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Trudeau Betrayed Canadians for Money


Canadians Left Behind

Betrayal. Corruption. Abandonment. These heavy words shouldn’t typically be associated with the leaders of a great first world nation. But Trudeau will have you covered on that front.

Stunning new allegations suggest that the highest levels of Canada’s government engaged in a conspiracy that left innocent citizens stranded in a war zone.

Trudeau and his then minister of defence diverted valuable resources to rescue a group of people that had no ties to Canada, while leaving behind many friends and families.

And to make matters all worse, this whole operation was sponsored by a charitable foundation that sneakily donated to the liberals in exchange for speeding up the process.

Canadians deserve so much better than this ugly scheming and blatant disregard for citizens’ lives. We must get to the bottom of exactly what happened and hold accountable every last politician who played a role in this disgraceful scandal.

Starting with Trudeau.

Trudeau Betrays Canadians Overseas

Nobody expects a lot when they take the chance to serve their country and fight in its name. A little appreciation and gratitude will go a long way, but Canadian soldiers are smarter than to expect an equal exchange or even several interests and benefits coming their way when they are doing their duty.

They absolutely deserve more than they are currently getting – don’t get me wrong – but they personally do what they do mostly out of love, and their need to protect their beloved Canadian nation.

It is, however, extremely concerning when your own country betrays you and leaves you to die in a foreign country as a thanks for your service. And then you find out that they were paid to waste valuable resources to rescue a specific group of people and neglect however many Canadians.

It is the type of despicable act that rightfully enrages you, and leads you to lose all faith and hope in your own home country.

What am I talking about exactly? I am talking about recent reports that revealed the true nature of the conspiracy surrounding Trudeau leaving behind many Canadians in 2021 during the fall of Kabul.

Trudeau Involved In a Conspiracy

It was shockingly revealed to all of us recently that the directors of the charitable foundation the Manmeet Singh Bhullar, that was responsible for striking a deal with Trudeau and sponsoring the evacuation and subsequent immigration of sikhs from Afghanistan, was also personally donating to the minister of defence at the time Harjit Sajjan.

Harjit Sajjan happens to be the man that gave the order – with Trudeau’s approval of course and following his instructions – that focused all resources and Canadian special forces’ manpower to rescue and airlift the sikh group from Kabul when they had no ties to Canada and there was still Canadians in need of rescuing, all while the crooked liberal minister was taking donations from the charity that claimed to sponsor their immigration legally.

If that is not the clearest cut case of conflict of interest on the federal level, mixed in with your usual bit of corruption that will surely harm innocent Canadians in the way, then I don’t know what conflict of interest really means.

Tarjinder Bhullar, a director of the Manmeet Singh Bhullar Charitable Foundation made the first sizable donation to Sajjan’s riding, and then several other directors and members made a couple more donations totaling to more than 3,000 dollars in a month or so. Keep in mind that those records were the only ones that we have successfully tracked down. The actual amount donated could be much higher given the challenge of such a despicable and horrendous act.

The press secretary for the King’s privy council in Canada Joanna Kanga has released a statement with content and excuses we are all too familiar with at this point. But she tried to approach it from an angle that is quite dumbfounding.

In her own words, she thinks there is nothing to be anxious or concerned about regarding the nature or even the timings of the donations, because plenty of charities and institutions donate to plenty of politicians. So, we should shut up and mind our own business because nothing is happening behind the scenes at all actually.

If she thinks these delusional excuses are enough to tone down Candians’ concerns, especially when it involves our family and friends being stranded in a foreign country just so that Trudeau could fulfil his monthly “woke” quota, then she should stay in her fantasy lane and let the people solve actual real world problems.

The Orders Come from the Top

And speaking of our dear prime minister Trudeau, the guy who is at the top of every catastrophe and disaster concerning Canadians and their well being. We mentioned his name a couple of times and he is target number one when it comes to people being held accountable for their misdeeds.

Because at the end of the day all reports and even leaked testimony from people within the circle of Sajjan say that the orders for the military came all the way from the top in Ottawa.

It was Trudeau who oversaw the foundation’s deal to immigrate the sikhs into Canada, and it was Trudeau that gave the thumbs up to abandon Canadians in Afghanistan while he is busy rescuing a group with no cultural or national ties.

And where did that lead us in the end? Angry protests with sharp weapons that preach a message no Canadian is familiar with about issues that reside outside our borders.

It led to Trudeau being humiliated and disrespected in public as he bows down to an ideology that does not concern him or any other Canadian, only for that same ideology to lead to strained relations with another global super power.

And it will keep leading to problems and revelations about the true extent of corruption that the liberals operate under. All the way to the finish line where we may get a chance to avenge our families and friends and vote Trudeau out of office to never return.

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