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Obama Has Been Trying to Help Biden in the Debate


Reports Leak Secret Plan

Leaked reports reveal Obama and Biden are privately scheming to salvage the unsalvageable 2024 election.

Like panicked engineers on the Titanic, they scurry about rearranging deck chairs while their party’s hopes sink into the frigid abyss.

Polls consistently show Biden’s approval ratings mired at historic lows, while Trump enjoys solid support on the Republican side. So, Obama took it upon himself alongside some help from Hillary Clinton to aggressively coach Biden to victory.

Democrats likely recognize substantial obstacles beyond debate tactics or messaging. Ultimately, Biden’s fate lies with persuading Americans his leadership remains superior to the better alternative in Donald Trump

Obama Tries to Help Biden

If you thought Biden still has a chance at the presidential elections coming this November, then I am happy to inform you that you are a minority even within his staunchest supporters.

What could I be talking about exactly? I am talking about the new reports that reveal how close Obama is to Biden’s ear as he whispers advice into it from time to time. Although, the reports do detail that things have escalated beyond what was previously thought to be normal one on one advice.

The reports indicate that Obama is secretly meeting with Biden for one on one training sessions to prep him up further for the upcoming CNN debate with none other than DOnald Trump.

According to left-leaning New York Magazine, Obama and Biden have been having “private dinners” to discuss their strategy for clinging to power beyond 2024, their only obstacle is an honest conservative man who fights for all patriotic Americans.

The Democrats’ desperation to halt the America First movement that President Trump launched. They know that Trump’s courageous leadership and conservative policies were hugely popular with millions of patriotic Americans.

That’s why Democrats had to resort to dubious election rules changes and biassed media coverage, only to heavily skew the election results in favour of flailing Biden.

Now facing absolute annihilation by Trump once again, Biden resorts to asking for advice from his old pal Barack Obama. A pal that will do nothing but make sure he is cognitive enough for a debate in the first place, because all of his ideals, policies, virtues and approaches are the exact same as Biden.

Biden unironically went to get help from a slightly saner version of himself. If that doesn’t tell you how cooked this man is, then I don’t know what will.

Obama the Control Freak

But wait, there is absolutely more. If you thought the reports ended at just the secret Obama meetings then prepare yourself to realise that Obama is now doing so much more than giving advice. You could say he has a hands-on approach.

What am I talking about? I am talking about the fact that Obama is keeping very close to the Biden campaign; giving them daily advice; keeping in touch when it comes to any campaign updates; checking in to see if Biden is doing well and if he is taking everyone’s advice to heart or not.

This has gotten so out of hand that now the Obama camp is aggressively pushing their agenda and trying to coach Biden for the big day with Trump.

They even got Hillary to come back from a sure political death just to give Biden some advice. But all they can say to Biden to hopefully help him and ease his burden when going against Trump is to imitate Trump and try to be more charismatic.

They tell him he should focus more on tearing down his opponent and his achievements rather than build his own.

Now I don’t know about you, but this sounds awfully like Obama and Hillary running Biden’s campaign for him, and maybe even without him overseeing it.

This is just the biggest indication that the Democrats are as desperate as they can ever be to defeat Trump once again, but their only chance is in a geriatric and senile old man.

They Were Planning Before

I mean for god’s sake, they are already planning on what route to take and how they are going to pull him away from the presidential race if he ever flops in front of Trump so hard that the mainstream media just can’t possibly deny it.

It is not something recent or novel, they have been at it since the beginning of this year in anticipation of Trump’s next move as they converse with each other about Biden losing steam and how he could possibly regain it.

They dismiss Trump and all his achievements and charisma that is pulling in the average patriotic American and then they start to flood what ought to be a self reflective conversation and turn it into a therapy session trying to come up with excuses for why Biden is failing.

Because they realise a simple reality here, Trump heads into the debate seeking to win over more minority, working-class, and swing state voters disillusioned by Biden’s failed policies.

Biden on the other hand faces the more difficult task of defending his abysmal track record without further alienating his own base.

On issue after issue, Biden panders to the far-left fringe at the expense of mainstream Americans. But he will find out sooner rather than later that this strategy will net him absolutely nothing in the end.

That’s why it feels like the whole establishment is trying to help Biden as much as they can, because when you have CNN, Obama, Clinton, and the far left mainstream media at his side to get him through the first debate with Trump, the bias is as clear as it gets.

In the ever so silly words of “the View” hosts who admit the true Democrat strategy going into the debates with Trump, nothing in this world is fair anyway, so we should fight for our truth.

I will steal their message and turn it around on them. Nothing is truly fair in this world alright, but that’s why we have to fight tooth and nail for Donald Trump.

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