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Liberal McKay Exits, Calls Out Trudeau’s Treasonous China Ties


Liberal McKay Exposes Trudeau’s China Treason

A political bombshell just exploded in Ottawa. Veteran Liberal MP John McKay is abandoning Trudeau’s sinking ship after nearly 3 decades, and he’s calling out Justin Trudeau’s treasonous complicity with China on the way out.

McKay torched Trudeau’s dangerous and negligent China policy in an explosive resignation speech. He condemned Trudeau for ignoring China’s infiltration of our democracy and institutions – a betrayal so severe even loyal Liberals like McKay can’t stomach it anymore.

The 27-year MP pulled no punches, blasting China as an “existential threat” and slamming Trudeau for failing to protect Canada. McKay warned that Chinese interference has seeped into universities, police forces and more while Trudeau sat idle.

His searing criticism shreds Trudeau’s claims of taking interference seriously. McKay laid bare the ugly truth – that Trudeau’s approach wittingly enables Beijing’s predation.

Polls already show a staggering percentage of Canadians have no faith left in the Liberal’s ability to safeguard our sovereignty. Now McKay’s dramatic exit in protest blows the whistle even louder.

McKay’s devastating final rebuke has pried open Trudeau’s record of weakness and photo-ops while China held our citizens hostage and corroded Canadian society. With treasonous complicity exposed, McKay’s brave stand marks the point of no return. 

Liberal Mckay Decries China An “Existential Threat”

Liberal MP John McKay just dropped a bombshell—after 27 years, he’s not running for re-election. What’s even more shocking is why: he’s calling out the ‘existential threat’ of Chinese interference and pointing fingers at Trudeau for letting it happen.

McKay didn’t hold back. He blasted Trudeau’s government for ignoring China’s infiltration of our democracy and institutions. The betrayal is so bad that even long-time Liberals like McKay are jumping ship instead of supporting Trudeau’s dangerous and treasonous China policy.

In his fiery resignation speech, McKay called China an “existential threat on multiple levels,” slamming Trudeau for failing to protect Canada from Beijing’s influence.

McKay warned that Chinese interference is everywhere—not just in elections but in universities, police forces, and more, thanks to things like Confucius Institutes. He described it as an “invasive species” choking Canadian sovereignty.

McKay’s bold stance exposes the uncomfortable truth: Trudeau’s approach to China is at best negligent and at worst complicit. His critique tears apart Trudeau’s claims of taking foreign interference seriously.

McKay’s candid comments align with polling showing an overwhelming majority of Canadians have lost faith in Trudeau’s ability to safeguard democracy from Beijing’s meddling. A staggering 58% reported no confidence in the Liberals to address China’s election interference.

This comes as a classified parliamentary report revealed some elected Canadian officials have wittingly collaborated with China to undermine our system. Yet Trudeau refuses to name and shame those MPs, even as 69% of citizens demand accountability.

Also, Trudeau’s right hand, Freeland, when confronted about naming and shaming those MPs, Freeland gave the same non-answers and dodged direct questions about the damning claims. 

When a journalist directly looked into her soul and clearly asked about why no charges have been given despite alleged treason, Freeland vaguely said that “it needs to be law enforcement that takes the steps and takes the actions.”

At another press conference, where reporters understandably only wanted to discuss treason, Freeland dodged and weaved, pathetically claiming the public safety minister had already addressed the issue. Her press conference was cut abruptly short as a result.

So McKay’s dramatic exit in protest of Trudeau’s toxic China policy speaks volumes. The depth of McKay’s concern is evident in his willingness to abandon his long political career rather than remain complicit in Trudeau’s failings. His scorching criticism on the way out has galvanized demands for action.

Trudeau’s track record is pretty bad. Since he took office, he’s cozied up to China while leaving Canada exposed. He let Huawei into our 5G networks, invited Chinese troops for military exercises, and ignored blatant espionage and election meddling.

Trudeau Cozying Up To China

Instead of protecting Canadian interests, Trudeau seemed more interested in photo ops with Xi Jinping. Now we’re paying the price, as China targets our democracy while Trudeau praises China’s “basic dictatorship.”

Trudeau’s cozying up to China has been glaringly obvious since his bid for the Liberal leadership. He proudly campaigned on forging a “win-win” partnership with Xi’s regime, and he didn’t let up once he took office.

Back in July 2016, Trudeau’s own turf in Papineau suddenly saw a suspicious surge of donations linked to pro-Beijing sources. A whopping $67,080 flooded into his campaign chest from Chinese-Canadian donors in just 48 hours.

The timing couldn’t have been more convenient. This cash surge came right before Trudeau was set to attend a fancy fundraiser where rich Chinese business elites paid big bucks to meet him.

Most of these donations were from Chinese citizens newly arrived in Canada, many of whom had never given money to politics before. It smelled like a well-orchestrated move by people tied to the CCP, funneling foreign dough straight into the future PM’s pockets.

Security experts raised red flags, saying that this was likely a scheme by Beijing to boost Trudeau’s campaign right before he rubbed elbows with well-connected Chinese millionaires.

A sudden flood of donations from new Chinese immigrants in such a short span is hard to swallow as anything but a coordinated effort by outside forces to sway Trudeau.

All this shady Chinese cash pouring into Trudeau’s personal stash raises serious questions about straight-up political corruption. The way these donations flowed suggests Trudeau’s got some uncomfortably cozy ties with CCP-linked big shots.

McKay’s warnings show that Trudeau’s comforting words are just empty promises masking his reckless China policy. While he talks about human rights, he ignores the abuses by his Beijing buddies. His weakness let China kidnap our citizens.

Trudeau seems more focused on trade deals than dealing with China’s hostility. He lets Beijing exploit our open society to infiltrate and steal intellectual property. He won’t crack down on the Confucius Institutes spreading propaganda on our campuses.

It’s embarrassing that Liberal MP Han Dong was involved in aggressive Chinese election interference efforts. Despite the seriousness of these allegations, Trudeau dismissed concerns as racism for over a year.

It has been exposed that Trudeau was briefed by intelligence agencies about Dong’s compromising ties to the Chinese government. Yet he continued providing cover for Dong, falsely crying racism while ignoring warnings about the MP’s role in Beijing’s meddling.

Trudeau deliberately misled Canadians by insisting worries about Dong were anti-Asian bigotry. In truth, he knew full well about the MP’s participation in China’s far-reaching manipulation but put partisanship over principle. 

Trudeau ignored this extensive Chinese meddling in prior elections because the interference benefited Liberal candidates. His partisan selfishness prevents him from addressing this threat to all parties. He denied the seriousness of the issue until public pressure forced his hand.

McKay’s devastating final rebuke of Trudeau’s weakness has ignited an inferno of scrutiny. Canadians are demanding to know why Trudeau still allows Chinese loyalists to infiltrate parliament. He refuses to release the names of MPs collaborating with Beijing, betraying the public trust.

Trudeau wants to keep Canadians in the dark, hoping we’ll forget his China policy failures and how he is complicit in allowing China’s interference in our democracy. But McKay’s brave truth-telling ensures the firestorm will only grow until Trudeau is convicted for treason. The Liberal old guard is revolting against Trudeau’s complicity.

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