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Trudeau Cannabis Cronies Dodge $270 Million in Taxes


Trudeau Cannabis Cronyism Costs Millions

Trudeau shady cannabis buddies just got caught red-handed ripping you off to the tune of $270 million – and the corruption goes all the way to the top.

New documents reveal hundreds of Trudeau’s licensed marijuana cronies have been dodging massive tax bills since legalization – robbing every Canadian blind while lining their own pockets. 

But the biggest shocker? One of the main tax cheats turns out to be Eve & Co. – a cannabis company that had sitting Liberal MP Yasir Naqvi on its payroll.

That’s right – Trudeau’s own Parliamentary Secretary was cashing in at Eve & Co. while it stiffed taxpayers for nearly $2 million in unpaid taxes.

Talk about brazen corruption – Trudeau’s cannabis buddy Naqvi personally profited while the company he worked for robbed citizens blind. 

How much more can Trudeau let his fat cat insider pals get away with before Canadians demand justice? 

Nearly $270 million owed and the number is rising fast – but Trudeau doesn’t care as long as his shady cannabis cronies get richer.

This is criminal negligence on an epic scale – Trudeau sold legalization as benefitting Canada but instead it allowed his sleazy pals to cheat the tax system.

MP Naqvi Profits From Tax-Dodging Cannabis Firm

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have let us down again, this time by allowing a massive $270 million cannabis tax scam.

New numbers show that licensed marijuana companies across Canada owe a jaw-dropping $269.8 million in unpaid excise taxes. Among the culprits is Eve & Co., a now-bankrupt cannabis dealer that had Liberal MP Yasir Naqvi on its payroll.

This outrageous corruption came to light when the Canada Revenue Agency revealed that 290 cannabis companies haven’t paid their excise duties. This deliberate tax dodging cheats all the Canadians who follow the rules and pay their taxes.

But perhaps the most outrageous case is Eve & Co., which racked up $1.9 million in unpaid taxes while enriching connected Liberal insiders like MP Naqvi.

Naqvi, the ethically challenged MP who also serves as Trudeau’s parliamentary secretary for health, had no qualms drawing income from Eve & Co. while the company flouted tax laws and deprived public coffers of nearly $1.5 million in excise taxes. 

The brazen company kept running without paying its excise taxes until finally going bankrupt in 2022.

This is just one glaring example of how Trudeau’s government let huge cannabis tax losses slip through the cracks. The Competition Bureau estimates that a shocking two-thirds of all licensed dealers under the Liberals’ legalization framework are tax delinquents.

Since cannabis legalization began in 2018, the total unpaid tax bill has ballooned to nearly $270 million and keeps rising every year. This rampant tax evasion shows how badly the Liberals’ plan has failed to regulate the cannabis industry and ensure licensed companies pay their fair share.

Trudeau and the Liberals have clearly been asleep at the wheel, allowing cannabis companies to dodge taxes and deprive public coffers of hundreds of millions. Their failed approach has encouraged delinquency while doing nothing to ensure taxpayers aren’t left footing the bill.

The enablement of Eve & Co.’s activities is especially galling. An MP personally benefiting through income from a company that evades nearly $1.5 million in taxes is the height of Liberal corruption. Canadians should be outraged that sitting parliamentarian Yasir Naqvi was on the payroll of a deadbeat cannabis dealer cheating the tax system.

While honest citizens dutifully pay their taxes, companies like Eve & Co. have been robbing us blind. And the Trudeau Liberals barely lifted a finger to stop it. Their lazy oversight and weak regulations paved the way for this $270 million tax ripoff.

Canadians are getting ripped off by Liberal policies that let big corporations dodge taxes while we regular Canadians bear the brunt of rising living costs.

It’s outrageous that well-connected insiders like Eve & Co. and MP Naqvi can skirt taxes while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet.

Trudeau sold us on legalizing cannabis to shut down the black market. Instead, his plan has turned into a free pass for legal sellers to cheat the tax system, just like the illegal dealers used to do. Now they’re laughing all the way to the bank while we foot the bill.

In these tough economic times, Canada can’t afford to lose millions in tax dollars because of Liberal screw-ups and shady deals. But Trudeau seems more interested in protecting his pals at Eve & Co. than in keeping our tax dollars where they belong.

His government set up a system full of loopholes and slack rules that let these cannabis companies rip us off. And we’re the ones left holding the bag.

Failing to crack down on cannabis tax cheats is just the latest in a string of Liberal scandals and lies. Trudeau talks a good game about working for Canadians, but when it comes down to it, he’s all about helping out his buddies while we pay the price.

Naqvi Can’t Identify Canada’s Provinces

And As if enabling a massive cannabis tax scam wasn’t bad enough, Liberal MP Yasir Naqvi recently added insult to injury by distributing inaccurate maps of Canada missing entire provinces. Naqvi’s office passed out bogus maps to constituents that failed to include Prince Edward Island or the Yukon Territory. 

It’s mind-boggling that someone in his position could be so clueless about our own country’s geography. How can he do his job properly if he doesn’t even know where our provinces and territories are?

His attempt to brush off the whole thing as a simple geography lesson for kids is just embarrassing. Naqvi doesn’t seem to get how serious it is to distribute maps that completely ignore parts of Canada. It’s a major blunder that shows a shocking lack of competence and respect.

He shamefully just posted a lame apology post on X saying “We made a mistake.”

“The map is missing PEI and Yukon, My team and I apologize.”

“Please think of it as an interactive map to teach kids our geography, or to start to learn more about these amazing places.”

First, Naqvi lines his pockets with a cannabis company, cheating Canadians out of tax revenue. Now, he is handing out maps that make PEI and the Yukon disappear. Plus, the map had other mistakes, like missing provincial borders between Quebec and New Brunswick and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

This Liberal MP is clearly unfit to hold public office and represent Canadians if he can’t even get our country’s borders right.

Naqvi personifies the ignorance and tone-deafness of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal caucus. His half-hearted apology can’t hide the fact that he failed Canadians again and disgraced his role as an elected representative.

Naqvi has no business being an MP if he lacks even the most basic understanding of Canada’s geography. His constituents deserve better than this Liberal embarrassment.

For this $270 million cannabis tax scam and many other rotten corrupt incidents like it, Trudeau lost the by-elections. The stunning Conservative victory in Toronto—St. Paul’s proves Canadians are fed up with Liberal corruption. 

Voters used the ballot box to hold Trudeau accountable for enabling insiders to rip off taxpayers. Canadians expressed their anger and frustration by voting for the Conservatives, leading to a significant defeat for the Liberals in a by-election they had held for 30 years.

The Liberal defeat shows Canadians are sick of seeing connected companies get rich cheating the tax system while regular citizens struggle. Trudeau created a cannabis framework ripe for abuse by cronies, while doing nothing as millions in taxes went uncollected.

Escorting Eve & Co.’s $1.9 million tax evasion while MP Yasir Naqvi lined his pockets shows the depths of Liberal unethical behavior. Canadians voted for a common-sense government that fights for citizens, not crooked corporations dodging tax responsibilities.

Canadians must hold Trudeau’s feet to the fire over this outrageous $270 million giveaway to his cronies in the cannabis industry. He and his Liberal MPs cannot be allowed to enable well-connected companies to avoid paying their taxes while everyday Canadians struggle with the burden. Their corruption and incompetence in regulating cannabis has cost us all dearly.

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