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Sunak Floundering As Revolts Over Anti-Democratic Leadership


Anti-Democracy Plot As Activists Revolt

An open rebellion against Rishi Sunak has opened its gates of hell on the Tories this week, as his faltering leadership plunges into an existential crisis. 

Now reports emerge of an anti-democratic scheme letting Sunak cling to power and sideline members all together after an expected electoral disaster. 

Sunak already provoked outrage by denying members a vote after ousting Boris Johnson. This brazen stitch-up plan has activists up in arms, underscoring Sunak’s rapid unraveling. 

This brazen stitch-up plan has activists up in arms, underscoring Sunak’s rapid unraveling. 

Meanwhile, Sunak’s flailing public performances, like a recent ambush by a voter decrying Tory failures, expose his tone deafness. The twin revolts from within and without suggesting Sunak’s days are numbered. 

His ham-fisted moves have shattered trust among Tory members and voters. As Sunak alienates the base, triggering calls for his removal, and gets skewered by ordinary citizens, he epitomizes a bankrupt party devoid of purpose.

Sunak Stitch-up Scheme Triggers Open Rebellion In Party Ranks

Once again, Rishi Sunak and the out-of-touch Tory elite are showing brazen contempt for Conservative Party members. According to reports, Sunak plans to cling to power after an election thrashing and orchestrate a stitch-up denying members a vote on the next leader. 

Now Sunak’s latest anti-democratic scheme risks open revolt by members determined to defend their voice in choosing the party’s direction. The rumblings of insurrection underscore Sunak’s rapid unraveling.

This brazen move to sideline the grassroots who are the party’s heart and soul has sparked outrage and mobilization at the base.

Within months, he has gone from darling to impending disaster, with the grassroots gunning for the elite leader threatening to disenfranchise them. Sunak’s ham-fisted move may become the final provocation that shatters his standing and triggers activist demands for his removal before he can implement his power grab against party democracy.

Sunak was foisted on the party by MPs against members’ wishes. Now he seemingly aims to sideline them altogether by rewriting the rules so only Parliament can select the leader. This would disenfranchise the lifeblood activists who knock on doors, donate funds, and lend democratic legitimacy to the party. 

Sunak already betrayed party democracy by denying members who elected Truss their deserved say on a new PM. His stitch-up sequel would be the final insult.

Sunak’s scheme spotlights his elitism and aloofness from the base. Party mandarins view members as bothersome rabble whose populist passions must be contained. 

Sunak epitomizes this top-down mentality, believing in rule by technocratic right rather than democratic will. But members understand far better than the out-of-touch Westminster bubble what policies and leaders can excite voters and win elections. 

Sunak’s disdain for the grassroots is reciprocal – they view him as an abysmal retail politician lacking common touch and charisma. This mutual distrust with the base cripples Sunak’s effectiveness and moral authority.

Astoundingly, some insiders have floated installing non-entity Oliver Dowden as caretaker to oversee Sunak’s preferred succession plan. This trial balloon crashed and burned immediately given Dowden’s non-existent standing or rapport with members. 

Again, it reveals the poor political instincts of elites trying to shove choices down members’ throats. A true leader emerges organically, not through backroom schemes.

Tory activists are rightly gearing up to fight these anti-democratic machinations. The grassroots must aggressively assert their power over MP attempts to disenfranchise them. MPs ultimately need member support for reselection and campaigning. Activists have tools like triggering by-elections through no confidence votes to bring rogue MPs in line.

The coming leadership battle will determine if the Conservatives embrace populist democracy or regress into an elitist private club. Members lean heavily towards the former. But members recognize his bland centrism is electoral poison.

Sunak’s deficiencies were amplified against smooth communicator Starmer at PMQs. Sunak’s robotic responses and feeble attacks confirmed he lacks the dynamism to stand toe-to-toe with Starmer’s slick theatrics. Boris could at least think on his feet. Sunak is a poor imitation, unable to replicate Boris’s appeal. This spells electoral doom.

The Tories now face an existential crisis if Sunak clings to power for this destructive rule change. Blocking members from choosing the next leader after electoral humiliation would spark open revolt. Sunak would struggle to govern his unruly party without a mandate from below. His unsatisfactory stent could irreparably rupture bonds between the base and the elite.

To heal these growing divisions, the next leader must emerge transparently from a democratic contest engaging the grassroots. Members’ enthusiasm is indispensable to reviving the party’s fortunes. Their wisdom should not be discarded due to wounded establishment pride. Casting the base aside in a post-electoral power play would only compound Sunak’s tone deafness.

Conservatives must now rejuvenate and reunite around policies that resonate with working people facing economic hardship. Only an incapable leader with conviction politics aligned with members can restore Tory credibility. Technocratic tinkering by tone-deaf elites cannot overcome public distrust or reconnect with disaffected voters. Vision and values matter more than experience to the grassroots longing for a principled crusade.

Sunak’s rule change proposal spotlights his unsuitability to lead the Tories into revival or represent the membership’s aspirations. His arrogance in plotting to sideline them evinces his deep disconnection from the party’s heart and soul. The grassroots want freedom, not top-down control.

Thankfully, these counter-productive schemes have been exposed before implemented. Forewarned is forearmed. Activists must urgently organize to prevent this travesty of party democracy, whether through procedural maneuvers, internal pressure campaigns, or even votes of no confidence in MPs supporting the power grab. 

British conservative philosophy champions dispersed power, not centralized control. Party structures should reflect these ideals. MPs are temporary representatives ultimately accountable to their local members. When politicians defy the base, populist people’s power must force a reckoning and restore the proper balance. 

If Sunak respects Tory principles and the democratic foundations underpinning this institution, he wouldn’t have had this reckless plan and recommit to grassroots participation in choosing the next leader. Imposing his privileged will despite manifest member opposition would irretrievably rupture his ability to unite the party as it navigates treacherous waters ahead.

Sunak Faces Mutiny Plot To Cling To Power And Deny Members A Vote

Meanwhile, Sunak’s flailing campaign hit another low as he was skewered by a pottery factory worker who told him bluntly “things are infinitely worse” under the Tories. Sunak’s feeble defenses only affirmed he is out of touch with the suffering of ordinary people after years of failed Conservative policies.

When confronted with the grim reality of exploding food bank usage under Tory rule, Sunak could only robotically offer his “gratitude” to overburdened volunteers. He failed to acknowledge that growing deprivation exposes his party’s neglect and mismanagement.

Sunak ludicrously claimed this election is about the future, not the past. But voters judge parties based on their record in power. And the Tory track record is driving millions into hardship and hunger through chronic policy failures.

The floundering Sunak couldn’t explain why anyone should trust the Tories after wasting the past decade inflicting austerity and protecting the rich. His silence spoke volumes about his lack of vision beyond staying the failed course.

When pressed about the interaction, the worker dismissed Sunak as just another politician who says anything to get elected, then abandons the people. This cynicism towards the PM is well-earned after years of broken Tory vows as lives worsened.

Sunak has repeatedly shown he lacks the gravitas or communication skill to overcome public distrust. Even softball photo ops become PR nightmares, exposing his shrinking credibility and support.

The worker pointedly noted she always votes Labour, seeing it as the best way to oust the flailing Tories and improve people’s lives. This stark choice shows how completely Sunak has lost the argument and public trust.

Sunak’s lame claims that taxing the rich more would not help families shows his internal polling must be disastrous. Even Conservatives realize their standard dogma has failed the nation. 

Clips of Sunak being shredded by ordinary citizens will haunt his collapsing campaign. They epitomize an exhausted, out-of-ideas party that has lost public confidence and now desperately flails for relevance. The Tories have no vision beyond managing national decline.

This dispiriting factory confrontation encapsulates the broader themes of Rishi Sunak’s floundering leadership – an aloof and entitled PM with no convincing answers for the millions of Britons suffering from a decade of damaging Tory policies. 

Sunak’s inability to defend his party’s abysmal record in power or offer a compelling vision beyond continuing the same failed course reveals a reactive leader overwhelmed by crises. The only solution for Britain‘s woes is a decisive break from his flailing government.

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