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Starmer Appoints Amateurs to the Cabinet


Looking Ahead by Looking Back

Barely a week into his premiership, and Keir Starmer’s house of cards is already starting to crumble.

The smooth-talking Labour leader swept into office on lofty promises of integrity and competence. But his rushed actions expose a floundering government lacking vision or direction other than appearing different than the Tories.

Starmer started appointing non-political individuals to freshen up the government cabinet and give the people diverse opinions and strategies.

But most of his choices end up with a history that is shadier than any Tory could ever hope for.

Behind the grandiose rhetoric, Starmer offers nothing but underwhelming policy, political nepotism, U-turns and incompetence.

But will it get him somewhere in this political climate?

Starmer Appoints Non-political Figures

The general election has come to an end and the Labour party has won in a historic landslide victory never before seen in decades of the U.K. political scene.

Sunak has been given the boot out of parliament and his final words could not have been more pathetic than if he had tried to. Sunak’s final speech consisted of him regretting that his equally corrupt Tory colleagues could not continue their disservice to all the British people and that they have to leave their undeserved seats behind.

He then whined some more about all the chances that were lost before having the slight decency to announce his formal resignation and congratulate his opponent on his future running the U.K. government.

His final speech is symbolic of his whole run as a prime minister, a pathetic attempt at a roar that ends up being nothing more than a whimper.

But this end of an era means the beginning of another. Another era that has the Labour party as its head and promising the world to the British people, but with the caveat of tough political decisions.

No one said that these tough political decisions would include Starmer appointing a wide array of non-political ministers into his government cabinet.

Starmer’s step towards a government full of diverse amounts of talent is a gamble on his part that might prove to be his first devastating pitfall.

Breaking from tradition, Starmer’s team includes experts and technocrats drawn from science, business, law and academia.

Starmer has a Scandolous Team

The most prominent non-political addition is renowned scientist Sir Patrick Vallance, tapped to be the new Science Minister. Vallance previously served as the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser and was a leading expert voice during the Covid pandemic.

There is not a whole lot to say about Sir Patrick Vallance except that he was a staunch supporter for the egregious lockdowns during the worldwide pandemic in 2020, and some of his comments should rub people the wrong way as he attacked groups and individuals who are simply questioning the method that the government has went about during the pandemic.

He supported authoritarianism in the name of science once, who says he won’t do it again for the tiniest bit of reasons?

Starmer also named rehabilitation entrepreneur James Timpson as Prisons Minister.

Timpson’s experience running a business pioneering ex-offender recruitment provides unique insight that hopes to drive progressive reforms in the justice system.

Reducing re-offending through better inmate training and job opportunities after release may significantly improve outcomes. Or so he would like for you to think that.
We talked about this individual not too long ago when we discussed Starmer’s U.K. prisons’ reform scheme boiling down to him coming to the same conclusions as Sunak.

Sunak and Starmer had a back and forth some time ago during a fiery parliament session, and Sunak was grilled and lambasted for releasing prisoners and repeat offenders early due to the prison system being overpopulated and up to its absolute limits.

And now Starmer is taking advice from the same guy that was exposed for saying two thirds of the prison population should be released into the public for rehabilitation.

Ironic how the Labour party is not even a full week from assuming power and they are already slowly turning into a worse version of Sunak’s Tories.

A Cynical Approach

From top to bottom, Starmer’s cynical appointments represent politics as usual – an out-of-touch establishment stitch-up ignoring the people’s best interests.

Just as with the revolving door of Tory sleaze, citizens yearn for better from the new Labour regime. But Starmer’s brazen nepotism and degraded standards quickly shatter illusions of high-minded government.

Starmer is dead set on distinguishing himself from the Tories and Sunak in the worst possible ways, only for him to end up back at square one.

He is desperately trying to erase Sunak’s touch from existence by abolishing dead policies like the Rwanda scheme, but just like he was confronted once in his debate with Sunak; Starmer has no viable alternative to tackle the important and dangerous issue of illegal immigration.

Which is inherently sad because he is essentially wasting all this money that could be used for something else to deter away the illegal immigrants crossing the channel and he is just simply repeating the same things everybody has been saying.

We all know the Rwanda scheme has been a failure; we all know the Rwanda scheme was nothing more than a ploy from desperate conservatives, but we all want to see what you are prepared to do about it after attacking Sunak for months on this very same subject.

It doesn’t look like Starmer or his labour party are prepared to make the actual tough decisions. They are too busy reforming the government to their childish needs.

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