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Trudeau Confronted By Reporters on Missing Liberal Caucus


Speechless to the Press

An explosive press conference has left Prime Minister Justin Trudeau scrambling to explain himself and his actions in regards to pushing away liberal MPs and not holding a caucus meeting.

Rumours are swirling of growing dissent within Liberal ranks, and Trudeau’s refusal to meet with his national caucus has only added fuel to the fire.

Trudeau dodges every question thrown his way and substitutes it with a non-answer about what the liberal are planning to do instead of simply focusing on the subject matter.

Will the Liberal crew mutiny before the ship sinks? Can Trudeau repair the damage and bail out his party? Or will he plunge into the icy depths still believing he can walk on water?

Trudeau is Confronted by Reporter

Our dear prime minister Justin Trudeau was holding a recent press conference that exploded into a PR catastrophe regarding the recent Toronto by-election loss that the liberals had to suffer through, and how they are handling it in terms of conversations and discussions about Trudeau staying on as a leader or getting the boot.

Before this very event right here, reports were circulating about a lot of conversations and discussions in regards to Trudeau and his role in the middle of all this.

Most of the discussions however, centred around Trudeau being anxious and afraid of holding those very same conversations with his liberal colleagues and MPs, and that will inevitably lead to him not even attending or holding the usual Liberal caucus meeting.

Fast forward a couple of days, and now Trudeau is being asked by a reporter about his reasons for refusing to meet with the national liberal caucus, and if his refusal can be interpreted as him not giving a single shit about what his liberal underlings and colleagues have to say about him and about the dire state of the party.

His answer? Shockingly enough to some Canadians, Trudeau outright refused to engage earnestly and honestly with the question that was being asked, and instead took the time to talk about nonexistent and fruitful discussions that seemingly took place between him and the liberals.

Then of course he topped off his valiant speech by talking about the commitment and the resolve that most Liberal MPs have, and how they are cooperating with Trudeau and anyone in power to work harder for the Canadian people and satisfy all their needs faster.

Trudeau Dodges Important Questions

So, Trudeau classically dodged and over complicated a simple question just to divert attention away from the chaos behind the curtain at the liberal party. It is extremely hilarious how this speech manages to hit all the same points he emphasised back when he gave his sad response to losing the Toronto by-election.

It is beat for beat what he said in terms of the liberals fighting hard to regain Canadians’ trust, but now we are a week into the disaster and they are still echoing the same sentiment without any progress or accomplishments being laid out. It truly is a hopeless case.

But you know what is really a hopeless case as well? Trudeau when he gets confronted by none other than a CBC reporter asking why he is so clearly dodging and not answering a simple and clear question; will he hold a national liberal caucus meeting? Or will he avoid holding the meeting altogether?

Imagine getting confronted on the spot by your supposed media allies. Imagine how much bullshit they had to sift through for them to call it quits and find it a daunting task to defend you anymore. And imagine you take all of that to the chin and smile in the goofiest way possible before proceeding to state the exact same bullshit non-answer.

His answers are never acknowledging the extreme danger that he is trailing within the liberal party. Trudeau will never attempt to acknowledge the concern that is bubbling among even his closest peers, to the point where some of them are thinking of stepping down from the liberal party if Trudeau does not step down for them. Pretty heavy stuff, isn’t it?

Things Get More Complicated

Well, what if I told you that it gets even more complicated? Because Trudeau is not set on having discussions and is avoiding any form of accountability from his own liberal party, some of his MPs have privately discussed the acceptable conditions for him to stay on as their leader and as the Canadian prime minister that will inevitably face and fail to Poilievre, and these conditions include getting rid of dead weight.

Important and key figures in the corrupt Trudeau circle are liable to get stung by these changes; people like minister of finance and the deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland, who has been adamant on supporting Trudeau all the way through even at his lowest of moments.

Or maybe someone like minister of immigration Marc Miller, who spoke highly about Trudeau and his leadership of the liberal party while supporting him fully even after the toronto by-election disaster. It would be shocking for someone like that to go.

Or perhaps someone unhinged like the minister of health Mark Holland could be in the crosshairs and on the verge of getting the ultimate boot. It would be ironically hilarious since he also went to bat for Trudeau and reach lengths of defending and glazing never seen before by outright questioning the legitimacy and the importance of the Toronto by-election results to the upcoming general elections.

Anyone and everyone can go except for dear mister Trudeau. Of course he won’t go away and leave us be. He has to stay for 10 more years to “save“ the world and Canada with his very good policies.

But the truth of the matter is, Trudeau is the first one that needs to go.

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