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Starmer Messes Up his First Decision as Prime Minister


Labour Looking A Lot Like Tories

Barely a week into his new role, and Prime Minister Keir Starmer is already floundering with his first prison policy.

Starmer swept into 10 Downing Street on a wave of promises. He spoke eloquently of progress, integrity and serving the people. But his actions tell a different story.

When faced with the dismal state of Britain’s jails, Starmer essentially advocated the same approach as the Conservatives he lambasted.

Nevermind the security and the safety of the average British family wanting to walk their country’s streets safely, let us rehabilitate and release repeat offenders according to Starmer.

So much for the dawn of a bright new era under Labour’s leadership. Starmer’s weak stance demonstrates that his party remains soft-on-crime, willing to put political ideals above public safety.

Starmer Stumbles Through His First Policy

It hasn’t even been a full week since Keir Stramer assumed his position of power as a prime minister for the U.K. after a landslide victory in the general elections, and he is already stumbling through basic and simple decisions like the broken and battered prison system that Sunak and the Tories left for Labour.

It hasn’t even been a full week since Keir Starmer broke the 14 year Tory leadership curse and he is already showing us why Labour was out of power for 14 straight years.

In a recent press conference that took place after Keir Starmer appointed his first and brand new Labour cabinet, Starmer talked about change and progress within the U.K. government as they begin to actually serve the British people for the first time in a while, or so he would like for us to think.

Starmer then mentioned the tough decisions that his government will have to enact in order for them to climb out of that corruption gutter hole that Sunak and the Tories have buried them in. And amongst his first order of decisions is tackling the awful British prison system and then doing almost the same thing that Sunak was criticised for before.

Now you might be asking, how is it exactly that Starmer is falling into the same pitfalls as Sunak did? It is the beauty of the Labour party showing us all its true incompetent colours.

Starmer Repeats the Same Mistakes

When Starmer was questioned further about his prison policy and how he would approach the issue, he elaborated on how there are too many prisoners and not enough prisons.

But does that mean we should build more prisons? Starmer would stupidly disagree with you and state how his approach would have prisoners out of prison and onto the streets. Really valiant and smart of the first Labour prime minister in 14 years.

Starmer wants to see fewer people in prisons, because he doesn’t like how repeat offenders are returning to jail relatively quickly.

Disregarding the basic understanding that you need to have to understand how incarceration remains the single most effective mean that any government has to protect its citizens, Starmer’s line of thoughts has somehow brought him to the conclusion of too many prisoners being a problem, and not to the fact that there are repeat offenders that are returning to jail frequently because they deserve to be there for a long time.

While Starmer is correct that prison overcrowding is a problem, his solution should not be to release more offenders early or avoid sending them to prison in the first place.

The British public rightly expects lawbreakers to be punished for their crime and Labour’s soft-on-crime approach will do nothing to reassure worried citizens who want to see justice served.

Starmer actually believes these people can be rehabilitated. He speaks of intervening early to prevent young people from committing knife crime, but many of these offenders are hardened criminals who have no interest in rehabilitation.
Preventative measures are worthless if they are not backed up by tough sentencing when offenders inevitably do the thing they like doing so much and offend once again.

The appointment of businessman James Timpson as prisons minister in the ministry of justice offers the British people no immediate hope that Starmer might change his stance any time soon as well.

James Timpson is the same guy that was quoted stating how a third of the current prison population should actually be incarcerated. Imagine that. Two thirds of our prison population should be released and on the streets amongst us, according to our new prisons minister.

The Same Broken Promises

Are we seeing double or is the labour party already not looking to be any different from Sunak’s Tory party, except somehow worse?

It is quite ironic that Starmer’s first speech as a prime minister had him talking about the same beats he always talks about; things like his government issuing in a new age of change in the U.K. political scene; how they are going to start serving the British people once again; how they are going to fight for their stability and security by focusing on improving and fixing every institution and vouching for much more beneficial policies.

Starmer unironically talked a big game with all the babble about security and stability but the first challenge he faces in the prison systems, he gives up on the security of every British family looking to walk the streets of their country safely.

It is quite ironic as well how Starmer was a vocal opposition to Sunak’s early prison release policy, even going as far as debating him about it during a heated parliament session and lambasting him about his incompetence and corruption.

But here we are now and as a prime minister Starmer is not looking to change one thing about the prison system, except maybe making Sunak’s wildest dreams come true at the behest of all British people.

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