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Poilievre Vows to Slay Trudeau’s “Three-Headed Censorship”


Poilievre Blasts Trudeau Censorship

Pierre Poilievre just dropped a truth bomb on Justin Trudeau’s woke thought police, who are waging an all-out war on free speech.

Poilievre is leading the charge against Trudeau’s lame censorship state, which is scrambling to erase inconvenient facts and control what we think.

He’s taking the gloves off and exposing Trudeau’s fake excuses for unleashing his “three-headed censorship monster” to crush dissent.

The Conservative leader warned that Trudeau wants Canadians to be prisoners of political correctness rather than free thinkers. He’s pushing a new form of tyranny that’s even sneakier than Stalin’s.

Trudeau’s woke censors are desperately rewriting history to fit their radical ideology. MP Rachael Thomas revealed they’re even trying to erase Sir John A. Macdonald’s accomplishments because they’re too “dangerous” for us to know about.

Thomas called out Trudeau’s revisionist goons for trying to cancel Canada’s first Prime Minister to please the woke mob.

Poilievre gets that Trudeau needs to silence free speech because his left-wing ideas can’t handle facts and reason. Now, the silenced majority must fight back before truth itself becomes illegal.

Trudeau War on Free Speech

Pierre Poilievre just drew a line in the sand against Justin Trudeau’s sinister plot to gag free speech online. 

He’s rallying everyone to help him fight Trudeau’s Online Streaming Act, C-11, and the Online Harms Bill, C-63. Poilievre calls these bills a “three-headed censorship monster” that threatens to control what we can say and see on social media.


This fight is all about protecting our freedom. Trudeau’s past censorship bills, C-11 and C-18, already messed up our news feeds by getting rid of local news. But his new proposal, C-63, is even worse.

C-63 would create a 330-person bureaucracy called the “Digital Safety Commission” to monitor online content. A “Digital Censorship Ombudsperson” would encourage Canadians to report each other for perceived “harms.”

Even more alarming, these unelected officials would have the power to impose huge fines up to $50,000 for vaguely defined “hate” speech. They could even go after things said before the law was passed.

And by “hate” speech, they obviously mean any speech criticizing Trudeau and his fake, glossy look.

Trudeau’s censorship machine even gives the Canadian Human Rights Commission the power to process hate speech claims anonymously. This totally violates due process by not allowing the accused to know who their accuser is.

This whole censorship setup is going to cost taxpayers over $200 million. Basically, Trudeau is funding his own thought police to shut down anyone who disagrees with him.

Let’s be real – this scheme is just a way to silence Canadians and protect Trudeau from criticism. It pretends to combat online harms but is really about controlling what we read, hear, and think.

This power grab is seriously scary. Trudeau wants to control public discourse while Canadians lose their basic freedoms under the threat of massive fines.

Poilievre rightly warns that C-63 focuses not on genuinely protecting vulnerable groups, but on banning opinions contrary to Trudeau’s radical, woke ideology. It is nothing less than a desperate ploy by an unpopular liberal government to cling to power through press censorship. 

Trudeau’s excuse that his censorship squad will keep porn away from kids is straight-up dishonest. Like all tyrants, he’s hiding his real motives – silencing critics and brainwashing the public – behind fake morality.

C-63 is even scarier because it allows people to be put under house arrest if someone thinks they might commit a future crime. This Minority Report-style punishment is a total justice fail. Our freedom now depends on random accusers’ feelings, not actual evidence.

Trudeau’s censorship bureaucrats would also force websites to follow ‘online safety plans’ for content moderation. If they don’t comply, they could face huge fines or get banned entirely.

These dangerous rules would turn Canada into a dictatorship. How can any freedom-loving person accept laws that allow jail time for ‘thought crimes’ based on someone’s random accusation?

But Poilievre offers a beacon of hope through his vow to repeal C-63 and slay Trudeau’s censorship beast as Prime Minister. Courageous dissenters can yet turn the tide if roused to action.

All liberty-minded citizens must rally behind Poilievre’s crusade before it is too late. Trudeau’s plot to commandeer the nation’s minds and mouths risks making Orwell’s 1984 seem quaint.

If passed, C-63 would do serious damage to free speech that might never be fixed. Once power is given to despots, they never give it up willingly.

That’s why Poilievre’s stand against this totalitarian plan is so crucial. Everyone who values freedom needs to join the fight now because this chance won’t come again.

Poilievre Pushes Back on Erasing Canada’s History

Trudeau’s track record on censorship shows he’ll do anything to control narratives and public opinion. He can’t be trusted with vague powers to limit speech through unelected bodies that follow partisan agendas.

Canadians already got a taste of Trudeau’s authoritarian side when he used the Emergencies Act to crush the Ottawa trucker convoy’s protest. He’ll use the C-63 as an even bigger weapon to silence his critics.

Like the trucker crackdown, C-63 has nothing to do with lawful governance in the public interest. It is the desperate gambit of an unpopular leader terrified of being exposed through free debate and opinion. 

Poilievre’s fight against Trudeau’s censorship regime also pushes back on the woke crusade to erase Canada’s history. As Conservative MP Rachael Thomas condemned, even nonpartisan educational groups now yield to demands to censor the past.

Thomas blasted Trudeau’s woke culture police pressuring Historica Canada into deleting a Heritage Minute honoring Sir John A. Macdonald. 

This is the Heritage Minute about Sir John A Macdonald they don’t want you to see.

Thomas rightly said: “After nine years of Trudeau, woke censors and activists are trying to erase our history and tell Canadians they should not be proud of our great country. Sir John A. Macdonald is one of the founders of our nation and our very first prime minister. His vision and leadership played a critical role in establishing our constitution on the principles of peace, order, and good government. These irrefutable facts cannot be erased.”

She powerfully concluded: “Instead of Trudeau’s woke culture that is attempting to tear down our country, common sense Conservatives will restore the Canada we know and love and celebrate the proud country we call home.” 

Trudeau’s latest stunt to control what we can say and think shows he’s seriously rattled. It’s like he’s admitting his own ideas can’t handle any real criticism, so he’s trying to shut down any dissenting voices before they can even speak up. Calling it a move for public safety is just a flimsy excuse.

But we’re not buying it. Standing against C-63 isn’t just about protecting free speech; it’s about keeping Canada a place where we can openly debate and challenge ideas without fear of government censorship. 

Let’s show Trudeau that we won’t let him silence us. Our freedom to speak our minds is too important to give up without a fight.

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