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Tories Accused of Cronyism in NHS


Cronyism in the Government

The Tories are caught up in yet another jaw-dropping corruption scandal that reeks of cronyism and incompetence.

As if their catalogue of controversies wasn’t already bulging at the seams, fresh allegations have emerged of a health minister dishing out over £130,000 of taxpayers’ money to a crony consultant, defying official warnings.

While the NHS crumbles and patients suffer, Tory ministers are lining the pockets of their mates.

It perfectly encapsulates why the public is rapidly losing faith in the Tories’ ability to steward the health service.

People are tired of watching funds meant for frontline care get funnelled to cronies through murky backroom deals.

Unless they remember what their party stands for fast, the Tory hopes at the next election may be swept away in a tsunami of sleaze allegations.

Tories Give Money to Friends

You would think Sunak and the Tories being embroiled in scandal after scandal ending with a huge and ongoing betting and conflict of interest controversy would not lead to more and more revelation pertaining to the deep level of corruption that Sunak and the Tory party has stooped so low to reach.

But fortunately for everyone looking forward to Sunak and the Tories being stripped from any and all forms of power and authority in the U.K, the Tories are finding themselves in yet another massive conflict of interest scandal, but this time it is in regards to the NHS. And we ask ourselves what happened to the NHS? I guess Sunak happened.

Accusations have come to light in the midst of all the Tory scandals that are aimed at a member of the house of lords and a health minister by the name of Nick Markham. These accusations detail a conflict of interest business relationship and partnership between Nick Markham and a close associate of his by the name of Nigel Crainey who now works as an advisor for the failed Tory program “40 new hospitals”.

Despite countless officials raising a series of criticism and objections hurled at Nick Markham, he went ahead with the shady deal anyway. A deal that pays his “close associate” 1,500 pounds a day for basically doing absolutely nothing but hog all of the taxpayers’ resources and oversee a dead NHS program. Once again I day, no wonder the NHS is at the state that it is right now.

Tories Hand Out Contracts and Override Advice

How did this crooked Tory get away with such a scheme right under everyone’s nose? Well first off, it doesn’t need a ton of clarification to understand how incompetent and corrupt Sunak is. If he didn’t personally oversee and try to hide the evidence for his Tory friend, then he was probably too ignorant and busy doing interviews that will get him nowhere in regards to the people’s approval.

Secondly, here is how the crooked Tory Nick Markham actually did it. He helped to ensure that the Department of Health and Social Care will hand his associate’s management consultancy firm by the name of iDevelop a contract worth over 130,000 pounds.

The thing is he did this will his puffed chest and full of so much undeserved confidence, as he proceeded to override all the concerns coming his way from other civil servants warning him about the most obvious things ever; things like how the contract money is not worth it and in relation to the level of experience of the consultancy firm. It was considered to be overpaying to go through with such a contract.

Or maybe they talked about the absolute reputation killer this contract is going to foresee due to the gentlemens’ close friendship with one another. Because this would without a doubt decimate the NHS and the department of health and social care under the intense scrutiny of the British people.

It conjures up disturbing echoes of the pandemic era controversies and scandals that absolutely burned the Conservatives’ reputation.

People have not forgotten headlines about lucrative PPE and test & trace contracts going to those with family or party connections rather than everyday anxious British people. Imagine the audacity; now multiply that by like ten and you will get the gist of the Tory party under Sunak.

A Scandal to End It All

The context makes this case particularly egregious. The contract relates to Boris Johnson’s flagship election promise of “40 new hospitals” that is already failing badly. The hospitals programme is floundering and being propped up through exorbitant consultant spending, which this contract adds to.

Rather than address these real challenges, the minister seemingly prioritised helping out a buddy. It is a terrible look reinforcing the view that Tories value loyalty over competence, with taxpayers footing the bill.

And of course because Sunak and his Tory buddies can’t do anything right even if they had a pistol held against their head, this opened up another avenue of criticism and backlash from the Labour party, who are now going to use this and all the other countless Tory scandals to further their election agendas.

In a statement addressing the public, the shadow health secretary Wes Streeting stated that this scandal and all the conflicts of interest are the inevitable end result of an incompetent Tory government that will grant the British people nothing more than “waste, cronyism and corruption”.

And unfortunately once again, I can’t help but agree with the Labour opinion on this matter. It really echoes the words of Nigel Farage when he was asked about SUnak abandoning other world leaders on D-Day like a spineless coward.

It is true that Sunak and his crooked Tories have proven time and time again that they will bring nothing but darkness and blight on all of England. And it is quite hilarious in a depressing way that some people can’t tell what is worse; that the Tories are corrupt by nature or that the Tories are making Labour sound like they have a smidge of sense?

We only have Farage’s words to encourage us to remember. Neither Labour nor the Tory party will give the people of England what they truly deserve.

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