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Trudeau Threatens Rebel News with Jail


Authoritarian Liberal

In a chilling sign of Canada’s slide into authoritarianism under Trudeau, Rebel News founder Ezra Levant now faces potential imprisonment for the crime of patriotism.

Levant displayed straightforward video ads on a truck he owns, highlighting concerns about protests that have gripped Canadian streets. Yet for this simple call to preserve our democratic values, Levant has been targeted by the Toronto Police Hate Crime Unit.

It is not the first time Rebel News has been targeted by the Trudeau regime, but now it is starting to paint a very unpleasant authoritarian picture of our beloved Canada.

Canadians face a choice: complacently accept these violations until all our rights erode, or raise our voices defending our bedrock freedoms.

There is too much at stake to passively watch our nation’s ideals be dismantled by an elite Political class.

Trudeau Goes After Patriots

What do you get when you are 9 years into a corrupt and generally incompetent liberal leadership headed by a buffoon by the name of Justin Trudeau? What do you get when you are 9 years into an authoritarian liberal leadership that does not care about anything or anyone as long as they don’t fall strictly under its self prophesied “woke” agenda?

The answer my dear viewer is that you get a Trudeau government that goes after the most patriotic Canadians across the country, and tries to stomp them down and out.

This is exactly what took place recently when the founder of Rebel News Media, Ezra Levant, talked about potentially facing severe punishment and extended jail time just because he displayed patriotic messages on a truck he owns across Canada.

At a time when most Canadians live in poverty and under fear for their security; At a time when Canada is divided by hate and mindless liberals protesting for things that don’t concern the average Canadian no matter what and they get rewarded and protected for it; Trying to go against the unhinged liberal grain in Canada is met with the ire of law enforcement. So much for free speech and a freer Canada under Trudeau.

The ads on the Truck displayed nothing but encouraging messages for Canadaians to wake up and realise Canada is not like every other country, it is a great nation with a rich history that should be honoured, respected and protected. “This is Canada” was the tagline for the overall advertisement.

That is it. That was all of it. Yet, the Toronto Police Service’s Hate Crime Unit is investigating Levant for potential hate speech charges. Because being patriotic to your country is now a hate crime. What a clown world Trudeau has ushered in.

The ads make no direct threats or calls for violence. They are political speeches highlighting concerns about protests that have occurred. But if convicted, Ezra Levant could face up to two years in prison.

So tell me, how is jailing someone for years over something as benign as this not set a dangerous precedent for the future of Canada under Trudeau and the liberals?

Trudeau has a Pattern of Intimidation

But the fact of the matter is, there is already some form of a precedent in place under the authoritarian Trudeau regime. There is a pattern of intimidation and free speech shutdown going on across Canada, and one of its main targets has been the Rebel News crew lately.

Ezra Levant this specific pattern especially coming from the RCMP targeting anything Rebel News affiliated. It got so bad at one point that a couple of months ago Rebel News Media was looking to sue the RCMP with hard evidence to back their claims up.

The case at the time stemmed from the high-profile arrest of Rebel personality David Menzies in January of 2022.

A video shows David Menzies attempting to question Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland when an RCMP officer steps into his path. Does he question him? No. Does he try to tone the energy down and explain the rules? are trying to enforce? Hell No. You want to know the first thing he did to an opposition journalist seeking the truth? The officer grabbed David Menzies, pushed him against a wall, and arrested him for alleged assault despite no physical contact occurring. That right here is the level of free speech and free expression we have under Justin Trudeau.

The lawsuit raised valid concerns about police overreach and bias against conservative media. It doesn’t take a freedom fighter or a rebel to convince you that using disturbing tactics to suppress journalists goes against Canadian values.

The Charter protects freedoms of expression and the press. Yet David Menzies faced arrest simply for seeking answers from a Liberal cabinet minister. And now Rebel News is facing more scrutiny and its owner is facing jail time just for standing by their patriotic and freedom loving messages.

Misplaced Priorities

We live under a regime with misplaced priorities. They rather go against patriotic Canadians than detain violent protestors and aggressors.

They would rather keep fighting to enforce the “woke” liberal agenda, than understand what Canadians really need in this day and age.

I mean for crying out loud, the liberals are currently at risk of losing a very important riding in Toronto; a riding so important that the liberals are thinking about booting out Trudeau if they lose it to the conservative party that is right on their tail. And even with all this mounting pressure the liberals response is to prop all their already failing and tired initiatives, talk about the budget that half of all Canadians are sour on, and declare investments into more and more “woke” liberal bullshit.

And when confronted about the dire state of their political party and the real danger of losing what was thought to be a safe seat for the liberals, all that Trudeau and his goons have is just a bunch of rambling followed by desperate urging for people to go out and vote.

Canada needs change now more than ever. So that we can catch a break from this authoritarian and corrupt Trudeau regime.

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