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Trudeau Cornered by Poilievre during Question Period


A Desperate Liberal out of Tricks

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre took aim at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the Question Period, putting him on the spot and embarrassing him beyond belief.

Trudeau was cornered for most of the debate resorting to personal attacks and blatant lies to counter the hard truths and evidence that Poilievre slaps him with over and over again.

It was the usual liberal playbook until Poilievre brought out the recently revealed liberal data and analysis on the carbon tax against them.

Using their own words and conclusions, Poilievre humiliated Trudeau as he scrambled to find a way out of the sticky situation he put himself in in the first place.

Demanding accountability, Poilievre challenged Trudeau to immediately call a carbon tax election and let the voters decide once and for all, instead of letting the choice in the hands of a few mindless clapping liberal seals.

Trudeau is Confronted by Poilievre

It is yet another day, and yet another chance for Trudeau to continue his long and tiring reign of liberal corruption. It is a sad reality that every day Canadians have to deal with for a little while longer, at least before having the ultimate opportunity to boot the liberal buffoon and all his crooked allies from any position of power.

But while we wait to voice our displeasure and showcase our hatred for Trudeau democratically, conservative leader Pierre Poilievre and the conservative party will make sure to humiliate and lambast Trudeau day in and day out while holding him accountable for all his government’s misdeeds and missteps.

And this was no different with the latest public clash between Poilievre and Trudeau in the house of commons during question period.

Poilievre took to the stage to put Trudeau on notice in front of everyone. He talked about how 9 years of Trudeau liberal corruption have rotted the solid foundation that Canadians have built upon for generations. Now they are suffering more than ever thanks to all of Trudeau’s nonsensical policies and “woke” initiatives.

The biggest indicator of the faulty liberal system at play is when you take a brief look at all the dumbfounding taxes that trudeau has sprung upon us during his 9 year tenure. And on top of the pyramid of corruption lies the carbon tax. A “woke” idea that does not even work, but is serving only a select group of people who love the smell of their own farts, while hard working Canadians foot the entire costly bill.

Poilievre then proceeds to ask a simple question to challenge Trudeau’s principles and beliefs; will you let the hard working Canadians continue to suffer? Or will you call for an early carbon tax election and let the people decide for some common sense ?

To no one’s surprise in the least; Trudeau proceeds to dismiss the subject of Poilievre’s question and resorts to political posturing about all the small and barely beneficial liberal initiatives and programs that aim to help everyday Canadians.

Notice how he chooses to talk about the different ways the liberals are trying to help but never once mentions how the carbon tax will ease the burden? It is simply because Trudeau knows it is not an easy task to sell absolute bullshit and lies for people to gobble up without any questions.

He talks about initiatives like the school food program that the liberals promised for years and continues to sink funds into without any apparent results. Nevermind the fact that Trudeau also brings up the dental care program that he claims to be helpful and beneficial to all senior and young Canadians, but his plan is so weak and incompetent that most of the proficient Canadian dentists choose not to sign up for it.

So tell me, does this sound like Trudeau is actually helping or does it sound more like the pleas of a desperate and cornered liberal looking for an easy way out of questioning?

Trudeau Corners Himself

But don’t worry, because Poilievre is not ready yet to let Trudeau off the leash that easily. Reiterating the same points he laid out earlier and emphasizing on the fact that Canadians can’t even afford to feed or house themselves after 9 years of Trudeau and the liberals, Poilievre asks the question; will Trudeau ever hold himself accountable and ease the pain of Canadians?

Poilievre already knows the answer, but it certainly does not hurt to have Candaians listen and digest time and time again how their beloved liberal leader cares about absolutely no one but himself.

And would you look at that, Trudeau falls head first to prove Poilievre right by declaring how none of the talked about corruption exists and the liberals have already worked hard to stomp on all Canadians’ problems and will continue to work hard to fix whatever is remaining.

Trudeau unironically believes he is a valiant leader standing for the rights of everyday Canadians against Poilievre who is somehow protecting the wealthy elite according to Trudeau’s delusions.

It is quite hilarious how these asinine statements are coming out of the mouth of one of the greediest prime minister’s in Canada’s history. It is funny that the man that has countless elite liberal friends and takes jet rides to vacation with his family every couple of months, is now accusing the honest conservative man of being in the pocket of the wealthy and the elite. Reality can sometimes be funnier than fiction will ever be.

Data and Evidence by the Liberals Against the Liberals

Poilievre having had enough of this dancing around the issue brings up the recent report revealing how the carbon tax will cost the Canadian economy up to 30 billion dollars annually by 2030. And Trudeau might as well be silent, because his response is nothing more than reiterating the same liberal bullet points about 8 out of 10 Canadians being better off and how the data is backed up by every economist and blah blah blah.

It is clear why Trudeau is afraid of admitting the truth, it is because if the numbers that the liberals themselves have released turn out to be true; then the average Canadian family is looking at a 2000 dollar cost.

But leave it to Trudeau to deliver a sleazy speech about the environment and about the safety and future of Canadians with all the liberals clapping like mindless seals.

They can clap and cheer all they want, it does not change the fact that Canadians have common sense and can see the holes riddled all over this “woke” garbage. It is just amusing to witness how the liberals are going full force into losing battle on all fronts.

Their eventual and inevitable demise will be the greatest day in modern Canadian history.

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