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Trudeau Exposed for Neglecting Military Funding


A Dangerous Game

Trudeau’s dangerous ignorance to the safety and security of Canadians and Canada is put on blast by former ally and retired lieutenant general Andrew Leslie, as he reveals insider information about Trudeau neglecting our military.

While allies like the United States pour billions into ammo manufacturing, Trudeau has left Canada’s arsenals bare.

This failure has left Canadian reserves empty, with only “several thousand training shells” on hand – a single day’s supply in combat. Unable to supply our own needs, let alone assist our allies, Canada has been forced to write checks to buy ammo from abroad.

And although experts have been pleading with Trudeau to focus on defence spending, Trudeau is as ignorant and dismissive as ever

Canada needs leadership that will prioritise national defence with more than lip service. And Trudeau is not that kind of leadership

Trudeau Put on Notice by Former General

What are the usual qualities you think of when you hear the name Justin Trudeau? Most Canadians will agree on a couple of things that spring up to the mind first and foremost; things like corruption, greed, incompetence and the usual undeserved liberal smugness that plagues all of our minds.

It is all the usual assortment of descriptions that fit Trudeau to a tee. But recently, Trudeau has been showing us another side of his that is rising ever so slightly to the top; a side that is ignorant to the real world surrounding him; a side that is ignorant to the reality crumbling all around him as he struggles to find a way to patch the cracks forming endlessly due to his ineptitude.

Lately, Trudeau’s ignorance to the needs and the safety of his people has led a former lieutenant general and one time liberal MP under the Trudeau administration to catch the limelight once again and put Trudeau alongside his crooked liberal friends on blast while exposing crucial insider information.

Andrew Leslie, a former lieutenant and a liberal MP that we have talked about before extensively, has come out to put Trudeau and the liberals on notice for neglecting Canada’s defence spending and military in general, leading to a critical shortage of crucial ammunition and weapons.

While Trudeau and the rest of his liberal gaggle stumble around trying to figure out how to reinvent and completely revive the domestic production of military ammunition for our own benefit and purpose, every neighbouring and ally country has already figured it out and are speeding the process beyond our understanding and capabilities.

Trudeau Extends the Gap Between Us and our Allies

The contrast with our allies is stark. In the United States, the Pentagon has committed a massive $6 billion to achieve self-sufficiency in critical ammunition, quickly setting up a brand new factory in Texas that will produce 30,000-40,000 artillery rounds per month. And that is just the one we are currently aware about.

Now you might be wondering how bad could we possibly have it in contrast to our allies? Right? Well, in Canada we have the liberal defence minister Bill Blair possibly only committing a paltry 4.4 million dollars in March to study how Canadian manufacturers might design and produce NATO-standard 155mm shells.

That’s it. That’s the whole plan and strategy that the Trudeau liberals can come up with when they find themselves cornered by other world nations.

The world is on the verge of war with conflict arising in almost every region, alongside the general unrest that has plagued the nations that are being run by complete and utter buffoons; and all of that is not even enough to wake up our incompetent government from sleep to respond to all these potential external threats and prepare accordingly.

As lieutenant general Andrew Leslie concludes, the Liberal government and Trudeau specifically sees defence spending as discretionary, subordinate to his other “woke” political priorities.

You know? The more important ones like a school food program they will never pay for, or a dental health program that Canadian doctors are not even accepting of, or perhaps a liberal arts program that benefits a useless minority in our society. Just a bunch of virtue signalling “woke” bullshit to cover up the fact that Trudeau is anxious and doesn’t know what to do.

Warnings Fall on Deaf Ears

But it wasn’t supposed to be like that and Trudeau has been warned before about the state of the military and how dire of a state it will ultimately end up in.

The last time lieutenant general Andrew Leslie spoke about the issue it was the time when Bill Blair and Trudeau held a very special press conference to specifically talk about the Canadian military’s budget and virtue signal to whomever listens to his endless liberal rambles.

And then after all the festivities and Trudeau patting himself on the back for a job well done according to his delusional mind, Bill Blair revealed the plans for the increased military spending as part of the corrupt liberal budget for 2024, and it doesn’t even reach 1.7% of the required NATO defence spending. No wonder they couldn’t even find the funding or the effort to focus on crucial ammunition; they couldn’t even satisfy our NATO allies.

To fulfil their duty to defend Canada, the Liberal government must make tough budget decisions to direct billions towards immediately rebuilding domestic ammunition manufacturing capacity.

No more feasibility studies, and no more excuses that deflect blame towards bureaucracy.

But at the end of the day, this is all wishful thinking in a world run by complete idiots like Trudeau.

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