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Mark Holland’s Unhinged Rant Sparks Doctors’ Revolt


A Liberal Meltdown

Health Minister Mark Holland’s unhinged rant accusing Conservatives of sabotaging the Liberal dental care program has backfired spectacularly in his face.

The best part? Canada’s dental associations are having none of Holland’s nonsense. They slammed his claims as totally false.

Then they proceeded to cite the real reason they are shying away from the national program and it is simply two words; Trudeau’s incompetence.

false accusations, detached from reality, bitterly partisan, and completely humiliating. Holland thinks he can bully experts into silence and cover up his government’s ineptitude. But it’s not working.

Holland’s rant is just another sign this government is desperate to distract from its laundry list of failures. But the experts and the public aren’t buying the spin anymore. The Trudeau Show is coming to an end.

Mark Holland is Unhinged

You know, we talk a lot about Trudeau and his wacko liberal policies alongside his wacko unhinged rants and lies trying to defend and sell the average Canadian those very same policies.

We talk a lot about his embarrassing displays and unhinged meltdowns that he unfortunately has blighted us with for a long long time. And we will continue to highlight Trudeau and his egregious stupidity and general incompetence running a great country like Canada, but sometimes we have to shine the light on something even dumber and more corrupt somehow.

Today we shine the light on none other than the minister of health Mark Holland. Another one of those wacko goofs that submit their free will to protect their dear leader with every ounce of life and integrity they have. And believe me when I say; they don’t have much integrity left, if any to begin with.

This little snivelling liar here went on an unhinged spree where he gave speeches left and right lambasting the conservatives and painting them as cartoon villains that are standing in the way of every Canadian’s health and prosperity.

You would think he wouldn’t have the time to go out of his way and criticise the conservatives, since he is supposed to be busy still trying to convince Canadians about the idea of “pharmacare” and the new and improved national dental program.

In fact, it was actually the national dental program subject that sparked some trauma buried deep inside his corrupt brain for some odd reason, and led to him going on an absolutely insane tirade fighting nonexistent opposition.

Instead of addressing issues he finds with the conservative argument against the national dental program, Mark Holland’s conspiracy brain rot took the wheel as he started accusing the conservatives of things he can’t even begin to improve.

Mark Holland stated how the conservatives are trying to manipulate the people’s opinions. He thinks they are an underlying shadowy force that is shifting the popular opinion to their will just because they want to watch the world burn and every useful program torn down.

Now, do I even need to debunk this liberal hogwash? Mark Holland strings these words together without any basis in reality or facts. He claims the conservatives are fueling the movement against the national dental care program by getting into the people’s heads and ripping into the initiative without any second thoughts.

Mark Holland’s Arguments are Being Torn Apart

But that statement right there could not even be further from the truth. We are already aware that the majority of dental doctors are not signing up to the national dental program despite all the false hype and fake narratives Mark Holland and his goons are trying to push.

Nearly all leaders of Canada’s national and provincial dental associations have not enrolled in the Liberal government’s troubled dental care program, if that didn’t send a message to Mark Holland then nothing will ever pierce that stupid brain of his.

I mean for crying out loud, these are the experts when it comes to oral health care and here they are; lacking the confidence to even sign up or talk about the national dental program in good will. It should prove to you that these are very smart people, because they took one good look at Trudeau’s bullshit and then they had enough.

And their rejections stem from the fact that Mark Holland and Trudeau never choose to make things clearer to Canadians. Because if they do, then Canadians will realise that they are being misled that dental services will be “free” when the reality is much more complicated, as co-payments and additional charges still apply, creating confusion for patients and doctors alike.

Coming back again to the present time, and right after Mark Holland delivered his unhinged speech attacking the conservatives and their motives, we found ourselves in the same exact situation with the doctors now enraged and calling Holland out for his unfounded comments and attacks directed at a party that is looking after the people of Canada.

Yeah you heard it right, Canada’s dental associations are pushing back against Mark Holland’s baseless claim that they oppose the troubled federal dental care program because of pressure from the conservative party, with multiple association presidents having rejected the minister’s accusation that the conservatives are “bullying” them into critiquing the poorly executed plan.

The Cycle of Corruption Rages On…

Isn’t that fun, huh? A liberal putting himself in a humiliating position once again, where he has to be spoken down to because of his choice of words and constant lying.

What is even funnier however, is that isn’t even the first time Mark Holland has made a fool out of himself. I mean we still haven’t forgotten about the “wacko” road trip comments, where he went on one of his tirades because a conservative MP asked him politely to give Canadian families a summer break from the carbon tax.

And then he stumbled onto his words and had his corrupt environment friends help him against Pierre Poilievre questioning how a lunatic man such as Holland can ever think he is in a position of power over innocent Canadian families and their dreams of having a tax free summer.

It is always a pattern with these liberals. You say a bunch of bullshit with no basis in reality and no facts to back it up; you get called out for it; you whine like the spineless coward you are.

Canadians can’t wait to break this corrupt cycle soon.

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