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Tory Party Senior Wants to Build a Wall in the English Channel


Bottom of the Barrel

An unhinged idea from deep within the floundering Tory party has washed ashore, and it’s a real doozy.

In a leaked recording, senior MP Jacob Rees Mogg jokingly proposed building a wall in the English Channel to stop illegal immigration, an idea seemingly plucked straight from the mind of Donald Trump.

With the Tories cratering in support and out of fresh ideas, senior Tories took it upon themselves to showcase and display to the whole world how incompetent they really are.

It is a party with no vision, and no immediate future. And now they are joking about their biggest failures. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Tory Senior has Delusional Jokes

Everyday there is a new different scandal that overtakes any discourse regarding Sunak and his crooked Tory peers. Everyday there is something corrupt to latch on to and make fun of in regards to how the Tories usually act and speak.

And everyday we learn more and more about the people that had their minds fully captivated and bought into the idea of holding a position of power over all of us, until it corrupted their souls and tarnished their delusional minds.

Today is no different, as we learn that through the desperation of the Tories when they were trying to figure out how to completely stop illegal migration – mainly and especially through the English Channel – they had come up with the worst and practically insane ideas you could possibly ever imagine.

And a leaked recording for senior Tory MP Jacob Rees Mogg imitating Donald Trump embarrassingly and joking about building a wall in the English Channel is all you need to hear to understand the level of desperation and lack of solutions that the Tories had all the time.

Leave it to Jacob Rees Mogg to once again embarrass the Conservative Party with his absurd Trumpian rhetoric even if he is trying his hardest to mask it as a joke. The fact that this is the level of jokes we are at right now shows a Tory party that has run out of solutions for anything related to illegal immigration into the U.K.

Tory Senior Thinks his Ideas are Valuable

At the end of the day Jacob Rees Mogg is yet another elitist senior Tory that thinks his aristocratic life and failed politician career give him an edge over every other person when talking about illegal immigration as an issue that the U.K has to deal with. It is extremely pathetic and exudes desperation beyond our wildest nightmares.

Jacob Rees Mogg would be better off actually following in Donald Trump’s lead when it comes to all the anti immigration policies, instead of fawning over him for absolutely nothing.

He talks about his approach as a former president for the United States of America and how expertly he manoeuvred his way through the system to enact immigration policies to his and his republican party’s benefits.

With bans, extra regulation, extreme security, constant checkup, and increased funding, Trump utilised his position perfectly to tackle one of America’s – and the world’s for that matter – problems ever in illegal and mass immigration.

The Other Side of Corruption

And now if we look on the other side, what do we unfortunately see? We see the Tories and the Tory party in general acting in the most incompetent and egregious way possible; dismissing all the advice and all the pointers, while they move forward with delusional plans that failed before it even started.

We see a Tory party that thought it was absolutely fine and dandy to do nothing about the mass immigration issue until it was too late and they had to cook up plans on the go, like the Rwandan scheme that was somehow supposed to round up all the immigrants that entered illegally and ship them to another foreign country that made a deal with the corrupt Tory party.

A scheme that was rife with controversy, scandals, and corruption never seen before during any policy introduction in the U.K. and now the policy that was championed for absolutely nothing by the incessant and ignorant Tory party is completely and utterly dead in the water, with one shipped individual that was more willing and following protocol.

And when the supposed the leader of the Tory party is questioned about his motives and the way he approaches his differently inefficient policies, he is cornered into an endless tirade with nothing more to give to the audience and to his last remaining bastion of supporters except a barrage of personal insults and another batch of broken promises.

It is really funny how the Tory party is full of lunatics and psychos that spelled doom for the political party before any poll could even have the chance to say so.

And it is equally funny to see those same psychos transition from desperate individuals with a little bit of hope in their conservative party; enough hope to call for a unification of the two conservative parties in the U.K by calling on Nigel Farage to support them with Reform.

Only for them to transition to desperate individuals with little to no hope left in the resurgence of the party in any way shape or form.

It is the inevitable end of a conservative party that lost the meaning of being conservative along their decade long journey in power.

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