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Shapps Bombshell Comments Signal Tory Defeat Inevitable


Shapps Waves White Flag on Sunak

Grant Shapps dropped a major truth bomb that’s super bad news for Sunak’s leadership. He straight up begged voters not to hand Labour a “super-majority” – basically admitting the Tory ship under Sunak isn’t just sinking, it’s basically the Titanic after hitting the iceberg.

Shapps was totally upfront that top Tories know Sunak is headed for total disaster and a crushing election loss. 

The Defence Secretary warned Brits against giving Labour’s leader Keir Starmer free rein, saying “if that power was unchecked it would be very bad news for people in this country.”

This is a huge deal – Sunak’s own Cabinet guy publicly predicting his downfall. With Labour leading in the polls, Shapps waving the white flag signals that even the big wig Tories have accepted Sunak’s fate is sealed.

There’s no doubt about it, Shapps’ real talk is a knife to the heart of Sunak’s hopes of clinging to power. It shows a party in complete disarray, knowing the writing’s on the wall for their leader. 

Sunak’s nightmare isn’t just a possibility anymore – now it’s a done deal in the minds of top Tories like Shapps.

Tories Beg For Mercy as Defeat Looms

The Tory ship appears to be sinking fast, as even Cabinet ministers are now admitting defeat ahead of the upcoming general election. In a startling admission this week, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps pleaded with voters not to hand Labour a “super-majority”, in comments that can only be seen as effectively conceding that the flailing Tories will lose power.

As Shapps put it, “If you want to make sure that in this next Government, whoever forms it, that there is a proper system of accountability, then we would argue that you don’t want to have somebody receive a super-majority.” 

He went on to warn that “if Keir Starmer were to go into No10…and if that power was unchecked it would be very bad news for people in this country.”

So there you have it straight from the horse’s mouth – the Tories know they are headed for a thumping defeat, and are now begging the public, with cap in hand, not to punish them too harshly at the ballot box. Their desperation is palpable.

This comes as Tory party projections reportedly show they could end up with as few as 57 seats if the current polls are accurate, with Labour leading by a mammoth 20 points. 

PM Rishi Sunak himself has warned that if voters give Labour a “blank cheque”, Keir Starmer could alter voting rules to benefit his party and remain in power indefinitely. 

But this seems a rather pathetic attempt by Sunak to spread “campaign fear” as Shapps himself admitted. It’s nothing but shameless scaremongering from a party that knows its time is up. Sunak is cynically trying to cling onto power through baseless fear-mongering and hyperbole, rather than earning votes through sound policies.

Sunak has the gall to accuse Labour of being “vague” in their plans, when he himself has offered barely anything of substance to the public besides the same old rebranded Thatcherite economics. His tepid manifesto launch this week was utterly devoid of vision or fresh ideas. 

This is a man who has U-turned on virtually every policy position since becoming PM. On everything from windfall taxes to benefit cuts, Sunak has flip-flopped relentlessly based on political expediency rather than principled conviction. He is a leader completely lacking in integrity or core beliefs.

Just look at Sunak’s abysmal record on delivering what he promised voters. In 2019, the Tories made grand pledges on tax, housing, homelessness, pensions, social care, landlord rules and more. Yet Sunak has broken commitment after commitment, failing to deliver on key manifesto promises. 

On tax, the Tories said they wouldn’t raise income tax, National Insurance or VAT. Yet Sunak hiked National Insurance to its highest ever level as Chancellor. On housing, they promised 300,000 new homes a year, but housebuilding under the Tories has fallen woefully short. Rough sleeping was meant to be ended, but homelessness is getting worse not better. 

The pension triple lock was temporarily scrapped under Sunak’s watch. A social care cap to protect people from selling homes was watered down beyond recognition. Ban on no-fault evictions? Dropped entirely. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of Tory failures.

With this appalling track record, Sunak has no credibility whatsoever when he tries to suggest Labour can’t be trusted. It is he who has repeatedly broken promises and failed to deliver for the British people. His own manifesto isn’t worth the paper it’s written on given his shocking lack of follow-through.

Sunak’s brazen hypocrisy is astounding. After all his broken pledges and failures, he has the audacity to warn voters against giving Labour a “blank cheque.” 

Yet wasn’t it the Tories who unlawfully prorogued Parliament to force through Brexit? Wasn’t it the Tories who gerrymandered boundaries in their favor? Wasn’t it the Tories who rushed through voter ID laws designed to disenfranchise minority groups? The sheer hypocrisy is astounding.

According to Shapps, large Labour majorities have put Britain in a “dangerous place” in the past. Yet 14 years of uninterrupted Tory rule have left the UK in a demonstrably worse state across the board. 

A&E wait times at record highs, inflation skyrocketing, household debt ballooning, public services decimated. The dangers of unrestrained Tory power have been laid bare.  

Shapps claims Labour “instincts” would lead to higher taxes and lower defence spending. Yet it was the Tories who raised taxes to their highest sustained level in 70 years. And it was the Tories whose defence cuts left Britain’s Army smaller than at any time since the Napoleonic era. All evidence points to Tory stagnation and mismanagement – not fanciful tales of Labour misrule.

Make no mistake – the Tories pleading with voters not to give Labour too much power is an admission of their own abject failure. They know the public has seen through the con. 

This is a last-ditch attempt to cling onto seats by spreading misinformation and uncertainty about Labour’s intentions. But the British people won’t be so easily duped.

Shapps Drops Bomb on Doomed National Service policy

Also, Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has dropped another bombshell that blows apart the Tories’ flagship National Service policy. In suggesting the scheme will only last 25 days instead of a full year, Shapps has exposed the plan as a chaotic sham hastily thrown together without forethought.

As Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth succinctly put it, this episode “completely blew up the Prime Minister’s flagship manifesto commitment.” It confirms the Tories are “making up policy as it goes along”, not carefully crafting a vision for the nation.

Shapps’ revelation underscores how Sunak failed from the start to properly plan and budget this scheme. There was clearly no serious cost analysis done on accommodating, training and paying tens of thousands of teens. The idea was announced in a policy vacuum as a PR gimmick.

The fact the centerpiece of Sunak’s campaign has collapsed into disarray and confusion before election day is a damning indictment of his leadership. It epitomizes the “utter desperation” that has engulfed the Tories as they flail for relevance with voters.

Ashworth correctly notes this exposes how Sunak offers nothing but “five more years of chaos” and a “scattergun of unfunded pledges.” Bold promises that fall apart under the slightest scrutiny seem to be all Sunak has left.

Sunak’s lack of grip and forethought on his key policy suggests a leader completely out of his depth. If he can’t competently plan his own flagship program, how can voters possibly trust him to run the country? It’s no wonder Tories are panicking about electoral oblivion.

Clearly, Sunak’s haphazard leadership has brought the Tory party to the brink – their day of reckoning is at hand after taking voters for granted for too long.

The Tories are reaping what they have sown – an angry electorate ready to give them the kicking at the ballot box they so richly deserve. Their dire warnings about Labour rule cannot disguise their atrocious track record in government.

Tory candidates are right to be panicking in their heartland seats. Recent polls show Nigel Farage’s Reform Party threatens to sweep them aside entirely in once-safe constituencies like Hartlepool. The so-called Red Wall across the North and Midlands also looks primed to come tumbling down on the Tories’ heads.

Make no mistake, we are witnessing the last gasps of a dying Tory dynasty that has taken voters for granted for too long. Their day of reckoning has arrived. No amount of hysterical doomsaying about Labour can save them now. The British public have seen through their lies and empty rhetoric.

Rishi Sunak stands completely discredited as a flailing leader of a party in its death throes. His lacklustre Attempt to brand Labour as dangerous and risky is the ultimate pot calling the kettle black from a PM who crashed the economy and destroyed the UK’s reputation in just weeks. His false warnings are pure projection about his own massive failures.

Come July 14th, voters need to deliver a knockout blow to these discredited Tories by voting them out of office in droves. Their self-serving greed and incompetence has wreaked havoc on the nation for long enough. Use your vote to consign them to the history books where they belong. Send an unequivocal message that enough is enough.

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