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Sunak Goes on a Delusional Campaign Tour


Delusional and Afraid

Sunak continues his deluded crusade as if victory is just around the corner. With mere days left before his drubbing at the polls, Sunak has embarked on a desperate 48-hour blitz across Britain, trying in vain to whip up last minute support.

Citing ludicrous stats about just 130,000 votes making the difference, he clings to the fantasy that all is not lost. But Sunak’s doomsaying warnings against Labour ring hollow when his party trails badly across the board. The only question now is how humiliating the scale of defeat will be.

Either way, it only highlights how out of touch Sunak is with the national mood. No last-gasp tour can undo the public disillusionment he has created. With the final whistle about to blow, Sunak is merely embarrassing his party further as the crowd boos him off the pitch.

Sunak Chooses to have the Cake and Eat it

Picture this, it is the final couple of days before the election – two or three days to be perfectly exact – and you are Sunak who knows full well how all this Tory clown show is going to end up in the final election results. What do you do exactly? Do you admit defeat to the labour party that has been thrashing you left and right? Or do you keep moving forward like an utter buffoon hoping for some semblance of support within all the chaos directed at you? Sunak somehow chose to do both those things in consecutive fashion.

In a last ditch effort to get a grip on anything related to the elections or the voters’ support, Sunak has used the last couple of days before polling day and subsequently election results day, just so that he could advertise the same old tired policies and messaging that he was fighting for for the longest time, but with an added twist of fear mongering and desperation.

Instead of utilising his last efforts to back up and save some of the strategic Tory seats that might be in danger, Sunak instead chose to preach to the choir about arbitrary numbers. Sunak kept hammering home the idea that the Tories only need 130,000 votes to close the tight gap with Starmer’s labour party.

Using examples and quotes about never giving up, and “staying in the fight till it’s over”, Sunak is clearly trying to paint a rosier picture than the actual dire reality he is currently living in.

Sunak Repeats the Tired Old Speech

Sunak repeats the same beats once again and warns that Labour threatens unchecked power without a sizeable Conservative opposition. But his doomsaying rings ever so hollow after the Tories’ woeful campaign and policy failures.

The Tories trail badly on all fronts and cannot undo public disillusionment overnight. Even the most staunch Tory supporters and senior Tory MPs admit a Labour majority is assured. The only question right now is about the scale of Sunak’s ultimate humiliation.

The humiliation that assuredly comes after Sunak repeats the same footnotes that he always highlights at every stop during his failing campaign; footnotes like security, safety, prosperity, a working economy, less taxes, and blah blah blah.

I don’t need to be repeating the same idea everytime like he always does. But it is quite funny how he always starts these doomed speeches by acknowledging the elephant in the room, which is how unpopular and hated the Tory party and Sunak is currently.

A Political Mask

He always tries to appear like he is navigating uncharted waters the best way that he can, so that poor British souls sympathise with the man that made a deal with the devil and ruined the U.K. and all of its people’s lives

Sunak does this schtick every single time, almost everywhere he goes. It doesn’t matter if it is a public speech, or a debate with his political opponent Keir Starmer, or even one of his cushy TV interviews that he loves so much he missed the D-Day commemorations for.

He talks a big game about all these economic policies and tax cuts that they will deliver to the people, but when it comes time to actually put those complicated and interwoven words and promises into action, suddenly a million different thing is blocking progress; suddenly a million different things appear out of thin air to take away the responsibility of Sunak and the Tories and blocks them from making every British individual’s life better and better. That is what Sunak’s delusional mind wants us to believe without second guessing and without a question.

Sunak must bear responsibility for squandering Conservative opportunities over the last year. His misjudged policies and weak leadership have damaged the Tory brand across swathes of the country.

And his desperation act coming up at the finish line to the election is embarrassing the Tory party and dragging its reputation through the gutter. Which is an already weak reputation that does not need any more stress or scandals.

With wise leadership and pragmatism, the Conservatives can regain lost trust and provide a strong opposition to Labour’s ambitions.

But we don’t live in a fair and balanced world. We live in a world where people like Sunak had the chance to rule us with no exceptions. So the Tory party may never learn from this reality check.

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