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Trudeau is Roasted By Mick Jagger


Jagger Throws Shade

Mick Jagger threw some major shade at Justin Trudeau during a recent concert in Canada, hinting at a decades-old scandal allegedly involving Trudeau’s mother Margaret.

As the crowd booed Jagger’s praise of Trudeau, the Rolling Stones frontman just smiled knowingly, well aware of the family’s sordid history with the band.

This latest humiliation for Trudeau shows just how far the golden boy has fallen. Once the darling of progressives worldwide, Trudeau is now a global laughingstock, lambasted by experts, celebrities and average citizens alike.

No matter how Trudeau tries to spin it, his reign is coming to an end. The only question is how much damage he can do to Canada’s reputation before his inevitable fall from grace?

Trudeau and his Tarnished Reputation

Justin Trudeau and his already shattered image and reputation in the public’s eye has evolved beyond being the laughing stock of world leaders and politicians.

It is now not only the scientists, the senators, and any expert that is worth their salt that are consistently lambasting and making fun of Trudeau and his corrupt and delusional liberal antics. Now we have celebrities and famous public figures throwing their hat into the fray and taking justified and quite unexpected shots at the man that made Canadians suffer for 9 years now.

And it makes sense, since Trudeau’s family is just like Trudeau during his tenure as a Canadian prime minister, sleazy and scandalous without any limits.

What I am specifically talking about here is a recent concert that had Mick Jagger performing in Canada and on tour.

And during his latest stops in the Canada tour, Mick Jagger started talking about his love for the country and its people; he talked about how missed coming back here and it always feels like “an old girlfriend you text with but when you see her you realise how much you miss her”.

But then he started praising Justin Trudeau and stated how he loved him because his family were always such great fans of Mick Jagger’s band the Rolling Stones. And expectedly, the boos from the huge crowd started raining on poor Mick Jagger, as he slowly realised how hated Justin Trudeau has truly become.

Or did he?

You see, because if you actually see the event from another angle you will realise Mick Jagger very much expected this response form the crowd, and he is just casually smiling to himself seeing all the feedback to mentioning Trudeau and his family.

But what young people are ot aware of is that Mick Jagger might have been simply roasting and making fun of Trudeau by shining a faint light on a very old scandal; older than most of you could possibly remember and that’s why you booed him and not laughed with him.

What am I talking about exactly? Well, Mick Jagger may have reminded everyone about the time Margeret Trudeau was a huge Rolling Stones groupie and may have allegedly hooked up with some of the band members during her wedding anniversary with Trudeau’s dad Pierre.

That is why Mick Jagger said Trudeau’s family had a history of being fans of the Rolling Stones, because his mother allegedly was such a huge fan that cheated on her husband with several members of the band.

Trudeau and the Scandalous History

If you want details about the scandal, I will try to make it short and digestible for all of you interested.

But the gist of the story is that the Rolling Stones were performing in Canada, they had a contest for their biggest fans, Margaret trudeau chose to attend their concerts and possibly won the fan contest; she was then seen following the band and allegedly staying at the same hotel they were staying at between and after the shows had ended.

A lot of rumours have circulated throughout the years and even some of the band members have hinted about such a relationship several times before. And here we have mick jagger himself taking a jab at Trudeau and further fueling the speculation fire.

This is the level of humiliation Trudeau has to suffer through right now. And it is all his and his corrupt family’s fault for being scandalous and sleazy individuals that hurt so many Canadian lives.

And it is not going to be the last time Trudeau is humiliated like that form a public figure as well.

Not the Last Time to be Humiliated

I mean, did we forget about Joe Rogan’s epic rant against Trudeau that took place a couple of months ago?

Joe Rogan took the time to dress down Trudeau and his wacko policies that are overtaking Canada; likening the nation of Canada to a communist dictatorship shithole rather than a first world country.

He then talked about the best common sense alternative in people like Pierre Poilievre that are actually spreading the good word and opposing the wacko world that Trudeau wants Canadians to live in.

A wacko world that will involve clamping down on Canadians’ freedom by way of censorship and authoritarian initiatives. Something like the new online bill is a great example of Trudeau using all his power to remove dissent opinion and only railroad state mandated media right into your brain.

And let us not even begin talking about the freedom convoy and how Trudeau really showed he was his father’s authoritarian son when he closed the bank accounts of all the peaceful protestors and the people that were donating to their righteous cause.

No matter where Trudeau goes and no matter what Trudeau tries, he will always be the laughing stock of everyone with some common sense in them.

This is his and his family’s destiny in the public eye. And the only thing changing that is irrelevancy after he is finally booted from office.

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