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Sunak Exposed as Sole Reason for Party Failure


Civil War Brewing

The knives are out for Rishi Sunak as shell-shocked Tories sift through the rubble of last week’s electoral wipeout.

Far from uniting the party, Sunak’s push towards the centre has sparked a civil war within Conservative ranks.

The dismayed right-wing is finally speaking out, and they aren’t mincing words.

According to ex-Tory MP Robin Millar, Sunak’s failure to embrace true conservative policies led voters to abandon the party in droves.

Rather than delivering the small-government vision they craved, Sunak tacked left, leaving the Tories indistinguishable from Labour.

The result? Electoral annihilation.

Unless Sunak’s successor embraces true conservative policies, Labour may rule unchallenged for a decade. And that is a Britain that no one wants to live in.

Sunak Diluting Conservativism

We talked countless different times about how Sunak and the Tories are diluting the true meaning of the word “conservative”. They either don’t understand what that word entails or they are willfully ignorant and trying to carve out a hollow victory or a semblance of support for their failing political party.

And now after the most humiliating defeat that Sunak and the Tories have tasted in a long while against an equally corrupt and incompetent political foe in the Labour party, ex-tories are spilling the beans on everything that has transpired behind scenes to lead to this devastating loss. And the key angle everyone is talking about is how Sunak failed to take the party to the right more.

Rather than delivering on the small-government, pro-Brexit vision that inspired voters in 2019, Sunak and the so called Conservatives in the government tacked more to the left until there was no centre left for them to stand on.

They abandoned commitments to lower taxes, bigger defence spending, and controlling immigration. The Tories talked tough on issues like law and order but failed to back it up with meaningful action. On economic policy, they were practically indistinguishable from Labour.

In the end, Conservative voters felt betrayed by a party that promised sweeping change but delivered very little. And it was all thanks to the failure of the so-called strategic planning of Sunak to push for the Tories to become more of a moderate party rather than a truly conservative one.

Sunak Behind the Scenes

Robin Millar – an ex-Tory MP who lost his seat to the Labour Candidate after the total wipeout the Tories faced in the past general election – stated how ordinary British citizens were giving the Tories constant feedback showcasing their deep concern about their beloved political party veering more and more towards something indistinguishable form what they have always supported and voted for.

The British voters – and especially the frequent Tory ones – saw Sunak’s idiotic and nonsensical policies throughout his tenure as a sign of changing times for the once great conservative party.

They saw a weak leader like Sunak taking the safe and guaranteed approach instead of actually taking the risk and helping the people that supported them and are currently in need.

They saw a conservative party that did not work or lead according to conservative values, and was only in it for themselves and their elite Tory friends.

The Tories failed to curb the power of the overreaching state, defend British sovereignty, or stand up for traditional values. And in the end it all came back like the most vicious of karmas and bite them in the back during their most critical hours.

Robin Millar then goes on to state how the only winners from the Tory debacle were Labour and the resurgent Reform Party that opposes anything Sunak preaches.
Reform’s unified, unapologetically right-wing message clearly resonated with disaffected Tory voters.
The party made stunning gains nationwide, picking up dozens of seats across working-class communities in England and Wales.

And it is all thanks to its charismatic and brutally honest – sometimes to a fault – leader Nigel Farage.

Farage the Important Puzzle Piece

Farage was an important piece in the puzzle that ultimately defeated Sunak and humbled him.

He came out with an explosive announcement during the first weeks of the election to shake the status quo and deliver a verbal beatdown to both Sunak and Starmer alike.

And then when scandals started surrounding Sunak like bees to a hive, Farage told us all very early on that Sunak was not a patriotic British person and that his values do not match the average every day British individual.

Because it was always apparent to all of us and we don’t need more insider information to make it clearer than it already is; Sunak wanted to run a moderate party not a conservative one.

The sad and unfortunate thing here is that despite there being many Tory and ex-Tory MPs clearly voicing their concern about such an approach, there is an equal amount of Tories that are ready to fight tooth and nail to keep moving away from conservative values, because they have the false and delusional belief that elections are won from the moderate centre.

They think they have the formula down to a tee, but they fail to realise that the British people only wanted some common sense, and no one truly cared about labels and whatnot.

But will they learn this sooner? Or will they allow for the Labour party to rule for a decade or so until they figure it out? I guess there is only one way to find out.

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