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Starmer Sells Out UK Sovereignty to Please President Biden


Starmer Bows to Biden

Keir Starmer swore he’d restore Britain’s dignity and independence after the Tory chaos. But it only took one phone call for him to expose himself as a fraud.

His integrity didn’t even last a few days before he bent the knee to joe biden and sacrificed britain’s sovereignty. Talk about a stunning betrayal.

Starmer dumped his pledges and fell over himself to become Biden’s obedient poodle the second the White House called. So much for strong leadership – he’s now the weakest pm in decades.

The “special relationship” has never looked so lopsided as Biden seized total control. Starmer’s left Britain humiliated and groveling before america.

His Ukraine policy is already a catastrophe that chains Britain to disastrous wars abroad rather than focusing on the problems back home. So much for the optimistic new era he promised.

Starmer Forgetting Domestic Promises

Keir Starmer’s first few days as Prime Minister has proven to be an utter disaster. In a pathetic show of subservience, Starmer bent the knee to Joe Biden and the United States on the issue of Ukraine. This craven capitulation demonstrates that Starmer is a puppet of the Americans and has no intention of pursuing an independent foreign policy that puts British interests first. 

In his initial phone call with Biden, Starmer reiterated the UK’s “steadfast commitment to Ukraine” and agreed to meet the US President at an upcoming NATO summit to further coordinate their Ukraine policy. Starmer shamelessly bragged that “the UK’s support for Ukraine was unwavering” – effectively writing a blank check of British money and weapons to Zelensky. 

Meanwhile, Biden congratulated Starmer on Labour’s “hell of a victory” and emphasized the “special relationship” between the US and the UK. 

This proves that Biden sees Starmer as his obedient lapdog who will serve Washington’s agenda rather than standing up for the British people and their needs.

The UK has already provided billions in military and economic aid to Ukraine since the start of Russia’s invasion. Our country is facing a crippling cost-of-living crisis, yet Starmer is eager to throw more taxpayers money at a conflict on Russia’s border that does not align with our national interests.

Rather than having an adult conversation about negotiating an end to the fighting, Starmer is beating the drums of war right alongside Biden. In his discussion with Zelensky, Starmer coordinated positions for the NATO summit and talked about a 100-year partnership agreement – showing he plans to tie the UK to Ukraine for the long haul. 

Zelensky tweeted: “I was pleased to speak with Keir Starmer on the day of his appointment as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I congratulated Sir Keir Starmer on his election victory and wished him success in fulfilling the British people’s expectations of the new government.

“I am grateful to Prime Minister Starmer for reaffirming the UK’s principled and unwavering support for Ukraine. We coordinated positions ahead of the Nato Summit in Washington and other international events, as well as discussed ways to strengthen our partnership, including the preparation of an unprecedented 100-year partnership agreement between Ukraine and the UK.” Other world leaders to congratulate Mr Starmer on his victory include Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Australian premier Anthony Albanese and French president Emmanuel Macron, who said he was “pleased” with their “first discussion”.

Starmer obediently follows Biden’s hardline stance, unwilling to even consider negotiations that could bring peace. His eagerness to fan the flames and court World War 3 demonstrates that his judgment is fatally flawed.

Starmer’s pandering to the US over Ukraine proves that his tough talk of standing up to America was nothing more than empty rhetoric. 

Most concerning is that Starmer has clearly signaled his intention to prioritize foreign policy ambitions over desperately needed domestic reforms. The British people elected Labour to fix the crumbling NHS, restore economic opportunity, and improve their everyday lives after years of Tory mismanagement.

Yet Starmer is evidently more interested in pursuing risky competition with China than delivering on the kitchen table issues that matter most to working people across the UK.

In this same brief phone call, Starmer and Biden also discussed “managing the competition with China” in their call, there was no discussion of the sweeping investments in healthcare, education, jobs, housing and more that the public expects and deserves from the new Labour government. 

Starmer is already breaking his contract with voters, wasting political capital on geopolitical issues rather than the urgent domestic crises that require his full attention.

He is also fully on board with AUKUS, the US-led military pact in the Indo-Pacific that threatens to increase tensions with China to dangerous levels. So in both Europe and Asia, Starmer is dangerously escalating conflicts rather than calming them.

Rather than delivering transformative change at home, Labour sadly looks set to become distracted by foreign conflicts divorced from the everyday concerns of British citizens. 

Starmer is failing to address yawning inequality, unaffordable housing, food insecurity, decaying public services and more while focused on foreign conflicts.

No Time for Foreign Adventures

With lapdogs like Starmer running Britain, we’re doomed to tag along with every disastrous American foreign adventure. Sadly, the dream of a truly independent UK is light years away with this puppet PM at the helm.

From day one, Starmer’s shown he’s ready to kneel before Uncle Sam. He’s more of a faithful servant to US interests than a leader putting Britain first. 

The “special relationship” seems extra special for Biden, who now has a loyal British lapdog. But for Brits hoping for dignity in their PM, watching Starmer bow to America is just plain embarrassing.

That first phone call made it crystal clear: Starmer’s planning to be America’s poodle, not our own PM. Under his watch, the UK will be dragged into wars while we ignore what really matters at home.

Starmer caving to Biden over Ukraine is a sad show of weakness and sellout. Might as well move No. 10 Downing Street to Washington, because it’s clear he’s taking orders from the White House. This isn’t leadership; it’s just sad, spineless following.

Rather than blindly following Washington’s foreign policy agenda, the British people deserve a leader who stands up for their needs with courage. 

Starmer needs to remember why people voted him in – to fix things for everyday Brits after years of Tory neglect. He can’t afford to lose sight of this duty by chasing after foreign adventures just to please Biden.

At his meeting with King Charles, Starmer looked worn out from the election and the quick power switch. His tiredness will only grow as he starts tackling his big promises on the ground.

He’s got to put all his energy into sorting out the NHS mess, boosting jobs, improving schools, getting affordable homes built, cutting child poverty, and more. These are huge jobs that need his full attention right now. There’s no time or political capital to waste on foreign stuff that doesn’t hit home for British voters.

King Charles was right when he said Starmer needs to “get to grips with everything straight away.” Brits totally agree. The new government has to start making life better for them as soon as possible, not playing big shots on the global stage. Meeting the high hopes that got Labour in power is already tough without extra distractions from abroad.

Starmer promised a fresh start with honesty, integrity, and a real commitment to serving the country. Now, he needs to stick to the domestic policies that voters clearly supported. There’s no mandate for getting into it with China or spending British resources on far-off conflicts. People want big changes here at home.

Starmer said he would be a Prime Minister who listens. Now, he’s got to ignore the calls for crazy foreign adventures and stay focused on what Brits really need. That’s the only way he’ll keep their trust and prove he’s living up to the job they gave him.

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