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Trudeau Silent after Bombshell Economic Report


OECD Report Shocks the Liberals

An explosive new report is about to rock the Liberal government to its core. The OECD, an organisation that Trudeau himself touts as an authority, has turned against the prime minister in the most shocking way.

Their latest economic study exposes the abject failure of Liberal policies and spells disaster for our country’s economic future.

It turns out everything we have stated to be a problem under the Trudeau regime has turned out to be true. With overspending, mass immigration, and nonsensical taxes leading the charge when it comes to destroying our once strong economy.

If we are to believe all the signs around us, then the next election can’t come soon enough. Trudeau has steered Canada off a cliff, and we need a new captain to right the ship.

Trudeau Destroys the Economy

As if things couldn’t possibly get any worse for Trudeau and his gaggle of liberal buffoons; As if the liberal lies throughout the years couldn’t have possibly been shattered to a million pieces even more; We find ourselves acting as witnesses to yet another classic Trudeau lie getting debunked and exposed in real time by the experts that he and Freeland love to tout and speak in favour for endlessly.

This time a bombshell economic report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development sheds a spotlight on the true results and the inevitable future of Trudeau and Freeland’s economic strategies and plans for Canada, and it is not looking good in the slightest.

Despite a record population growth that is the result of unmitigated and unchecked temporary immigration according to Trudeau’s policy, the economy is bending down right to its knees as opposed to its usual state of flailing and dying very slowly, and unemployment is rising to exorbitant rates never seen before in an age of decreased affordability.

Canadians are going through all stages of hell right now under the incompetent leadership of Trudeau and the crooked Liberal party. And you have to remember that this is all Trudeau’s fault since the very first day.

He was the first person to champion the asinine level of immigration that is bleeding into our Canadian soil. It was part of some “woke” liberal bullshit plan about increasing the population so that it may affect different sectors of the workforce with the main one being productivity. And here we are in the present day, and the millions of people that came flowing in did absolutely nothing for Canadian productivity, in fact it may have caused it to plummet further and thus bringing us to today’s dire economic report.

The same report that details how Trudeau’s economic strategies and liberal economic policies are so ineffective that they will massively harm Canada’s fiscal sustainability in the long run. Great choice of words to describe the bright future we are marching ahead to.

Trudeau Policies are a Blight on Canadians

But you want to know what the report details as well? It details exactly what is wrong with Trudeau’s approach to Canada’s economy. It talks about the excessive and unnecessary at times spending that is not aiming for any proper long haul investments.

Moreover, the OECD talks about Trudeau failing to provide a tax friendly environment and a clear incentive for businesses to be more productive and invest more in the Canadian economy, no matter how big or small the business is.

Kinda funny how we have talked about this for years and especially recently with all the talk about the costly budget and the capital gains tax hike that it is bringing with it when no one asked, but now the same organisation that Trudeau and the likes of Freeland latches on to is turning around and slapping them in the face with a reality check about their failing economy.

Canada’s anaemic GDP growth of just 1.1% in 2023 occurred despite the largest population surge since 1957. More people should spur more economic activity. But with the Trudeau government doling out record deficits, debt, and adding more and more egregious taxes on top of all this corruption, resources are being misallocated and misappropriated.
And our dear prime minister and his corrupt liberal government have gone in the opposite direction, ignoring everything the OECD advises for, and instead ballooning the federal debt to over $1 trillion with all that borrowing and investing in “woke” programs crowding out private investments that actually succeed in growing the economy.

It is no surprise to any keen Canadian paying attention to the political climate and to how Trudeau and the liberals operate. It is always a game with these kinds of people; they will lie and paint a rosy picture that doesn’t even begin to reflect the true reality of the situation they are in right now.

And when that does not work and the experts start questioning their methods, they resort to ad hominems and attacking the character and the intelligence of their opposition rather than addressing the issue at hand.

The Liberal Political Theatre in Action

If you don’t believe me, then you don’t have to, but maybe a video of the deputy prime minister and minister of finance Chrystia Freeland herself doing the exact same thing I talked about in regards to painting a rosy picture that does not exist in reality will change your mind after all the information you have just absorbed today.

Notice how she tried to project what the liberals are currently doing by sticking it to the conservative party? Talking about cutting investing and not helping Canadians, when Trudeau is the number one politician to pocket your tax money and spread it around to his elite liberal friends.

And to see all of Freeland’s woes and sleazy tactics in full effect, then you will have to look no further than her fairly recent spat with Poilievre just because Poilievre dared to question the liberal government’s strategies with all these ineffective taxes that are now confirmed to be a blight on the Canadian economy. And all Freeland can muster in response is a couple of sad jokes and desperate diversions from any form of accountability.

This is what the liberals are best at; obfuscate, lie, and corrupt. But you will never catch them taking responsibility and fixing their shit. And if that is not the best argument for why Trudeau needs to leave sooner rather than later, then I don’t know what is.

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