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Trudeau Incites an Immigrant Revolt Against Him


Policies Lead to Chaos

Chaos erupts as immigration polices enacted by Trudeau has chickens coming home to roost.

Years of reckless immigration policies have led to a boiling point, as hordes of angry temporary workers revolt and protest against deportation.

Trudeau now reaps the whirlwind of his feel-good multiculturalism “woke” fantasies colliding with objective reality.

The “temporary” workers Trudeau gleefully imported by the millions are rising up in revolt, unwilling to be discarded. They are demanding permanent residency after being exploited for cheap labour.

Weary citizens watch helplessly as their communities are engulfed in chaos.Hospitals, schools, housing and jobs strained to the breaking point. An immigrant underclass simmering with unrest.

How much damage will an unrepentant Trudeau inflict before he is finally reined in? Will our immigration system ever recover from his bungling mismanagement? Or is permanent unrest fated to haunt coming generations?

Trudeau Faces Reality

You can be as corrupt as you want to be; as incompetent and sleazy as you wish for, YOu can be a weak leader with no conviction in anything other than appealing to the ignorant “woke” masses. You can be a leader that uses this power to inflict the most drastic adverse effects on his innocent people. You can do anything you want, as fast as you wish. But karma will always strike harder and faster.

This is what we have with Trudeau today. Trudeau started his undeserved tenure as a prime minister of Canada in 2015, and we have come to slowly realise that many of his policies work in favour of foreigners coming into our country and using up all our jobs and accommodations.

The people tried to tell Trudeau time and time again that this will come and bite him in the ass later on, but he never listened. None of the crooked liberals wanted to clear their cloudy mind full of “woke” nonsense and look at the bigger picture. And here we are now, a housing crisis, an employment crisis, and a tanking economy where the foreign workforce did not do anything to budge even by a little.

Suddenly Trudeau wakes up to the reality around him as he scrambles for a solution, and just as suddenly, the temporary foreigners realise their stay might be coming to an end soon. So now they are planning to protest and revolt across Canada of course.

Your ears did not deceive you, temporary immigrants are actually planning to – and have already done, a couple of protests throughout Canada in response to the weak liberal efforts to deport them back to their home countries.

Trudeau and the Irony of Immigration Policies

Their slogans consist of statements like “ good enough to work, good enough to stay”. And I am sorry but I can’t help but hysterically laugh at the absurdity and the irony of the whole situation.

Because what we are seeing right now is nothing but the inevitable end result of Trudeau and the liberals courting foreigners and immigrants without holding back even for a little bit.

Now the temporary immigrants forgot the “temporary” in their name and are demanding to stay abroad in Canada for an indefinite amount of time.

How can you not laugh at Trudeau for that? Imagine finally waking up to a disaster you have caused, and you are trying to fix it somewhat. Only for the disaster to start wanting to throw hands and issue demands at you. A deserving result for a pathetic and rotten human.

Canadians however are not deserving of the protests that have dominated Prince Edward Island and Ontario for a while now.

In Prince Edward Island, the protests – that are usually consisting of over 700 temporary foreign workers – have started to fire up after the province announced aggressive cuts to immigration and a 25% decrease in their Provincial Nominee Program.

As Premier Dennis King of PEI stated, amidst “challenges” with costs of living and healthcare access, the province had no choice but to reduce its Provincial Nominee Program by 25% immediately.

The immigrants that are fuming with anger express their disdain for the new provincial changes by revealing how they arrived in Canada with false narratives and expectations of growing and thriving with the people living here and with the province itself. But obviously they were distraught by the immediate changing of the rules all of a sudden.

Their thought process can be understandable from a certain point of view, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that their arrival is as much of an accident and a mistake as their delusions about how accepting Canada will be.

It does not change the fact that there are currently – and according to our limited data and estimations – about 2.7 million temporary immigrants residing in Canada. This figure wildly exceeds what Canada can reasonably absorb, as the Prime Minister himself has now admitted. I mean it is literally larger than the combined population of both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, do we really need any more signifiers that this is a crisis that has to be dealt with quickly?

A Faulty Track Record

We already remember what happened the last time immigrants protested here in Canada. But Trudeau will turn a blind eye to the chaos just like he did back then.

And even when Trudeau tries to fix his mess, he does it in the most disproportional way and fund a set of premiers and forgets about some others, like the British Columbia NDP premier David Eby.

A man that was frustrated with the funding going to Quebec and Ontario to combat immigration while British Columbia and whether western provinces are left in the dust.

You wanna guess how the Trudeau liberals responded to this man’s concerns, they told him to kick rocks and invite even more immigrants to receive any amount of funding.

And that’s why throughout the whole debacle, I find myself laughing. Depressingly laughing at the dire state of Canada.

Where we have a leader masking his incompetence and corruption with non-existent effort. Where the temporary immigrants are revolting because they want to stay in a place that can’t house them. Where a leader’s solution to immigration is to invite more immigrants.

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