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Obama Privately Doubts Biden’s Reelection Chances


Obama doubts Biden reelection

In a stunning betrayal, Barack Obama now privately expresses grave concerns about Joe Biden’s reelection chances after orchestrating his disastrous presidency.

Despite publicly backing Biden, a panicked Obama confessed to allies that Biden’s path to victory grew even bleaker after his trainwreck debate performance exposed his mental decline.

Obama ruthlessly crushed any dissent to install the malleable Biden as nominee, believing he could control his pliable ex-VP. But now Biden’s breathtaking ineptitude fills Obama with election nightmares.

This supposed dream team ticket has turned into Obama’s worst nightmare. Biden’s epic bungling of the presidency now threatens to drag Democrats into the electoral abyss.

Obama sees that Biden is an unfit figurehead propped up by delusion and deception. Democrats denied Biden’s unfitness, but his deepening cognitive erosion is apparent to all – even Obama.

America won’t be fooled again by the Democrats’ elderly puppet-in-chief. Obama’s hubris saddled the nation with a feeble commander-in-chief unable to command his own incoherent thoughts.

Now Obama reckons with the poisoned fruit of his cynical ploy. Installing the washed-up Biden has devastated the country and Obama’s reputation. 

Obama tells allies he fears Biden can’t win again

In a shocking revelation, reports have emerged that Barack Obama harbors serious concerns about Joe Biden’s chances for re-election. Despite publicly voicing support for his former VP, Obama has privately told allies that Biden’s path to victory grew even more challenging after his disastrous debate performance.  

This bombshell insight into Obama’s doubts over Biden’s floundering campaign confirms what many Americans already know – Biden is unfit to continue as President. 

Obama hand-picked Biden as the torchbearer of his legacy. But now behind closed doors, an anxious Obama is waking up to Biden’s glaring unsuitability for office. The President can hardly keep his facts straight, let alone win another grueling campaign.

Aides describe Biden as “only able to engage for limited windows” each day, displaying frequent verbal miscues and muddled thinking. Yet Obama and the DNC foisted this declining candidate on America, deceiving voters about Biden’s sharpness.

Their web of lies now unravels as Obama privately voices alarm over Biden’s debilitated condition. The Democrats denied Biden’s obvious cognitive decline, scamming their way into power by hiding his unfitness. But their deception cannot survive Biden’s deepening deterioration.

Even Obama seems to recognize that Democrats cannot repeat their 2020 tactics. Propping up Biden despite clear mental erosion destroyed their credibility. Americans won’t be fooled again by their puppeteering of an incapacitated leader.

With Biden’s faculties fading by the day, Democrats face a dilemma. Swapping out Biden would require admitting they installed an impaired President. But running him again appears increasingly delusional after his incoherent debate ramblings.

Obama placed his party in this precarious position by overriding objections to force Biden’s nomination. Despite clear signals Biden was past his prime, Obama’s hubris gave us a commander-in-chief unable to command his own thoughts.

Biden’s cognitive decline was obvious long before the 2020 DNC convention. Yet cold political calculus led Obama to shield his fragile friend from scrutiny and prop him up before voters.

Those calculations now backfire spectacularly as Obama harbors private doubts about Biden’s reelection viability. The President can hardly string together a sentence, let alone mount a high-stakes campaign against rejuvenated Republicans.  

Aides from the Biden administration revealed that the president can only be “dependably engaged” between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and “is more likely to have verbal miscues and become fatigued” outside his standard operating hours.

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz said on “The Big Weekend Show” Sunday:

“The Biden administration and the Democrats have lied to us every single step of the way… They’ve been hiding this.”

The former Utah congressman added: “I blame Barack Obama. He’s the one that told us that Joe Biden was going to be the guy, but he’s in obvious decline. They should have wrapped this up last year, and Joe Biden should be on his victory lap this year and let the process play itself out.” 

Even Biden admitted his poor debate performance at a rally in North Carolina: 

“I don’t walk as easy as I used to, I don’t speak as smoothly as I used to, I don’t debate as well as I used to… but I know how to tell the truth. I know right from wrong. And I know how to do this job, I know how to get things done.” 

Biden’s disorienting debate performance seems to have rattled even Obama’s faith in his rickety presidency. The President’s rambling incoherence and forgetfulness on live TV laid bare what Democrats have tried desperately to hide.

As Obama confessed to allies, Biden’s already steep reelection climb just got even steeper after that shockingly bad debate outing. Millions of voters witnessed Biden’s frightening loss of mental sharpness and stamina.

When Biden utters confused, disjointed answers and loses his train of thought mid-sentence, Americans see clearly that he lacks the alertness needed to lead the free world. His faltering debate raised grave concerns that Democrats can no longer conceal or spin away.

After that embarrassing display, Obama knows Biden’s reelection prospects are shrinking fast. One can only imagine Obama’s private reaction as he watched his chosen successor flounder in confused distraction on the debate stage. 

That heart-sinking moment surely confirmed Obama’s creeping fear that Biden no longer has the capacity to withstand an intense national campaign, let alone the daily rigors of the presidency. The debate debacle only deepened Obama’s unspoken worries about Biden’s fitness.

Yet for Democrats, an uncomfortable question lingers – did Obama know all along that Biden was mentally declining? Perhaps his preference for Biden was precisely because he saw a malleable candidate who would dutifully carry Obama’s torch without challenging his legacy.

Biden’s Disastrous Debate

Either way, Biden’s disastrous debate revealed a feeble candidate Democrats cannot drag across the finish line a second time. Obama’s reported doubts reflect the growing panic within the party that they hitched their wagon to an unviable leader.

Obama and the DNC now face an agonizing leadership dilemma. Do they stick with the flailing Biden as their nominee or orchestrate his removal? Neither option bodes well.

Already a liability, Biden seems unlikely to suddenly rebound and find campaign form again. But dumping Biden means admitting the Democrats installed an unfit president – hardly inspiring re-election messaging.

With Biden slipping deeper into cognitive decline, Democrats face a no-win choice. Running him again risks a landslide defeat as his mental decay accelerates. Yet cutting him loose destroys their credibility and requires complex legal maneuvering.

This perilous political corner is of Obama and the DNC’s own making. They ignored all warning signs and dutifully lined up behind Obama’s chosen successor, ruthlessly quashing any intra-party challenges.

With Biden’s concentration clearly waning, Obama now reckons with the fruits of his cynical political ploy. Trading the presidency for Biden’s vice presidency suddenly looks far less clever in light of Biden’s deterioration.

Either path spells disaster for Democrats. Sticking with Biden tilts the odds toward a crushing defeat. Replacing Biden means conceding a terribly unfit leader – an outcome voters will never forgive or forget.

Thanks to Obama’s arrogant miscalculations, Democrats face a political checkmate. Liberal media can try mightily to provide cover, but Biden’s decline is too stark to paper over anymore.

Obama and the DNC knew Biden was slipping but progressed with their succession plan anyway. That reckless ambition for power saddled America with a hollow figurehead president whose fragility deeply endangers the nation.

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