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Tory MPs are Fighting over Reform UK Deal


Yet Another Civil War

The Tory party MPs are at each other’s throats again in a rabid struggle for the soul of their dying party.

One side urges for more movement towards the right side of politics and going back to their conservative roots, while the other side fights tooth and nail to make sure anything other than centrism is shot down without a second question.

Leading this charge into oblivion is defeated ex-MP Peter Aldous, who says aligning with Farage’s fringe-dwellers is “the wrong solution.”

Aldous claims only by embracing progressive voters who just decimated them at the polls can the Tories be saved.

Until they stop their delusional centrist death spiral and stand for traditional values again, the Conservatives are finished. But this latest circus sideshow makes clear they haven’t yet hit rock bottom.

Tory MPs Argue Against Reform Deal

Rise and shine every British citizen, couldn’t you tell the time? It is time for your daily dose of dreadful and tiring Tory civil war.

What are the Tories possibly fighting about this time? Oh you know, the conservative party is fighting whether they should be more conservative in nature and in policies or not. The typical conservative party infighting subject of course.

Moving away from the humorous event for a moment here, some ex-Tory MP by the name of Peter Aldous – who unceremoniously lost his seat to the labour party like every incompetent Tory surrounding him – has come out to take more unnecessary shots at the Reform U.K. party and how the Tory party should not rush to deal with them and their extreme conservative values.

Calling it “the wrong solution”, Aldous argues in the most delusional way imaginable that the Tory party must reconnect with mainstream and politically centrist voters, to avoid becoming anything like a UKIP-lite party.

Which is hilarious coming from a guy who pathetically lost his seat to the opposition. And instead of giving us one good reason we should take his failure of an advice, he just throws it out there for the British people to witness and laugh at in unison.

Tory MPs Forgot about their Humiliations

This Aldous individual thinks collaborating with the Reform U.K. is political suicide and will spell doom for the future of the Tory party. And I sincerely want to ask him, what more doom and humiliation will be brought on to the Tory party that they have not brought on to themselves and have felt during and after this past general election already?

What more humiliation should the Tory party fear after they had their esteemed party leader and former prime minister of the U.K. resign shamefully and pathetically in public after congratulating his equally corrupt and incompetent labour opposition?

The answer is that there is simply no amount of extra humiliation that should be capable of letting the Tory party be afraid of taking any form of risk for the foreseeable future. But they are all cowards and most of them unironically think the elections are won from the nonexistent comfort and guarantee of the centrist position.

Veteran Tory MP Sir John Whittingdale concurs that Reform voters must be won back, but not through a formal alliance. Only by demonstrating Conservative principles that still resonate within reform-minded voters can the party regain ground ceded to national populists.

Notice, how even when some of them are inching ever so slightly towards the right and correct option, they have to talk in the most condescending way imaginable to show how they are actually stooping lower just for the sake of all of us British people. When all that they are doing is the bare minimum for a traditional conservative party in the U.K., but they can’t even get that simple thing right now can they?

The Tories lost sight of their responsible conservative roots, embracing radical policies that defied common sense.

Aligning with Nigel Farage’s Reform U.K seems to be their only salvation, but as we are witnessing right now, it is also proving to be their greatest burden for whatever reason.

They know their approach is not going to work; they know their ideas and policies are rubbish and harmful; they know that they lost their conservative demographic chasing a centrist middle ground. And yet they find tooth and nail to prove themselves right and fight anyone that is daring to look from another perspective.

And now we are seeing this infighting seep into their decisions to pick a leader for the party.

The Fight for the Leader is Intense

Influential voices like former deputy PM Damian Green warn that shifting right to appease Reform’s Faragist fringes spells certain doom under Britain’s electoral system.

He thinks that by narrowing their appeal, the Tories would wither into irrelevance, reduced to shouting from the sidelines.

Crucially, Green advocates taking time to carefully select the next leader, not rushing a panicked contest that produces another disastrous flameout like Truss. Which seems to be the only smart thing to come out of his corrupt Tory mouth lately, if it wasn’t for the fact that he fears someone like Truss would naturally lean more to the right.

Some pragmatists even suggest Tory centrists should break away and start anew if captured by the zealous right. The Conservatives are out of step with modern Britain’s values. Only by moving to the centre with substance over slogans can their extinction be averted.

Very hilarious coming from the same party that was only begging Nigel Farage and Reform U.K. to join forces with them and take on the menace that is the labour party.

It seems like no matter how much battering the Tory party receives, and no matter how much help the Tory party gets, they are doomed to never understand the British population and to keep stumbling further and further as other parties rise from their ashes.

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