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Trudeau Humiliated by Speaker Mike Johnson


Mike Johnson Breaks Silence

Blistering criticism from American lawmakers has Prime Minister Justin Trudeau scrambling to defend Canada’s failure to meet NATO defence spending targets.

Once again, Trudeau finds himself in the hot seat on the world stage, fumbling excuses while Canada’s reputation takes another self-inflicted hit.

The latest scathing attack came from none other than Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Mike Johnson, who called out Trudeau for riding America’s coattails.

As global threats mount, our allies expect us to pull our weight. But Trudeau keeps failing the leadership test miserably.

Canada has become the deadbeat ally, unwilling to pay its fair share while expecting America’s protection. And Canadians deserve better than this reputation.

Trudeau Humiliated Again

Trudeau has been on the receiving end of a global humiliation session for the longest time now. And everytime the feeling is reinvigorated, it is because of the most absurd and dumbfounding liberal initiative or statement ever.

The recent rounds of humiliation has been sparked yet again and pushed into the spotlight because of our weak and incompetent management of our military’s defence budget.

Yeah, we are unfortunately finding ourselves talking about this subject yet again because Trudeau and his corrupt liberal cronies could not reasonably deliver or even strategize when it comes to reaching the 2 percent NATO defence budget requirement.

And the lack of any presence or further commitment from Trudeau and the liberals during the latest NATO summit, has driven Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Mike Johnson to come out and call out Trudeau and Canada as a member of the NATO group during a foreign policy speech this Monday.

Trudeau Humiliates Canada

The criticism of Trudeau came about when Mike Johnson was asked about global threats that are getting closer and closer and how some people think the NATO alliance is outdated and not needed anymore.

Obviously and without a second thought, Mike Johnson retorted to this assumption and talked about the alliance succeeding in its main goal and purpose, which was to act as the biggest deterrent to most global threats and global wars.

Now enemy countries think a million times before simply invading and wrecking havoc, and even when they do they choose the countries that are outside the alliance and they play by the rules as much as they could so that they don’t get burned by the United States of America.

NATO is a statement, and it is a powerful one at that.

What is actually outdated in terms of NATO is the members that are slacking off and barely participating and committing to the defence spending rate that was agreed upon.

These countries are coasting by and not spending the agreed upon 2 percent of their GDP on defence and military equipment thinking it is not needed right now, when it is arguably more needed now than ever before.

In Mike Johnson’s words, the world is treading into a very dangerous and mysterious time that is more akin to the time of world war 2 and the cold war. And a lot of NATO countries do not seem to have the ability to get this idea and concept through their thick skull. Their commitment is needed now more than ever.

But because of this slacking off, Mike Johnson then suggests that there should be an entrance fee to the NATO organisation just like Donald Trump bluntly puts it. No more will other members ride the coattails of the United States when they could satisfy the requirements very clearly.

Now I don’t know about you but that seems like the biggest shade being thrown at Canada and Trudeau ever.

Canada is the only nation that should be capable of the defence budget requirement but yet it is one of the few that can’t reach it and doesn’t have a solid plan to reach it either.

And if you think otherwise, then let Mike Johnson clarify it himself and bluntly call out Canada and Trudeau for not ponying up and paying the required defence budget because they are riding the coattails of the United States since they are on the same border.

It is a shameful act that Trudeau is actually banking on the safety and security of being so close to the United States. It makes Canada look like a freeloading clown nation that is participating in an alliance without actually giving back to the members of said alliance.

Nothing Ever Changes

The sad thing here is that this will not even change any time soon if the PBO’s office can be trusted with spending projections.

The PBO report projects defence spending will only reach 1.42 percent of GDP by 2030, far below the 2 percent minimum Canada pledged to NATO allies, and certainly below the 1.76 percent that was promised by Trudeau and the minister of defence Bill Blair earlier this year.

The PBO report directly contradicts the government’s claims that defence investments will reach 1.76 percent of GDP by the end of the decade. Instead, the PBO analysis forecasts spending will plateau at around 1.5% of GDP midway through the 2020s before declining to only 1.42 percent by 2030.

These are not biassed projections as well; they are based on historical spending trends and the military’s consistent failure to fully utilise allocated budget funds into anything useful like new equipment for example.

It is quite ironic how this report came at a critical time during the NATO summit and while Trudeau is being lambasted left and right by the United States representatives.

It is almost like the universe is speaking to him to get his shit together. But we all know he is deaf to anything positive concerning Canada and Canadians.

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