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Tory Canvassers Exposed for Spreading Lies


More Scandals for the Tories

The Tory scandal machine is at it again.

The latest controversy rocking the flailing Conservatives involves shocking claims of canvassers spreading lies about an opponent’s disability.

As if their parade of sleaze and incompetence wasn’t enough, new allegations reveal a stunning lack of basic human decency.

When Tory canvassers in Torbay suggested a Liberal Democrat candidate was faking his blindness, it represented a reprehensible new low. The well-documented struggles of Steve Darling were callously dismissed for political gain.

Of course, this is hardly the first time the Conservatives have embarrassed themselves. But to reach such shameless levels is something to behold.

Their moral bankruptcy knows no end in sight.

Tory Canvassers Spread Rumors

The Tories just never seem to cut the British people any slack when it comes to airing out their dirty laundry and prove to the whole world that they are the most corrupt, incompetent, and scandalous political party in Great Britain.

It is always jumping from one scandal and controversy and right to the next one with the Tory party. There is never a moment of rest and peace. And you would be fooled to think members of the Tory party will be looking for any semblance of peace themselves. Because the latest PR catastrophe comes from the mouth of one stupid Tory.

What am I talking about? I am talking about the recent parliamentary campaign in Torbay that has suddenly taken an ugly and embarrassing turn, with shocking allegations emerging against local Tory canvassers.

Basically, it all boils down to a respected charity for the visually impaired accusing the Tory canvassers of spreading false rumours and scandalous claims in regards to the Liberal Democrat candidate Steve Darling faking his blindness and his overall condition for political gain.

Yeah, you heard it right the first time. Tory canvassers are prancing around homes, knocking door to door and instead of spreading the conservative messages – or even acting like actual thinking human beings – they are spreading false and dangerous rumours about their opposition like they are bullies gossiping at their local highschool. This is the level of sophistication we are at now in the U.K. political scene.

Tory Party Reaches New Low

But while this past election has seen plenty of distasteful rhetoric coming from the Tory camp, these reported comments stoop to a whole new low and shine a spotlight at a party that is absolutely in the gutter when it comes to reputation and respect.

The Tories are nonchalantly and openly displaying a profound lack of compassion and basic human decency.

While the Tory canvasser denies the claims, the respected local charity has no incentive to fabricate them. And with the already well known and infamous scandal history of the Tory party, it doesn’t take much to believe the worst about them.

An investigation is warranted, and if the reports prove accurate, the culprit should face consequences.

Campaigns – and especially ones based on conservative values – must be fought on issues and ideas, not baseless rumours and ad hominems, especially when they don’t attack you or scorn you personally first. That is true conservative values that the Tories will never be able to achieve or regain in the immediate future.

Tories and Scandals Go Hand in Hand

Tories will never reach the image of true conservatism in the mind of the people, because the British people are used to seeing them getting blasted and slammed for the most dubious things imaginable.

I mean who can forget how Sunak ran away from D-Day commemoration with every other world leader just so that he could film an interview to quickly save his sinking election campaign ship.

The man thought nothing about it and when he realised the outrage that his actions have caused he did absolutely nothing to circumvent the trouble and just kept whining and apologising like a buffoon.

His response was so meek and awful that it got Nigel Farage to come out and declare him as a weak and unpatriotic leader at the time of the incident, and he has led to the U.K. being the laughing stock of the whole world.

And how can we forget about Sunak’s announcement speech for the snap election that had him standing in the rain talking about hope and stability for Britain while his opposition’s music blasted in the background.

This speech was certainly a highlight of everything that makes Sunak the crooked man he is. You just need to watch the man stumble his way through a speech as he scrambles to find the perfect words to use in his current situation, and you will end up being more amused than disgusted at what you are seeing.

Even moving away from Sunak himself, the Tory party finds itself embroiled in scandals from every corner.

I don’t even need to be bringing up anything and you already know about the massive betting scandal that had the Tory party to its knees during the last leg of the general elections.

Several Tory MPs, police officers, and even one Labour MP was implicated in this tsunami of corruption.

It doesn’t need to take a genius with their third eye opened to see the Tory party squander every chance they get and end up back in the gutter.

It is what they deserve at the end of the day.

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