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Sunak Defends Tory Criminals involved in Betting Scandal


Another Day, An Even Bigger Tory Scandal

Sunak just can’t stop stepping in it. Another day, another scandal for the hapless prime minister. This time, not only one but several top Tories have been busted betting on the election date. And Sunak is fighting hard so that more information can’t leak out.

Election gambling might seem small-time, but it’s big money for Sunak’s circle. They knew the date ahead of the public and made a killing betting on it. Sunak is invested in not ruining the greedy scheme, so why should we believe anything he says?

It’s time to kick these greedy bums to the curb. Sunak and his band of crooks are fleecing the country blind.

British people deserve better than this circus of creeps looking to get rich off their positions. Sunak’s pathetic leadership can’t end soon enough.

Sunak Fumbles his Way

Rishi Sunak just can’t help but put himself in the most dumbfounding and utterly humiliating situations you could possibly ever imagine as a normal functioning human being.

And somehow karma has hit him like a freight train with a gargantuan amount of bad luck and constant mishaps during his pitiful campaign for the general election that he called for much to the surprise of the British public and in an absolute snap.

We talked a week or so ago about a massive scandal where Rishi Sunak’s closest aide by the name of Craig Williams has been exposed and caught red handed betting on the general election date, days before it was actually announced by none other than Sunak himself. And as we have come to find out now in the following days of the scandal, Craig Williams was not the only one abusing his position of power, all while Sunak is trying his damndest to cover up for any other crooked Tories within his failing party.

If this is not the clearest indication of the level of conflict of interest Sunak and the Tories are willing to go through to satiate their neverending corruption and greed, then I can confidently state that I don’t know what conflict of interest means.

Back when it was only Craig Williams that was exposed for the insane Tory betting scandal, Sunak claimed he had no prior knowledge of the event taking place right under his nose.

As if we are all stupid enough to believe that Sunak knew about the scandal the same day as all of us. As if we are all stupid and gullible enough to not understand how Sunak has cultivated a toxic culture within the U.K. government where ethics violations are rampant with no serious repercussions.

And now that more people have been investigated and exposed for taking part in the betting scheme, Sunak refuses to give out any details that might harm or hinder his Tory colleagues.

Sunak Covers for the Tories

Political betting may seem obscure, but it’s a multi-million pound industry in Britain. And with an election date known to only a select few, it provides juicy opportunities for Sunak’s circle to profit from their insider status.

They knew the election date ahead of time and could have made a killing betting on it. Their actions show utter contempt for democratic norms. Public service has become only a vehicle for them to accumulate more wealth and power.

And Sunak is right on top of the greedy and corrupt Tory food chain.

Sunak did his best by brushing all of this debacle aside as he feigns ignorance, anger and disappointment towards the accused. But I will ask again for the sake of making it even clearer and clearer? Does anyone really believe this sleazy con man?

Well, I certainly don’t believe him one bit, especially when he failed to punish or even temporarily suspend the accused Tories that are under the pending scandal investigation.

Sunak is so incompetent in his job that he leaves wide openings for people like Keir Starmer to critically hurt him, and then he whines about the Labour party unfortunately getting love from the British people.

The Tory party no longer stands for conservative principles of hard work, personal responsibility and care for the vulnerable. Instead, they represent the worst parts of greed, incompetence and general corruption – the old boys network looking out for each other while ignoring the everyday hard working British man.

So that begs the ultimate question, if things are as bad they are right now with the scandal escalating in humiliation and embarrassment for the Tories day after day, imagine what would Sunak be hiding from us right now in fear of further jeopardising his general election chances – at least more than they already are.

Not the First, Not the Last

It is not the first time a small scandal has barreled down into a larger catastrophe.

We saw this with Philip Davies who had a second job alongside his Tory MP duties, where he worked as a consultant for a slot machine and gambling corporation. This man was knighted by Rishi Sunak by the way.

And this very same scandal was the result of a much bigger scandal in Scott Benton, another Tory MP, selling the U.K and its citizens out for the highest bidder.

Seems we have a clear understanding of the virtues that the Tories are looking for in a conservative official.

It is such a simple thing to not fall victim to Labour lambasting and criticism. It is such a simple thing to be an honest conservative individual fighting to conserve what is right and true to our British culture. And yet somehow, someway, Sunak finds himself falling victim to this exact same scenario over and over again.

Farage was right, everyone in the current leading British political scene is either a complete buffoon, a corrupt slimy snake, or both. It just happens that the Tories are the ones running the show for all of us now.

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