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Tory Minister Deals Devastating Blow to Sunak, Admits Total Failure


Tory Minister Torpedoes Sunak’s Credibility

A top Tory minister just dropped a nuclear bomb, confessing Rishi Sunak has failed miserably to halt the immigrant armada flooding British shores. 

Michael Tomlinson stunningly admitted Sunak did not stop the small boats as promised, instead enabling over 50,000 illegals to invade on his watch.

This jaw-dropping confession torpedoes Sunak’s credibility as minister Tomlinson concedes the PM’s tough border talk was a giant fraud.

Illegals are still pouring in at an unprecedented pace as the two-faced Tories betray worried citizens counting on them to secure borders.

Sunak’s marquee Rwanda scheme is also exposed as an epic fail, with zero illegals deported. Even Home Secretary Cleverly’s aide admitted the harsh truth – Rwanda policy is “crap!”

Yet Sunak remains bizarrely fixated on this failed PR stunt as the migrant armada keeps growing. Faced with these damning facts, all he and his hapless ministers can do is robotically repeat debunked spin about a phantom “deterrent effect.” 

This stunning confession makes Sunak’s resignation a national imperative. He promised to stop the invasion – instead he rolled out the red carpet. Sunak has miserably failed his duty.

Sunak’s Tough Migrant Talk Exposed as Fraud

A top Tory minister just exploded Rishi Sunak’s biggest lie in a bombshell confession – Rishi Sunak has completely failed to stop the small boats bringing endless waves of illegal immigrants to British shores. 

Michael Tomlinson, minister for illegal immigration, made the damning confession that should end any debate about the Conservatives’ total incompetence on border security. When challenged that Sunak had not kept his solemn pledge to stop the boats, Tomlinson conceded bluntly: “That is right, we have not.”

This stark admission of failure exposed Sunak’s empty promises on immigration as pure political theater. Despite vowing to halt the small boat influx, the hapless Tory has enabled over 50,000 illegal immigrants to flood into the UK on Sunak’s watch. 

The besieged PM’s credibility now lies in tatters. Having broken his firm guarantee, how can Brits ever trust his words again? The Tories have given up even pretending they can secure Britain’s borders. Their abject surrender leaves the nation defenseless against this migratory onslaught.

Sunak’s colossal breach of faith will enrage tax paying citizens who rightly expect basic border protection. Millions of law-abiding Brits struggle and sacrifice to build decent lives here. Yet Sunak rolls out the red carpet for lawbreaking foreigners pouring in illegally. His dereliction of duty is a sickening slap in the face to citizens playing by the rules.

Tomlinson’s confession rubs salt in these gaping wounds. While hard working citizens are feeling the crush of the cost-of-living crisis, Sunak nonchalantly allows thousands of undocumented immigrants to swan right in and help themselves to British largesse. 

With hospitals, schools, and services stretched to breaking point, this boundless charity for lawbreakers is fiscal madness. 

As Liberal Democrat Alistair Carmichael scathingly observed, “After years of Conservative ministers failing to do their job the penny has finally dropped. They have failed to crackdown on these criminal gangs at every turn.

“It is shameful it has taken this long for the Conservatives to admit their failings when the public has known about them for years. The problems we face can’t be fixed by Conservative gimmicks.“

Nigel Farage also called out Sunak’s total failure, rightly saying “He can’t stop the boats.” 

While Sunak virtue signals about compassion, ordinary Brits face shrinking paychecks and ballooning tax bills. Sunak’s big-heartedness extends only to illegal immigrants, not the regular Brits who actually fund the system. His limitless generosity for them is a huge taxpayer-funded gift that will keep on giving.  

Because make no mistake, these are not desperate asylum seekers, but brazen queue-jumpers trying to game Britain’s generosity. If they were legitimate refugees, they would have stopped at the first safe country rather than paying criminal gangs to reach soft-touch UK’s open doors. Make no mistake – these are not vulnerable souls but calculating opportunists.

Minister Tomlinson claims progress was made, but this pathetic spin only underscores the Tory floundering failure. The flood of illegal boat migrants under Sunak exceeds even the influx under bungling Boris Johnson.

Let’s look at the actual numbers that expose Tomlinson’s Orwellian “progress” spin as an utter fiction. Over 49,709 illegal boat migrants have reached Britain since Sunak took office in October 2022. That’s over 575 per week – far higher than the 404 weekly average under Johnson.

According to recent Home Office figures, there were 1,213 arrivals in just the past week alone. At this alarming rate, by the end of 2024, records for unauthorized small boat migration are expected to be shattered. 

Sunak is currently overseeing unprecedented crisis levels. 2024 is on course to become the worst year on record for small boat arrivals, with 12,646 arrivals already recorded. This figure surpasses last year’s total of 11,058 by the same point.

Tomlinson ludicrously insists toughening policies will deter this human tide. But the Tories have had 14 years in power to stem the flow. Enough empty promises and lame excuses – it’s time for Sunak to admit the Tory is out of ideas and resign before more damage is done.  

This issue strikes at the heart of national sovereignty. No self-respecting nation can allow its borders to be overrun at will by unauthorized foreigners. Yet Sunak whimpers that his hands are tied, while untold thousands breach Britain’s defences through this backdoor method. It’s a pathetic dereliction of duty unworthy of a British Prime Minister.

Sunak’s response to the small boats crisis perfectly encapsulates his failed leadership. Just look at how his flagship Rwanda deportation policy lies in ruins, exposed as an epic failure by his own ministers. Despite promising a tough approach, not a single illegal migrant has been removed to Rwanda two years later.

Sunak’s Rwanda Scheme an Epic Fail

The harsh verdict from Home Secretary Cleverly’s top aide says it all – the Rwanda scheme is “crap.” This startling admission from someone at the heart of government confirms what most Brits already knew – Sunak’s big solution was a giant dud.

The explosive comments rip apart Sunak’s claims that Rwanda would be a “deterrent” to stop the boats. Deterrent effect? More like total ineffect! The boats keep coming in record numbers, proving the policy has been utterly worthless.

Sunak’s grandstanding about getting tough was just hollow electioneering aimed at fooling worried voters. Behind the curtain, even his inner circle derides Rwanda as a laughable failure. 

Aide Sunderland gave the game away by admitting the policy’s only purpose is generating shock value headlines, not solving the crisis. He called it “crap” but defended its PR value in scaring migrants. Except it hasn’t scared anyone, making the scare tactic as fraudulent as the policy itself.

Sunderland bluntly said in a leaked recording: “The policy is crap, OK? It’s crap,” before adding: “I have been part of this for the last two years, and I’m immersed in it and I probably shouldn’t say too much.”

Sunak blew millions on his Rwanda flop, a useless show for Tory fans. But as a fix, it’s a total bust. It sums up Sunak’s whole sham of a leadership.

This laughably useless flagship idea proves Sunak’s just another Tory loudmouth with no real plans. More empty promises and hot air from a party that’s let Britain down time and again.

Even Sunak’s own crew admits it – Rwanda was a total dud. This epic failure didn’t achieve squat. Will Sunak say sorry for this con on the British? Not likely.

Also, BBC host Rachel Burden delivered a scathing takedown of Sunak’s disastrous Rwanda policy, accusing ministers of being “fixated” on a failed scheme. She slammed Sunak’s fixation as delusional when the hard data reveals Rwanda has utterly failed to deter record numbers of migrants.

Burden grilled the hapless minister on how many migrants would actually be sent to Rwanda under the program. He pathetically dodged the question, because the real answer is virtually none.

As Burden emphasized, “You may only send a handful of people – it could be dozens of people, I guess you might see that as a success – but it is a tiny part of the solution.”

In other words, Rwanda is an insignificant band-aid on a gaping wound. But Sunak remains bizarrely fixated on this Potemkin policy that exists purely for headlines, not results.

Burden exposed the dishonesty at the heart of Sunak’s Rwanda spin: “The deterrent effect hasn’t worked if record numbers are coming over this year.”

She called out the minister’s false claims that people were delaying crossings over Rwanda fears. As Burden noted, “The numbers don’t back that up.”

Her incisive questioning left the minister flustered and falling back on weak spin. She relentlessly hammered the facts that reveal Rwanda as a sham based on fantasy, not reality.

Sunak’s credibility is toast after his immigration mess. Now he’s just hanging on to power to cover up Tory betrayal, not to actually help Brits.

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