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Trudeau Wants to Axe Freeland for Mark Carney


Axe the Minister

The walls are closing in on Justin Trudeau as dissent grows within his own Liberal party.

In a desperate move to cling to power, and according to Poilievre, Trudeau has turned to former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney to potentially replace the floundering Chrystia Freeland as finance minister.

Axing Freeland would be an admission of failure from Trudeau after ardently defending her performance. But with Canadians tuning on Trudeau, he seems willing to sacrifice even his closest allies in a desperate attempt to save his own skin.

The Liberal power struggle has reached a boiling point. Will party unity shatter under the pressure, or will they dump Trudeau before it’s too late?

Trudeau Thinks About Shuffling the Government

The heat and the pressure on Trudeau to resign himself from his undeserved position of power is bubbling through the liberal party further and further, and right now it is looking like he might be second guessing himself and the people working for him, especially Freeland.

According to conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, Trudeau had several talks with Mark Carney – the former bank of Canada governor – about including him in the liberal government team as a finance minister in exchange of booting Freeland from the position.

But how did we reach another point where Trudeau may admit that he needs to step down? How did we reach a point where Trudeau is actually contemplating replacing Freeland from any position? Well, the liberal party as it stands right now is divided into factions with their own ideologies and strategies as to what Trudeau should be doing or should have done before the election time rolls around.

There are liberals and liberal voters that are adamant about Trudeau staying in power and assuming his prime minister duties like nothing has ever happened; like the liberals did not receive one reality check after the other until they couldn’t even ignore them any more.

These people are so stubborn and ignorant that they think if Trudeau stayed in his lane and kept doing what he was already doing, then suddenly Canadians will open their third eye or some other bullshit and realise how the liberals have been helping them all along. These people are as delusional as they get, and we will be talking about them more later on.

However, it is important to note for the sake of today’s subject that there is a vocal section of the liberal party that is calling for Trudeau to resign and to step down from his position as the prime minister and the leader of the liberal party going into the next general election.

They might not have lost all their faith in Trudeau, but they are smart enough to read the writing on the wall; the people of Canada are not going to tolerate him any further.

All this talking behind everyone’s back has reportedly led to Trudeau thinking he might not actually have it in him to run the show for the liberals anymore, as opposed to how confident and cheerful he loves to represent himself in front of all his supporters and detractors alike.

However, not all things come to be and thinking about it further, Trudeau may have realised the absolute chaos and divisiveness that will take over the liberal party if they have to rush finding a new party leader that is also election ready by the end of the year. It is a whole lot of noise for what seems like little to no advantages and benefits.

Trudeau Wants Freeland Gone

What is still stirring in Trudeau’s mind however is firing Freeland from her position as minister of finance. Which begs the question, does Trudeau actually agree with most Canadians when it comes to how the 2024 liberal budget is actually a failure? Did he lose hope in Freeland just like the others lost hope in him?

What we know so far about Trudeau’s discussions with Mark Carney is that it revolved around tossing the idea of Carney joining the liberal team as a finance minister, since Carney’s presence would seemingly give the liberal government some new energy in the eyes of Canadians, and it would further signal a new direction with new policies.
Trudeau thinks Mark Carney is the shot in the arm that the liberals need to reignite the voters’ enthusiasm about voting for the liberal party once again.

It is hilarious how Freeland has been busting her back trying to defend herself and Trudeau from all the negative notions surrounding the liberal government, but then she is going to end up getting fired anyway.

It is hilarious how all of these liberals have gone to bat for Trudeau over and over again, just for him to make an example out of all of them, and show the world that everyone is expendable to the Trudeau regime sooner or later.

Mark Carney Will Not Make a Difference

But what is more hilarious than all of this pathetic and sleazy liberal display, is the fact that Trudeau actually believes the hype and truly thinks Mark Carney will make a difference.

Let me illustrate exactly why I don’t think Mark Carney or any other liberal – old or new for that matter – will change the current trajectory of the political party.

If you have forgotten, Mark Carney is the same individual that stated exactly two months ago that he supports the carbon tax as it is but would be open to any alternative. Reminds you of something? These are more or less the same words that Trudeau uses condescendingly to have his cake and eat it too by supporting the carbon tax, and then pretending to be open to alternatives that his conservative opposition refuse to show him.

Both of these buffoons fail to grasp the fact that Cnadians do not want an alternative to the carbon tax, they want it to be abolished.

And that is just one of the many examples of their similarities. So no, I refuse to believe that Mark Carney of all people will actually lead the liberal party to change course and revitalise their position.

Trudeau might be the main problem as of this moment, but the rot has manifested itself within the party anyway, whoever comes after him is going to be the exact same. That’s how the liberals have been, and that’s how the liberals will always be.

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