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Trudeau Lost to Saskatchewan in the Courts


Hope and Fight

A glimmer of hope has emerged in the fight against Trudeau and his oppressive carbon tax regime.

The heavy-handed federal government just received a sharp rebuke from the courts for its authoritarian attempts to punish Saskatchewan for resisting this carbon tax policy.

The stage was set when Trudeau’s revenue henchmen at the CRA made thuggish threats to confiscate over $42 million from Saskatchewan’s bank accounts. And the province did not back down nor give in.

Scott Moe valiantly refused to be the tax collector for Trudeau’s economy-crippling carbon agenda. And when the CRA responded with quasi-legal shakedown efforts to seize Saskatchewan’s assets, Moe took action.

For too long, Trudeau’s arrogant government has dismissed and mocked all opposition to its radical climate policies. But Saskatchewan stood firm for its citizens. And now the courts have forced Ottawa to recognize limits on its power.

Trudeau Losing the Battle

Trudeau and his gaggle of liberal cronies have been spreading corruption and havoc throughout Canada since the day they were elected to run this great nation right into the gutter.

They have committed a myriad of corrupt acts and enacted a wide range of greedy and often incompetent policies, that reciting them right here and right now would get this article here to become so long it would seem infinite and endless in nature.

But throughout all this corruption and greed, the “woke” climate agenda always stood out with how Trudeau used it to start the costly and unnecessary carbon tax to further increase the burden on the average Canadian family.

And as shocking as it may be, the people opposing Trudeau and his “woke” carbon tax scheme seem to have gotten their biggest win to date in the fight against corruption and liberal greed.

What am I taking about? I am talking about the Canadian federal government’s attempt to garnish and seize Saskatchewan’s bank accounts over the carbon tax dispute has rightly and justifiably been blocked by the federal courts.

Trudeau Instigated it

How did we get here exactly? How did we reach a point where Trudeau is yet again trying to unlawfully seize money from innocent Canadians just like he did the freedom convoy? Well, it was all basically instigated very recently with the heavy-handed threats by the “Canada Revenue Agency” to confiscate over $42 million dollars in tax money from Saskatchewan’s accounts over unpaid carbon taxes.

Ottawa is once again attempting to bully the provinces into submission instead of respecting provincial jurisdiction.

Saskatchewan on the other hand is standing up for its innocent and hardworking Canadian citizens by refusing to be the tax collector for the Trudeau government’s misguided climate agenda.

The carbon tax is nothing more than a tax grab disguising itself as environmental policy. Hard-working prairie residents should not be punished for heating their homes to survive frigid winters.

The is the stance that Scott Moe, the premier of Saskatchewan, has taken since day one of this egregious carbon tax.

Scott Moe has done all that he can to fight off this useless tax burden form Trudeau and the liberals; he has issued statements, sent letters, called for meetings and elections, and even teamed up with other disgruntlet premiers – consevative and liberal alike – to stand against Trudeau and his schemes together.

And all fo these efforts were met with condescnesion and a general lack of care from Trudeau and his liberal cronies.

History of Ignorance

They dismissed all the opposition’s pleas and made fun of their attaempts to overturn the policy with a vote by lying about Canadians being acceptable to such a tax, and if they think they can do better then they should throw in their hat and tak about viable alternatives. Only for those viable alternatives to be dismissed and ignored as well for whatever reason.

This continued untill Scott Moe has had enough of Trudeau and his climate bullshit, and declared that Sasketchewan will not be issuing the carbon tax onto its citezens while also l not giving the federal government any tax money in return.

And do you remeber how Trudeau responded to a man pleading with federal government for Canadians sake and taking matters into his own hands legally when things didn’t change? Trudeau threatened the man and once again condescindingly told him off with a simple “Good luck with that”.

During the usual liberal press conference visits to advetise their latest costly “woke” initiative. Trudeau was asked about his recent visits to Sasketchewan and how he rarely meets with Scott Moe anymore, alongside gouging his pinion about Moe taking a hard stance against the carbon tax.

Trudeau trotted out his usual misleading claims about how the carbon tax supposedly helps families, despite extensive evidence showing it hurts household budgets alongside disingenuously suggesting the rebates will make up for the increased costs, ignoring analyses that the working poor bear the brunt of the tax burden.

And then Trudeau finally addressed the elephant in the room, threatening Scott Moe and basically hinting that any money that is owed to the government can and will be retrieved from the other party using institutions like the Canada Revenue Agency.

Trudeau promised that the Canada Revenue Agency is very reliable and capable of getting back any money that is owed and that’s why he wishes Scott Moe the best of luck trying to fight the organisation and still refusing to give the money away.

And now here we are in the present time with Saskatchewan winning the court case against the corrupt CRA and proving to the world that there is hope in fighting Trudeau and his corruption.

Nothing will change from Trudeau’s mindset anyway – I mean for god’s sake the man was on the receiving end of humiliation from his NATO allies and he is still talking about climate change and the carbon tax.

So the only logical thing seems to be to fight and stand up for what you believe is right.

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