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O’Leary Rips ‘Weak Manager’ Trudeau for Tanking Economy


O’Leary Blasts Trudeau’s Decade of Failure

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary just unleashed on Trudeau and his hapless finance minister Chrystia Freeland – and he didn’t hold back one bit.

O’Leary slammed Trudeau as a “very weak manager” who has chased away investment and wasted Canada’s riches. He called out Freeland as an “unqualified” disaster making “mistakes left and right.”

The business titan didn’t mince words – he said it’s “shameful” how Trudeau has bungled Canada’s vast potential. We’re one of the wealthiest countries on earth, but Trudeau’s running us into the ground.

And Freeland’s the worst of his lame crew. O’Leary called her capital gains tax hike an “absolute mistake” that will damage Canada for years. Her lack of qualifications is tanking our economy.

O’Leary explained that under Trudeau’s decade of failure, Canada bleeds capital as our own pension funds invest abroad. Is Trudeau even trying to attract business here? Clearly not. 

Canadians are sick of Trudeau’s gang of bungling amateurs tanking our future. O’Leary verbalized what we’re all thinking – Trudeau couldn’t manage a lemonade stand, let alone Canada’s economy. 

O’Leary Slams ‘Unqualified’ Freeland as Disaster

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary recently slammed Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland for their complete economic mismanagement and “shameful” capital gains tax hike. O’Leary pulled no punches in calling out Trudeau as a “very weak manager” who has presided over policies chasing away investment and squandering Canada’s natural resource riches. 

He also blasted the unqualified ex-journalist Trudeau-appointed finance minister, Freeland, for her capital gains tax increase, calling it an “absolute mistake” that will cause lasting damage. O’Leary joined a bunch of people from small businesses to farmers, saying Trudeau and Freeland’s tax hike will hit middle-class Canadians, not just the rich.

O’Leary rightly said: “I can’t help but blame Justin Trudeau for that for the last decade. He’s a weak manager. In my opinion, he’s a very successful politician but a very, very weak manager.” 

He argued Trudeau has focused on frivolous priorities rather than developing Canada’s immense natural resource potential.

O’Leary slammed Trudeau for allowing Canada’s own pension funds to invest abroad rather than domestically due to his anti-development policies. He said Trudeau’s leadership has done a “very poor job” attracting investment for major projects. O’Leary hopes for “a change in policy in this country” after the immense damage Trudeau has inflicted.

He called out Freeland’s lack of qualifications to be finance minister and her “policy mistakes left and right.” O’Leary explained Freeland has no financial experience, unlike previous finance ministers. Her background is purely as a politician and journalist. 

Because of her total lack of qualifications, Freeland is tanking Canada’s global tax competitiveness and economic future with short-sighted tax hikes like on capital gains. 

O’Leary called it “shameful” that under Trudeau, Canada is squandering its vast potential. Its staggering resource riches per capita make Canada one of the wealthiest countries on earth, as O’Leary said. Yet it’s being steered onto the rocks by an “unqualified, weak” finance minister.

O’Leary totally ripped into Freeland’s capital gains tax hike that kicked in on June 25, calling it a huge screw-up. He pointed out that high corporate taxes make companies want to to move or get super creative with their accounting to dodge them. Thanks to Freeland, Canada’s putting our tax competitiveness in jeopardy and could lose a bunch of mobile capital to other places.

Rather than sensibly positioning Canada in the middle of G20 corporate tax rates, Freeland’s hike pushes Canada toward the bottom of global tax competitiveness. As O’Leary said, “Bad managers do a lot of damage. And she is a very bad, underqualified manager. Why can’t I have a real finance minister? Why can’t I have somebody who was actually involved in financial services in this country? Why do I have that? She works for me. I’m a taxpayer.” 

Freeland’s tax hike is hitting us hard right when our economy’s already struggling. Inflation’s out of control thanks to Trudeau’s spending spree. Businesses are drowning in taxes and red tape heaped on by Trudeau’s government, dragging down productivity. And to top it off, Canadians are buried in record-high debt, making us all feel pretty vulnerable right now.

With Canada already bleeding capital and growth thanks to Trudeau’s policies, a massive tax hike is the last thing needed. As leading tax policy expert Jack Mintz writes, “capital gains taxes…reduce the return that entrepreneurs and investors can expect from starting a business or investing in the Canadian economy. This means that potential entrepreneurs or investors are more likely to take their ideas and money elsewhere.”

So at the worst possible time, Freeland is slamming the door shut on investment and entrepreneurship in Canada. Her tax hike will inhibit growth for years to come, stunting wages and opportunities for Canadians. It’s a reckless move motivated by her lack of financial experience and dictated by the WEF. 

She persists in being a WEF lapdog, hoping that when Trudeau is shown the door and loses the election, she will save her political career by taking on a larger role with the WEF, openly supporting their globalist interests.

Freeland Lacks Finance Experience

Freeland continues making the laughable claim that her tax hike only affects the rich. But extensive research proves it will broadly damage middle class Canadians. Many modest income Canadians earn large capital gains from infrequent events like selling a business, farm or cottage. 

Over 50% of those reporting capital gains over $250,000 had under $117,592 in regular annual income over a decade. These are middle Canadians, not the wealthy. They’ll now get walloped by Freeland’s tax grab.

Including investors in private companies, a whopping 15.8% of Canadians will feel the sting of this tax hike. From farmers to doctors to small business owners, huge swaths of middle-class Canada are speaking out. They’re demanding that Freeland stop misleadingly claiming only the rich will pay.

Her capital gains tax hike will clearly mess with middle-class nest eggs and retirements, and make running small businesses even tougher. But unserious, number-fudging politicians like Freeland don’t seem to care about the real-life hardship their policies inflict on hard-working taxpayers.

Freeland has callously claimed her tax hike is needed to fund Liberal spending dreams. That’s an easily exposed lie. Ottawa is already swimming in tax revenues that have surged under Trudeau. Federal revenues have skyrocketed nearly 70% since he took office, with this year alone seeing an extra $27 billion.

There was zero need to further burden struggling citizens already being crushed by inflation. This massive tax grab was a deliberate choice by the cold-hearted Liberals to keep pickpocketing overtaxed people.

As an expert at the Fraser Institute put it, “the government does not have a revenue problem.”  

Between skyrocketing living costs and now a massive new capital gains tax, the Trudeau Liberals are really squeezing citizens who are barely keeping their heads above water. It’s disgraceful how they’re treating taxpayers, who deserve way better from their financially clueless government.

But don’t worry, this won’t keep going on. Canadians are waking up to years of Liberal mismanagement and failed policies. They’re voicing their anger by making the Liberals lose in Toronto-St. Paul’s by-election, and come October 2025, we’ll give them the ultimate slap in the face.

Their latest tax grab is only going to make things worse. As O’Leary put it, Freeland has “no experience at this… I don’t know why she’s there.” Her incompetence, along with Trudeau’s failed leadership, is squandering Canada’s potential.

But better days are ahead with responsible leadership. Tapping into Canada’s immense resources, removing barriers to success, and letting people keep more of their hard-earned money will bring back prosperity. The Conservative vision is the way out of this mess after Trudeau’s lost decade.

O’Leary is right that “Canada, if you look at resources per capita, is one of the richest countries on earth run by idiots.” But replacing the current “idiots” with competent. common-sense Conservatives will allow Canada’s light to shine bright once again.

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