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Premier Eby Openly Attacks Trudeau as PM’s Popularity Plummets


Eby Backstabs Trudeau

Premier Eby and the BC NDP just threw Trudeau under the bus in the ultimate act of political backstabbing.

Eby has suddenly ditched his Liberal pals, turning on Trudeau as the PM’s approval rating plummets. This move exposes Eby as a two-faced weasel.

One day, Eby is all praise for Trudeau, and the next, he’s tearing him apart like they’ve been enemies forever. This spineless opportunist will say anything to distract from his own terrible leadership.

But don’t think for a second that Eby’s actions let him off the hook. This Premier has been right there with Trudeau, pushing the same reckless policies that have left BC in shambles.

Both of them let immigration and drugs run rampant. They ignored skyrocketing housing costs that are crushing the middle class. They’re two peas in an elitist pod.

And now, Eby is pretending to criticize Trudeau’s failures, the very ones he’s been supporting for years.

NDP Abandons Sinking Liberals

British Columbia Premier David Eby and the provincial NDP have split from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals, which is a big deal. Trudeau’s popularity is tanking after losing a safe Liberal seat in the recent by-elections, making the NDP rush to distance itself from the sinking Liberal ship before the next elections.

Eby, who previously supported signature Trudeau policies like the carbon tax, has done an abrupt about-face. He is now loudly blaming the floundering Prime Minister for problems in BC like overstressed infrastructure, unaffordable housing, and the ongoing opioid crisis. 

This scathing criticism marks a drastic shift for the NDP premier. Just a few months ago, Eby was praising Trudeau and promoting joint policies during smiling photo-ops. But with the Liberal brand turning toxic and Trudeau hemorrhaging support, the opportunistic Eby has pivoted to making him a punching bag instead.

The premier is desperately trying to deflect rising public anger over dysfunctional services in BC’s fast-growing cities. He hopes to pin responsibility on Trudeau rather than take the blame himself. 

Eby slams Trudeau for not spending enough on infrastructure and housing to accommodate the influx of immigrants flooding into BC under the Liberals’ aggressive open-border immigration policies.

Eby rails that “The schools, the roads, the transit system, the hospitals are packed. And despite record capital investment, we’re just struggling to keep up.” He claims BC just cannot keep up with the influx as “Some 10,000 newcomers arrive every 37 days, mostly settling in a handful of places and concentrating pressure on services.”

Thanks to Trudeau throwing open the immigration gates, BC’s population is rising at its fastest pace since 1971. There are now twice as many people living there compared to 1980. This mass influx is transforming BC’s cities into their worst states.

Yet Eby slammed the Trudeau Liberal government for not providing anywhere near enough money for infrastructure to handle the flood of new arrivals. He says Trudeau is offloading the costs of his open-border approach onto BC taxpayers.

Eby also slammed Trudeau for ignoring BC’s pleas to the federal government for more help dealing with the deadly fentanyl crisis enabled by drugs smuggled across the porous border. He said that Trudeau’s lax policies have allowed the opioid epidemic to spiral out of control and ravage BC communities.

While Eby pays lip service to broadly supporting high immigration, he implies Trudeau has gone too far too fast. The Premier says “the challenge is just the rate” at which Trudeau is packing BC with new arrivals.

This proves that Eby is laser-focused on appearing strong in front of the cameras, aiming criticism at Trudeau with comments like ‘the challenge is just the rate.’ 

He’s fine with the number of immigrants Trudeau allows in, ignoring how it’s damaging BC. British Columbians are increasingly concerned about the impact on strained services, overwhelmed infrastructure, unaffordable housing, and a weakening sense of cultural cohesion. 

And here he is, saying nonsense like ‘the challenge is just the rate,’ ignoring the fact that these immigrants are crumbling services. He even admits, ‘this is not the easiest place to live’ anymore, thanks to the crush of immigrants.

This blame game is happening just as polls show Eby’s once big lead shrinking before BC’s provincial election. The Conservatives are gaining ground by focusing on issues that really matter to people, while Eby’s government has dropped the ball on key problems like sky-high housing costs and ridiculously long medical wait times.

With the province on the brink and voters ready to vent their frustration on those incompetent in power, Eby thinks going after Trudeau is his best bet to dodge the blame. He’s hoping to ride the wave of growing anti-Trudeau sentiment to save his own hide.

Trudeau’s downward spiral has also got the federal NDP in a panic. They’re worried about being dragged down by the unpopular Liberal PM they’ve been supporting. That’s why the BC NDP is now scrambling to distance themselves from Trudeau, even though they’ve backed most of his policies.

The NDP went along with Trudeau’s crazy immigration hikes that overloaded BC and strained its services. They supported his aggressive climate change moves like the carbon tax that have jacked up the cost of living. And they echoed his socially radical agenda that’s divided the country.

But with Trudeau cratering in polls, the NDP has pivoted to criticize him over problems their own alliance enabled and exacerbated. Their hypocrisy and dishonesty in attacking Trudeau’s record after endorsing it for years is shameless.

Eby’s Screeching U-Turn on Policy

Eby’s scathing new tone is especially jarring compared to his fawning praise of Trudeau many times before. As one of Eby’s rivals, B.C. United leader Kevin Falcon, accurately said Eby is “late to the story” and blamed him for working “hand-in-hand with Justin Trudeau to create the mess that we’re in here today.”

This premier who once could not say enough nice things about Trudeau has now declared open political war against him. Eby’s move to throw Trudeau under the bus and scold him for problems in BC reeks of desperation to save his own political fortunes.

Not that Trudeau didn’t totally mess things up too, but the way BC’s premier is trying so hard to cover his own mess is laughable. He’s just as satanic as Trudeau.

It also exposes the opportunism and hypocrisy of the NDP. They were happy to prop up Trudeau but are shamelessly fleeing from him as his administration implodes in scandals, policy disasters and electoral defeats. 

Nowhere is the NDP’s hypocritical abandonment of Trudeau clearer than on BC’s drug policies. Eby was the loudest provincial cheerleader for Trudeau’s law decriminalizing possession of dangerous opioids like fentanyl. He even attacked Poilievre and the Conservatives for daring to oppose this radical and risky experiment.

But as opioid deaths in BC hit new heights under decriminalization and pubic disorder spiraled out of control, Eby made another screeching U-turn. With British Columbians infuriated by junkies openly shooting drugs in parks and bus shelters, the premier moved to recriminalize public drug use.

Eby blames “quickly escalating chaos” and angry citizens for forcing his hand. Yet this is exactly what Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre predicted would happen when he condemned drug decriminalization as dangerous and foolish.

So the same Eby who bashed Poilievre for not backing decriminalization is now basically admitting that the Conservative leader was right all along. Instead of owning up to the failed policy, Eby’s just pointing fingers at Trudeau to dodge the blame for the mess.

Eby’s flip-flop on decriminalization shows how unprincipled and dishonest he and the BC NDP are. 

Now that things have gone south, they’re scrambling to distance themselves from Trudeau’s reckless policies. Meanwhile, it’s the people of British Columbia who are stuck dealing with the fallout from all this political posturing.

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