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Tory Candidate Apologizes for Party’s “Poor Policies” Under Sunak


Tory Says Party No Longer Fit to Lead

A Tory candidate just dropped a bombshell admission about Rishi Sunak that’s shaking up the election campaign. Neil Mahapatra, the Conservative running for the safe Tory seat of Tunbridge Wells, threw his own party under the bus in an unprecedented attack.

In his address to voters, Mahapatra tore into the Conservatives’ “dismal performance” since 2019. He slammed their “poor policies,” “worse implementation” and endless “infighting.”

But the real shocker? Mahapatra took direct aim at none other than PM Rishi Sunak himself. He blasted Sunak’s depressing rain-soaked election announcement as proof the Tories have completely “let you down.”

Mahapatra’s stunning admission reveals the chaos engulfing the Conservative Party even as it desperately tries to defend its traditional strongholds like Tunbridge Wells.

This Tory candidate just let the cat out of the bag – his own party’s leader has botched things big time. Sunak the letdown’s dreary rain speech said it all about the country’s mood after years of Tory mismanagement.

Now Mahapatra has broken ranks in an unprecedented rebuke. He’s all but admitted the Conservatives are no longer fit to lead Britain.

Tory Slams Sunak’s “Poor Policies”

In a shocking admission, Tory candidate Neil Mahapatra has publicly apologized to voters in Tunbridge Wells for his party’s dismal performance since 2019. Mahapatra, who is running to represent the traditionally safe Conservative seat, did not hold back in blasting his own party’s “poor policies,” “worse implementation,” and constant “infighting” over the past few years.

Most stunningly, Mahapatra took direct aim at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, criticizing him for announcing the recent general election campaign during a rainy and dreary press conference. Mahapatra stated plainly in his address to local constituents: “We have let you down – I am so very sorry.”

“But that’s NOT ME. I am a compassionate Conservative for the future.”

Mahapatra’s brutal honesty about the flailing state of the Conservative Party under Sunak’s leadership comes as a major surprise, given Tunbridge Wells’ long history as a Tory stronghold. The Conservatives currently hold the seat with a commanding majority of nearly 15,000 votes.

But clearly, Mahapatra has realized what many British voters already know: Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives have utterly failed to deliver over the past two years, and throughout their entire 14-year rule. Since coming to power in 2019 under Boris Johnson’s leadership, and even during the brief tenure of Liz Truss, the Tories have lurched from one crisis to another.

Johnson’s scandal-plagued term was marked by chaotic U-turns on major policies, surging inflation, and a disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic that cost thousands of lives.

Johnson rewarded his allies and donors with plum government jobs despite their obvious lack of qualifications. He brazenly broke lockdown rules that the rest of the country was told to strictly obey. And he misled Parliament about what he knew regarding the illegal Downing Street parties during lockdown.

Rather than restore integrity in government after Truss 46 failing days in office, Sunak has continued Johnson’s legacy of cronyism and incompetence. He packed his Cabinet with the same out-of-touch elite who have made life harder for ordinary British families.

Taxes have increased to their highest level in 76 years amid a crushing cost-of-living crisis. NHS waiting lists have ballooned to a record high of 7.5 million people lacking access to vital care. And inflation has skyrocketed, leaving consumers struggling to afford essentials like food, rent, and heating.

Sunak’s disastrous policies have included doing far too little to help those struggling the most. As Mahapatra himself acknowledged, the Conservatives have completely let down the British people. Their self-serving agenda has left the country worse off. And their non-stop internal feuding has distracted from the vital issues facing voters.

The Tories are headed straight for electoral disaster, and honestly, they’ve earned it. Their web of lies and broken promises on immigration and taxes has finally caught up with them. A recent poll spilled the tea: nearly half of voters, including a quarter of those who backed them in 2019, think the Conservatives should lose every single seat they’ve got.

If that happens, it’ll be a historic wipeout for a party that’s had its hands on the wheel for most of the past 14 years. But let’s be real, they brought this on themselves.

The Tories bamboozled their way into power with fake promises of tough border controls, only to flip the script when they got in. They played voters for fools, never planning to follow through on their big talk about tightening up immigration. And the list goes on, not just with immigration.

So Sunak’s leadership has been a letdown when we needed honesty the most. Launching an election campaign under pouring rain and gloom seemed like a fitting metaphor for how fed up the country is with years of Tory mess-ups.

Mahapatra’s apology just confirms what many already feel – even Tories themselves know their party’s lost its way. A Tory MP dissing his own Prime Minister’s campaign says it all about how messed up things are in their ranks. It’s why we’ve got to kick the Conservatives out if we want a better future for Britain.

Sunak Under Fire

Though Mahapatra presents himself as a “compassionate Conservative,” his hollow apologies ring false when contrasted with PM Rishi Sunak’s arrogant tweet declaring individuals spend money better than government, even after a damning report exposed Sunak’s own party for squandering an astounding £130 billion in taxpayer funds since 2019.

While regular citizens are pinching pennies amid a crushing cost of living crisis, the Conservatives have been flushing record amounts of cash down the drain over the past four years.

According to Best for Britain, they’ve squandered an average of £26 billion each year since getting re-elected. That’s a jaw-dropping £130 billion wasted on crony contracts, pet projects, cover-ups, and plain old incompetence.

And yet, Sunak has the nerve to lecture hard-working Brits about managing their money wisely? He’s leading the most spendthrift government in recent memory, blowing more dough in a single year than the entire budget for opposition plans on housing, healthcare, and more.

His crew even shelled out over £30,000 in taxpayer cash just to cover legal fees from bogus claims made by one of his own ministers. And don’t get me started on the £15,000 splurge on food and drinks alone for a single ex-minister’s flight. The audacity is just off the charts.

All that money wasted has hit British families hard. While they blew billions, crucial public services and welfare got slashed.

NHS waiting lists are at a crazy 7.5 million, schools are struggling to keep teachers and basic supplies, and social care for seniors is a disaster. Benefits are so low that millions are forced to rely on food banks just to get by.

And now Sunak thinks he deserves a pat on the back for letting people keep a bit more of their paychecks? He’s totally out of touch with what’s really going on in British households. When bills are skyrocketing and wages aren’t keeping up, saying people spend better than the government is just plain laughable. People need properly funded services and a safety net they can count on when times are tough. Not some PM who’s blown a fortune while vital systems are left starving for cash.

The truth is, smart government spending helps everyone when it’s done right. Taxes pay for a civilized society where everyone can thrive. But the Tories treat public money like their own personal piggy bank.

No amount of praise for how we spend our money can make up for years of financial bungling. And it sure won’t cover up the mess they’ve made with our NHS, their failed housing plans, and the homelessness crisis they’ve let explode.

They’ve wasted billions on useless PPE and dodgy Covid deals, while thousands died. No wonder nobody trusts this government anymore.

Brits deserve leaders who actually know how to handle our taxes. We need people who will invest wisely in public services, fix up our neighborhoods, beef up our roads, and get our economy humming for everyone, not just the rich.

It’s time to stop trusting the Tories with our cash. They’ve shown they can’t handle it, blowing money left and right while we struggle through tough times.

On July 14th, we’ve got a chance to stick it to Sunak and his crew for their epic money mess-ups. Booting out these big spenders is step one to getting back the Britain we all want – one with top-notch public services, real help for people who need it, better roads, and plans for a solid economy.

The Tories have let us down big time, and now they’ve gotta face the music at the polls. No more fancy speeches, no more acting like they know best. We need a fresh government that’ll actually look after our money like it’s their own.

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