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Sunak Grilled By Experts for Delusional Manifesto


A Manifesto Predicting the Bad Future

The hapless captain of a sinking ship, desperately rearranging deckchairs as his credibility sinks into the abyss. Rishi Sunak clings to the wheel of his Titanic Tory manifesto, imploring passengers to ignore expert warnings as he steers full steam towards an iceberg.

Grand tax giveaways mean little when the funding is as dodgy as the PM’s own integrity.

Massive cuts to welfare and public services so the wealthy can hoard more cash? Sunak’s twisted priorities expose his true interests – enriching Tory cronies, not working families.

Even screaming sirens from experts can’t pierce his ideological bubble. Britain’s future prosperity means nothing beside his personal ambitions.

Sunak’s fiction is the final insult to our intelligence. Time to toss this reckless captain overboard before he steers Britain onto the rocks.

Sunak in a Sticky Situation

Picture this, you are Rishi Sunak right now – I know I know, just bear with me for a moment here – Imagine you are Rishi Sunak just for a fleeting moment, and imagine you are in his exact same current position right now during a critical snap election that you called for yourself.

Imagine you are a failure of a prime minister that couldn’t enact a good and beneficial policy for the wider British population if his life depended on it. Imagine you are getting humiliated day in and day out; sometimes by other people looking in and grilling the absolute living hell out of you and all your delusional ideas; and sometimes it is of your own doing, where you put yourself in the worst possible scenarios.

You know, like leaving a D-Day commemoration early just to film an election interview. Or dare I say holding a press conference in front of the place where the Titanic was built, leading to the obvious comparisons painting you as a captain of a sinking ship.

What would you do to get yourself out of this sticky situation? Normal and sensible people will try to talk about policies for the future, by reflecting on past mistakes and missteps. Other normal people would try the risky play of outshining your opponent not only in policy but also in charisma and general relatability.

People like Sunak however, who lack any of the brain power and charm that constitutes writing a good policy or attracting people with your relatability, they choose to write a delusional manifesto that gets criticised by every expert under the sun.

Sunak is Slammed for his Manifesto

Rishi Sunak’s tax giveaway manifesto has been roundly condemned as implausible fiction by respected think tanks. Their verdict? It is a fiscally irresponsible strategy with delusional end goals that will benefit no one but Sunak and his wealthy friends, while struggling to find even half the funding necessary for all the changes.

Sunak claims Tory cuts worth £17bn will be financed through cracking down on tax avoidance and slashing welfare. Because of course he would say some nonsense like that. This is the same Sunak that promised to cut down on civil services and local councils just to fund arbitrary short term goals.

But experts warn his numbers and figures given as an indication of the level of funding and how it is going to operate, simply don’t add up in the long run. The IFS brands Sunak’s proposals ‘uncertain and unspecific’. And this is them being as nice as possible to the man running in the general elections with all the odds stacked against him.

Some experts were not as nice when it came to Sunak’s abhorrent manifesto. Some experts labelled this as the second coming of Liz Truss economics. They lambasted Sunak as a Tory trying to cosplay Liz Truss – including the economic crash.

Sunak’s financial recklessness risks sparking another alarming rise in mortgage rates. His rehashed “Trussonomics” could wreak havoc on family budgets and market stability. Which is hilarious after he trotted Jeremy Hunt out to preach about the fiscally responsible Tories while lambasting and putting down everyone else. I guess the Tory economics did not play out as they had hoped.

The wealthy are Favored over the Average

But one other thing the expert wanted to clearly highlight in their scathing takedown of a hapless Sunak writing down his psychotic break on paper was the fact that most of his policies tend to favor one side over the other; the wealthier side.

The wealthier upper echelon of society reap all of the benefits that they have never sown. And while the average British family struggles to gain even a little bit of an advantage from Sunak, the top 20% get all the tax cuts and breaks that they could ever hope for.

That’s how it is in Britain at the moment. What’s ironic and hilarious about the whole ordeal is that Sunak 100% believes that the moves he is playing right now are all checkmates in a game of chess that does not exist.

Sunak really thinks he is helping the people with all of those cuts and all of this nonsense shoved down their throat. But do you want to really know what the people really think?

You would only need to consult the latest BSA survey to find out that people are not only done with Sunak and the Tories, but they are done with every crooked and corrupt politician in the political scene right now, including the equally incompetent and radical labour party.

The BSA shows a nation disillusioned with self-serving politicians who repeatedly break promises and exploit crises for personal gain.

Labour and Tory tribalists will decry voters’ distrust as irrational when the flaws lie in their own toxic politics of division and short-termism. People rightly expect better than stagnant living standards, fractured services and perpetual Tory-Labour dysfunction.

It is not disengaged citizens but aloof politicians who must get their house in order. Only by confronting failures, ejecting bad actors and opening up to new voices can faith be restored once again.

But it looks like we are a long way from that end goal for now.

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