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Sunak Shamefully Betrays MPs as Party Faces Oblivion


Sunak Secretly Sabotages Own MPs

A leaked report reveals Rishi Sunak has been secretly sabotaging his own Conservative MPs in a shameful act of betrayal.

Enemies have handed over extensive data showing Sunak is deliberately leaving his own allies to fend for themselves as the party crumbles.

Sunak’s spineless strategy to escape blame as the Tories face oblivion involves sneaky betrayals of his colleagues.

The explosive evidence indicates Sunak is only loyal to himself, readily sacrificing others to salvage his doomed premiership.

This stunning data proves Sunak is no leader – he’s a disloyal schemer who puts career above party every time. His traitorous neglect shows who he truly is.

The truth about Sunak’s disgraceful strategy to save his own skin while betraying loyal Tories is even more shocking than you can imagine. His treachery knows no bounds.

Sunak Abandons Allies as Tories Crumble

A disturbing betrayal has emerged showing Rishi Sunak has been sabotaging his own Conservative MPs to salvage his doomed premiership. Extensive data reveals Sunak is avoiding campaigning in seats where top Tories face losing to Labour or other parties. 

The backstabbing PM has actively lobbied in just 5 out of 45 battleground constituencies where high-profile Tories could be ousted. That means he’s shunned 9 in 10 swing seats, even as electoral oblivion looms for the party under his leadership.

Sunak has traveled mainly to safe seats held by allies like Treasury chief Mel Stride. But in the 15 most marginal areas, he hasn’t campaigned at all. His absence speaks volumes.

Clearly Sunak has abandoned many of his own MPs, calculating that associating with the unpopular PM will only harm their chances. Even loyalists seem to see Sunak as toxic, with some explicitly saying “he is better off out of it.”

This shocking betrayal shows just how much Sunak’s self-interest beats party loyalty. With the Tories staring down total disaster, their leader is only looking out for himself. Even Cabinet members are desperate to avoid being associated with the sinking ship that is Sunak.

Sunak’s campaign schedule really shows his lack of courage and principles. While backbenchers are fighting for their political lives, Sunak won’t help if it means being linked to their potential losses. His self-serving strategy is to stay far away from embattled MPs to dodge the blame.

Many Tories in tough races clearly want nothing to do with Toxic Sunak. He’s been avoiding the most hotly contested seats where his presence might make a difference, which suggests candidates think he would hurt their chances.

Even Sunak loyalists like Grant Shapps are ditching any mention of him in their election materials. Party leaders are hoping to win on personal appeal instead of being linked to the unpopular Sunak. He’s turned into a liability, even for his friends.

Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best for Britain and founder of GetVoting.org said,

“Sunak’s problem is that even his own party doesn’t want him around, let alone the public.

“We need a clean break from him, his party, and the damage they have caused over the past 14 years, and the best way voters can ensure the Tories are locked out of power for at least a decade is by voting tactically.”

Sunak skipping out on key campaigns shows he’s all about his own ambitions, not the party’s fate. He knows the Tories are set to lose under his bland leadership, so he’s putting himself first as the ship sinks.

Instead of fighting for swing seats, Sunak has just written them off as hopeless. But this self-centered strategy can’t hide the fact that he’s part of the problem. His constant plotting and infighting only made things worse.

Now he’s abandoning the most vulnerable Tory candidates when they need him the most. It really shows his true colors—no loyalty or service to anyone but himself.

Even as an electoral disaster looms, Sunak refuses to swallow his pride and plead with voters for another chance. He offers no real vision to win back a disillusioned public. Yet he acts like he has owed power, entitled to rule.

Brits rightly mock this arrogant mediocrity whose self-serving schemes caused chaos in a crisis. Now he washes his hands of the mess he helped create as the country heads to the polls. It’s clear he’s failing his duty and revealing his true colors as a fraud.

As the Tories sink, Sunak clings to his personal ambitions. Instead of facing tough fights alongside struggling candidates, he retreats to safer ground. This shameless abandonment shows just how hollow his leadership really is.

A genuine leader would stand by their team in the toughest battles, not run away to save themselves. Loyalty should go both ways. Yet Sunak still expects support from MPs, even though he’s leaving many to fend for themselves in the electoral battlefield. 

This abandonment of his own candidates reveals the collapse of any false optimism that the Tories had a safe floor of 100 seats.

Because now even longtime Conservative strongholds are in jeopardy thanks to Sunak’s betrayals. So the idea that the Tories have a safe floor of 100 seats is wishful thinking that ignores the depth of divisions Sunak is causing. 

Polls Show Major Tory Wipeout

One detailed projection by respected pollster Focaldata shows the Tories are only competitive in around 60 seats. This raises the nightmarish prospect of an utterly devastating outcome below 100 seats.

Focaldata’s extensive polling of over 24,000 people found the Tories leading by more than 5 points in just 60 constituencies. Even a small additional drop in support could flip many of those seats as well.

Senior Tories privately admit they face an era-defining catastrophe on July 4th. Every major poll shows Labour headed for a thumping victory under Keir Starmer’s leadership.

Focaldata itself forecasts a 250 seat Labour majority, leaving the Tories with just 110 MPs – down an astonishing 262 from 2019. But the polls indicate the ultimate result could be even more devastating.

Focaldata is warning that if things keep going this way, the Tories could end up with fewer than 100 seats, maybe even as low as 70. That’s a once-in-a-century disaster. The last time the Conservatives faced this kind of devastation was back in 1931, 93 years ago.

With Sunak’s leadership falling apart amidst all the scandals, it’s very likely the Tories could lose even more support before election day. Focaldata says this campaign has already seen massive changes in vote shares for all parties.

So while some are holding onto false hopes of limiting Tory losses to 100 seats, the polls are clearly showing Sunak driving the party right over the cliff to total annihilation. Even 70 seats might be optimistic if Sunak’s standing keeps dropping before July 4th.

The arrogant PM has learned nothing from past electoral defeats and losses about the need for credible platforms over personality politics. He touts feel-good fictions while the country cries out for substance. This delusion compounds the Tories’ troubles.

Sunak seemingly cares only about salvaging his personal ambitions from the fire consuming the Conservative Party under his calamitous leadership. He pays lip service to service while stabbing allies in the back whenever useful to advance his career.

If Sunak had a shred of decency, he would resign immediately and let the party try to save itself under a new leader, however remote the odds now. But craven Sunak clings to the ruins he made.

Sunak the traitor has found yet another way to betray his party – through neglect. As the Tory ship goes down, the disloyal captain flees on his own lifeboat rather than fight alongside the doomed crew. This cowardice reveals who Sunak really is.

He keeps undermining his colleagues even as disaster looms, showing exactly where his priorities lie. Sunak won’t tarnish his polished image by associating with losing campaigns, but it’s his scheming that brought the party to this point.

Sunak wants praise for being bold and visionary, but he runs from the messes he creates. Even with the worst defeat in Tory history on the horizon, he’s only thinking about himself.

As the electoral apocalypse looms, Sunak is washing his hands of the whole situation. He avoids joining colleagues in critical battlegrounds while Conservative support is bleeding out nationwide. Is his plan just to end up as the leader of a disgraced party in ruins?

This failure of leadership and loyalty at such a crucial moment speaks volumes. Sunak’s constant scheming and muted presence during the campaign show he only cares about his ambitions, not about Brits or his own party.

He knows he’s heavily responsible for this mess through his backstabbing of his own bungling as PM. But, as usual, he refuses to take any blame. It’s always about deflecting responsibility and saving his career.

Sunak is now abandoning desperate Tories facing defeat to the forces he helped unleash. But this betrayal will come back to haunt him as the Conservatives face their fate.

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