warrior spirit versus Biden’s weak constitution. The president’s undeniable stamina and relentless work ethic contrasts sharply with his opponent barely getting through half a day before disappearing to rest up. 

And Trump’s willingness to put $1 million on the line shows his supreme confidence facing the hapless Biden again in any contest requiring quick thinking and fortitude. This is a man ready to put his money where his mouth is, unlike Biden who bailed at the first opportunity.

Trump called out Biden’s obvious mental decline in front of 51 million debate viewers last month. He exposed Biden’s do-nothing career in Washington as all sizzle, no steak. Now he’s offering the overmatched Biden another golden chance to display his talents, if any remain. 

But Biden just wants to run out the clock, avoiding all opportunities for public humiliation. He hopes to repeat the 2020 strategy of hiding in the basement to eke out victory. However, many more Americans have witnessed Biden’s precipitous cognitive deterioration in office. The White House basement strategy won’t work anymore.

Trump has Biden’s number. He sees a candidate on the ropes just trying to make it to November without further embarrassment. But Trump believes citizens should get to see their potential leaders up close before elections, not filtered through biased media lenses.  

Biden’s handlers know his team can prop him up nicely for very occasional speeches and friendly interviews. But they want to keep the rapidly declining Biden as far away from unpredictable events as possible, especially facing the high-powered Trump in direct confrontation.

But Trump refuses to let Biden get away with this con job on voters. He aims to drag the concealed Biden into the spotlight to force Democrats into a long overdue choice – replacing Biden with someone cognitively capable or sticking with a fading leader destined to lose.

While Trump still hopes to debate Biden again out of principle, he recognizes the hapless president only survives through evasion and illusion. 

The Democrats’ shady bargain to prop up Biden despite evident cognitive decline shows the craven lengths Democrats will go to just to gain and hold power – even if it leaves America rudderless. The people see an empty suit and empty words where conviction and leadership should stand.

In contrast, Trump displays the vigor, vision and mental acuity voters expect in their commander-in-chief. His high energy, daring, and relentless work ethic already produced tangible victories benefiting forgotten Americans. This is the fighter and disrupter needed for our times. 

By dodging Trump’s bold $1 million contest, Biden again reveals himself as a coward hiding from the transparency expected of presidents. What else is Biden avoiding by shielding himself from public view – cognitive screenings, press conferences, interviews not dictated by his handlers? 

Bennet Warns Biden Can’t Win

Americans deserve to see Biden’s full capabilities up close before handing him the nuclear codes. They have every right to witness first hand whether Biden still has the sound mind and body expected in the world’s most powerful leader. Biden owes voters honest demonstrations of fitness, not choreographed theatrics.  

While Biden hides in a protective bubble, Trump continuously engages with citizens and media alike. He has spent a lifetime in the public eye thinking on his feet and fielding questions on anything – entirely unlike the heavily scripted and shielded Biden. 


Senator Michael Bennet’s dire warnings about Biden’s doomed presidential prospects have sent shockwaves through the Democratic Party. In a recent CNN interview, Bennet offered a scathing assessment of Biden’s flailing campaign.

When Host Kaitlan Collins said, “There was this long, lengthy lunch that the Senate Democrats had today and after my colleague Dana Bash reported that you, Senator Jon Tester and Senator Sherrod Brown all said during that lunch that you don’t think President Biden can win in 2024, is that true?”

Bennet bluntly declared, “Well, it’s true that I said that and I did say that behind closed doors and you guys and others asked whether it’s said it and that is what I said. So I figured I should come here and say it publicly.”

Bennet noted Biden trailing Trump in polls – the first time in 20 years a Republican has led at this stage. He sees Trump on track for landslide victory fueled by Biden’s inept leadership.

These comments reflect the growing panic among Democrats over Biden’s rapidly declining prospects. Bennet admitted he believes “we could lose the whole thing” in November with Biden still at the helm.

Other Democrats have echoed similar concerns about Biden securing defeat and down-ballot decimation for the party. But Biden stubbornly refuses to stand down, even knowing the havoc already wrecked under his presidency.

Bennet says sticking with the delusional Biden puts America’s very future at risk. But Biden callously disregards pleas to surrender power, determined to ride his party over the cliff out of sheer vanity.

Biden stumbles blindly toward utter ruination in November, heedless of the collateral damage. But it is not too late for the nation to demand leaders who see clearly and act wisely to avert looming calamity.

America must reject failed leaders unable to confront hard truths over self-image. We deserve accountability from officials serving citizens before the party. Without courage arising, darkness prevails.

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