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Tory party’s Suella Braverman Wants Reform Voters Back


Fighting For Relevancy

The latest Tory implosion comes as battle lines are drawn over how to recover from their humiliating trouncing at the polls.

While some urge reuniting the ‘Conservative family’ with Nigel Farage’s ascendant Reform UK, others viciously lambast this idea, revealing deep fractures within the party.

Leading the charge for a return to core conservative principles is none other than courageous firebrand Suella Braverman.

She argues Reform UK must be brought into the fold or risk extinction at their hands.

Predictably, the out-of-touch Tory establishment is already denouncing Braverman, trying to banish true conservatism from the party.

Reform UK’s rise proves conservative voters are crying out for alternatives to the weak-kneed Tory status quo.

Will the Tories muster the courage to reconnect with their true believers, or will petty infighting and resistance to change cement their exile in the political wilderness?

Tory Party Confusion

It is not a normal weekday without the Tory party erupting and causing chaos within itself for whatever reason they choose as this day. And this leads to the most embarrassing displays of infighting and confusion that any political party will ever witness in human history

Sometimes it is the result of their policies and how they approach their constituents with said policies; sometimes it is about trying to appeal more to the cowardly centrist position, because their delusional and brain cells lacking minds convince them that it is in fact a good idea and not horrible at all; And sometime they fight together to see who can be greedier more and steal from the British people consistently – it often ends with your weekly Tory scandal that happens to include the usual conflict of interest.

However, recently the debate subject within the Tory party has been about their historic and absolutely humiliating general election defeat at the hands of the labour party. Imagine being beaten by members of the left of the political spectrum that are equally corrupt and equally incompetent as you.

Well, the Tories are not going to be imagining for long because some of them are still on the path of healing relations and maybe reuniting in the future with Reform U.K.

Tory Realises They Need reform

On top of these groups of individuals within the larger Tory party that are seemingly becoming more accepting of the Nigel Farage gospel, lies Suella Braverman.

Hardliners like Suella Braverman argue the Tories must tack right to win back voters lost to Nigel Farage’s Reform U.K.

Braverman rightly contends Reform U.K. poses an “existential threat” and that the Tories must embrace core right-wing policies on immigration, regulation, and culture war issues.

It should be refreshing to finally hear a prominent Tory speak candidly about the need to reconnect with right-wing voters rather than arrogantly presuming their support is guaranteed or even dismissing it altogether.

It would be if it wasn’t for the fact that the Tory party themselves have been flip flopping for a while now over the support of the Reform U.K. party, ranging from pathetic pleas to outright vicious attacks.

But people like Braverman understand Reform U.K. didn’t materialise from nowhere – it arose from the Tories’ failure to sufficiently back Brexit, control borders, and defend British traditions.

Theresa May and Boris Johnson’s tenures disillusioned traditional conservatives who felt unrepresented by the party’s new direction. And that is before Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak ever assumed control and shattered this whole facade completely, leaving many Tories flocking to the obviously more conservative party.

But rather than deriding these disaffected Tories, Braverman says the party must win them back through sincerely addressing their long unanswered and unsolved concerns.
And with Reform U.K. now a political force able to sway elections, reuniting the ‘Conservative family’ is the most critical matter there is.

Jacob Rees Mogg – who you might have been starting to get familiar with lately without choosing to do so – has been one of the most prominent and vocal tories to call for some form of reunification between Nigel Farage’s Reform U.K. and the Tory party.

And he kept on this very same song and dance even beyond the massive loss at the generals election, till he reached a point where he details the changes needed for the Tory party to effectively get itself out of this rut that it found itself in, and start actually acting like the competent and valiant opposition party that the British people expect it to be.

Jacob Rees Mogg stated that before we have any conversations about uniting the conservatives we should have a serious conversation about the policies that will get us to this favourable decision.

He correctly asserts that the British public is disillusioned with the Tory party and all of its MPs because it is a party that says it will do one thing and turns around just to do the complete opposite.

Tories Disagree

The Tory party needs to regain the people’s trust if they ever wish to reach this point in history where they truly and unequivocally reunite the conservative family and welcome back all the disaffected voters and supporters.

There would be no reason to kidnap and snatch away Nigel Farage from the Reform U.K. party if the need for the existence of such a party is completely obliterated from existence. Seems simple, right? Remove the wrong parts, fix the broken ones, and then succeed. No one would ever oppose that, right?

Well, you should probably tell that to the other side of the Tory party that instantly removes individuals with opinions like Suella Braverman from the equation in regards to leading the Tory party.

The Tory party sees a Tory that is actually putting in the effort to refresh the party and set it on the right conservative path, and their immediate response is to lambast said Tory to hell and back.

Looks like the Tories will have a long road to build themselves back up again; if they are even trying to do that at the moment.

They would rather stay pathetic and apologise when they inevitably lose.

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