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Sunak Implicated in Revelations of Tory Sleaze and Incompetence


Tories Revel in Corruption

A top-secret new report drops a bombshell with a list of over 120 corruption and screw-up scandals under Rishi Sunak ‘s disastrous Tory reign.

This classified dossier paints a grim picture of shameless abuses – from Sunak’s ministers breaking lockdown rules to funneling billions to their shady buddies.

These bombshell revelations prove Sunak’s crew has caused an epic meltdown of sleaze, incompetence, and utter disrespect for the law.

From the wild parties at 10 Downing Street that Sunak conveniently forgot about to the growing list of creepy MPs he’s protecting, this exposé blows apart any claims of decency from dodgy Rishi and his posh pals.

The dossier also blows apart Sunak’s promises of transparency. Instead of cleaning up the mess, he’s accelerated the Tories’ slide into a swamp of moral decay.

This nightmare list of 120 plus scandals under Sunak shows one thing clearly – he and his corrupt pals think they’re above the rules and basic human decency. Their privilege has gone nuclear.

120 Scandals Under Tories

A shocking new report chronicles 120 scandals that engulfed the Tory government over 14 disastrous years of misrule since 2010. This damning charge sheet leaves no doubt – the Conservatives have unleashed an unprecedented parade of sleaze, corruption, incompetence, and unethical behavior. 

From the multiple lockdown violations of Boris Johnson’s Number 10 to the growing raft of sexual assault allegations against Tory MPs, the party has continually placed itself above the law. Ministers frittered away billions of taxpayer funds on crony contracts while partying during COVID as citizens dutifully complied with restrictions.

The Tories have left no scandalous stone unturned. Their charge sheet includes ministerial resignations, policy U-turns, brazen lies to Parliament, misuse of public money for personal gain, and an astounding collection of offensive gaffes. 

This culture of corruption and entitlement flows directly from the top. Boris Johnson himself misled MPs over the Partygate scandal, showing utter disdain for democratic accountability. The Conservatives have taken the British people for fools.

The Tories’ unethical behavior trickled down through the entire party. While hard working citizens struggled through the pandemic, the Tories carved out COVID contract “VIP lanes” to enrich their cronies. £81 million went to a firm linked to Tory peer Michelle Mone. Rampant fraud saw billions squandered on substandard PPE procured from shady government associates.

The cozy VIP lane for COVID contracts handed millions to Tory cronies while frontline workers struggled unprotected. A glaring example was the £200 million deal awarded to PPE Medpro, a company referred by Tory peer Michelle Mone.

Mone’s brazen cronyism saw her recommend this untested firm to ministers, securing it a spot in the priority lane. Soon after, PPE Medpro won massive government contracts despite having no track record producing medical gear.

Later, the National Crime Agency launched an investigation into suspected fraud regarding the Medpro deals. But Mone had already amassed her payout by then.

Leaked documents showed Mone and her husband secretly profited £29 million from the deal. Medpro’s mystery owners were never revealed, but the paper obtained evidence tracking how the profits flowed.

Mone’s husband Douglas Barrowman received at least £65 million from Medpro and quickly began funneling it offshore. Within months, £29 million ended up in a secret trust benefitting Mone and her children.

This all occurred while Mone was lobbying ministers to award more deals to Medpro and getting angry when its products were scrutinized. Her brazen enrichment exposes the rampant cronyism infesting the Tories’ VIP lane.

While Mone and her pals were raking in millions from taxpayers, frontline workers couldn’t even get proper PPE. The Conservatives were too busy shoveling cash to their buddies instead of looking out for citizens and caregivers.

Mone claimed she didn’t profit from Medpro, but the paper trail says otherwise. Like others in her party, she let personal greed trump any sense of integrity or ethics.

The Medpro scandal is just a snapshot of the corruption the Conservatives thrived on during COVID. Their negligence and profiteering cost lives while they partied and padded their wallets. Mone’s shady deal is just the tip of the Tory iceberg of pandemic profiteering.

And it wasn’t just cronyism. The Conservatives showed shocking indifference to public suffering during COVID. They released untested elderly patients into care homes, leading to fatal outbreaks. Over 20,000 elderly and disabled people were sent from hospitals into unsafe facilities during the first wave.

When challenged about the deadly policy, Matt Hancock claimed the government threw a “protective ring” around care homes. This shameless lie encapsulates Tory hubris. Truth and integrity are alien concepts to them.

The charge sheet stands as a monument to corruption. But the Tories descend even lower with behaviour unbecoming of elected representatives. Groping, sexual misconduct, racism and viewing pornography in Parliament saw many disgraced MPs finally resign. But others remain, enabled by Conservative indifference. 

At every turn, Tory ministers and MPs lived down to the lowliest expectations. They waged war with poverty-stricken children over free school lunches. They gave taxpayers’ money to their lovers for fake jobs. They broke lobbying rules to further enrich cronies. They called impoverished citizens lazy for using food banks.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asks homeless people if they “work in business” while posing at food banks he helped create. The hypocrisy overwhelms. But so does Tory incompetence.

Rishi Sunak rose to power promising “integrity, professionalism, and accountability.” Yet his tenure quickly descended into the same Tory sleaze and incompetence as his predecessors.  

Sunak Rank Hypocrisy Reigns

Sunak’s first major blunder was re-appointing the disgraced Suella Braverman as Home Secretary after she resigned for security breaches. He immediately discarded ethics for cynical political calculations.

Sunak also bet thousands of pounds with a TV host over his ineffective and costly Rwanda asylum plan, showing off his multi-millionaire detachment from reality. He was forced through a law letting him override UK courts to enact this fantasy policy.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaks during an interview with Nick Robinson, in London, Britain June 10, 2024. Jeff Overs/BBC/Handout via REUTERS

Like his predecessors, Sunak believes in one set of rules for himself and his elite circle, another for citizens. He serves Tory ideology, not the public interest. And his manifold failures of leadership continue Britain’s floundering decline.

Sunak is merely the latest emblem of a Conservative party that has utterly botched governing at every turn. Brexit, botched COVID responses, inflationary budgets – Tory bungling exacerbated every crisis. 

Liz Truss tanked the economy in days before resigning as Britain’s shortest serving PM. Boris Johnson finally left after becoming a national embarrassment.

But the endless scandals also highlight deeper decay in the Conservative Party’s moral fabric. Ministers traffic in racism and sexism rhetoric without consequence. They erode norms and constraints on power.

In office but not in power, the Tories now threaten democratic legitimacy itself. Their authoritarian instincts led them to a disastrous attempt at unilaterally overriding judicial review despite Parliamentary opposition.

This sordid record of 120 scandals defines 14 years of Tory misrule. But beyond the sleaze and incompetence, it reveals a warped culture of entitlement, callousness, deception and delusion. The Conservatives believed they could act with impunity as they enriched themselves and eroded democracy.

The Tories’ charge sheet isn’t just about one party; it’s an entire playbook of failings rooted in greed, bigotry, lies, and zero accountability. This government’s fall from grace embodies everything decent people stand against.

But after 14 years of being treated like second-class citizens, the people are done taking it lying down. The Tories’ arrogance made them blind to the hardworking Brits they’ve been using and abusing.

The list of charges is shocking, but it’s no surprise to a public feeling betrayed. Politicians who think they’re above the law shouldn’t be the ones making it.

After years of Tory promises falling flat, voters just want a government that actually gives a damn about making their lives better, not cozying up to donors and wrecking the economy. If this never-ending list of scandals proves anything, it’s that this corrupt bunch of conservatives needs to be completely kicked to the curb. Half-hearted fixes just won’t cut it anymore.

These scandals didn’t just make people cynical about politics – they made them mad as hell. Now, Brits are standing together, fed up with a system that’s rigged against them by a bunch of self-serving elites.

The Tories promised stability but delivered a non-stop sideshow of sleaze, incompetence, and total disrespect for the public. They lived large while breaking the very rules they shoved down our throats.

This list of 120 scandals is basically the death knell for a government that thought it was above the country it was supposed to be serving.

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