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Iceland CEO Exposes Sunak’s Indifference to Foodbank Crisis


Iceland CEO Exposes Sunak

A whistleblower has just blown the lid off Rishi Sunak’s shocking neglect of the foodbank crisis in Britain. Iceland CEO revealed how Sunak got all worked up and berated him for speaking out about the surge in families relying on foodbanks under the Tories. Sunak was more pissed about being questioned than he was about the actual suffering of millions.

This says it all: while Sunak is busy with photo ops, people are starving. He expects struggling Brits to stay quiet so he can keep pretending everything’s fine. It’s the arrogant detachment of a millionaire who sees widespread hunger as a PR problem, not a national emergency.

The truth is, under Sunak’s lousy leadership, foodbank usage has hit record highs. Grabbing charity food parcels has become the norm for millions in one of the richest countries in the world. This shameful situation highlights Sunak’s massive failure.

When faced with these hard facts, Sunak has no real solutions, just more empty slogans and fake sympathy. He denied the foodbank surge earlier, and now he’s trying to silence whistleblowers to keep this scandal under wraps.

Sunak Rages at Iceland CEO Foodbank Facts

In a damning indictment of Rishi Sunak’s failure as Prime Minister, the head of UK supermarket chain Iceland has exposed shocking levels of foodbank usage under the cold-hearted Tories. 

Richard Walker, Iceland CEO, recently revealed how Sunak berated him for speaking out about the explosion in foodbanks under Conservative rule. Clearly more concerned about dodging accountability than addressing citizens’ suffering, Sunak was apparently “pissed off ” that he had to field questions about this national disgrace.

But the truth cannot be buried: families are going hungry at record rates thanks to Sunak’s appalling neglect. Accessing a foodbank should not be part of daily life in one of the world’s richest countries. But after 14 disastrous years of Tory government, it’s become a lifeline for over 2.99 million desperate Britons.  

That Sunak reacted to this crisis with anger instead of urgent action shows his terrifying disconnect from the hardship plaguing working people nationwide. He expects the suffering masses to stay silent so he can keep pretending everything is fine. 

It’s the arrogance of a millionaire who sees poverty as an irritating PR problem, not the dire reality for millions under his leadership.

Walker, who quit the Tories last year over their policies and now backs Labour, told how he had a meeting with Sunak in March 2022, which he thought was about his bid to stand as an MP for the party.

He said: “At the end [of the meeting] he said, ‘There is one other thing. When you said you wanted to be a Tory candidate, I was shocked, because I just thought you were some Leftie, because your comments about foodbanks on the day of my spring statement were not helpful because I was having to answer questions in parliament about it.’ I thought I had gone in for a pat on the head, and I was getting a bit of a b******ing.”

Walker had ­simply told how some foodbank users were avoiding potatoes as they could not afford the energy to boil them. He added: “He was clearly quite p***ed off. It really wound him up.”

Walker speaks passionately about a range of social issues from the environment and climate change to the cost-of-living crisis, but he said he was warned by the Tories to “just wind it in a bit”. 

Sunak can throw his tantrums all day long, but the explosion of foodbanks is a glaring testament to his epic failure. When three in ten parents are skipping meals to feed their kids, any leader worth their salt would tackle the issue head-on, not try to sweep it under the rug. 

But for Sunak, it’s all about optics. He’s just continuing the Tory tradition of flashy gestures that don’t fix a darn thing.

Millionaire Sunak Out of Touch Tweet

Take his recent tweet about “buying British” food. Talk about tone-deaf! Everyone called him out because his own policies make it impossible for struggling families to afford healthy, homegrown food. It’s like he’s playing at caring while stabbing us in the back. His “buy British” act? Pure theatrics.

While Sunak’s out there tweeting about “buying British” food with all these empty slogans, the truth is, most of our fruit and veggies are now coming from abroad. Back in the 80s, only 20% were imported, but now it’s 90% of fruit and half of our veggies. 

And to add insult to injury, his trade deals flooded the market with cheap meat from overseas, screwing over our struggling British farmers who are already dealing with sky-high costs.

How are we supposed to support local growers when Sunak’s leadership has gutted our self-sufficiency? His PR stunts ride on the backs of hardworking farmers, while his policies keep screwing them over.

Just take a look at the mess he’s made. Nearly a third of British farms couldn’t turn a profit in 2022. Small farms are disappearing left and right – back in 1950, there were 160,000, but now there’s only 30,000 left. That’s an 80% drop in less than 75 years!

These farms have been barely hanging on thanks to EU grants and subsidies, but now with Sunak’s post-Brexit replacement schemes have left many on the brink of bankruptcy. No wonder so many can’t afford to continue farming.

Meanwhile, supermarkets wield huge power in the UK food system, meaning growers have little choice but to sell through them at rock bottom prices that often undercut the true cost of production.

Suzy Russell, from the Community Supported Agriculture Network, rightly said: “The government can say ‘buy British’ all they want. But if they want that to be a reality, they need to support farmers.”

She added: “Trade deals push down UK prices. Supermarkets have a stronghold grip on the market. Even large growers quake at the thought of losing their supermarket contracts. And until very recently the vast majority of our CSA farms were too small to receive government support of any kind.”

Sunak’s trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand have only intensified this crisis, allowing a flood of cheap, low-quality Antipodean beef to undermine British producers already struggling with narrow margins.

The end result is that while Sunak hemmed around hollow slogans, the reality facing British growers remains dire. 

And, of course, struggling citizens can’t afford to buy any healthy food, British or otherwise. Millions rely on foodbanks because Sunak’s disastrous economic mismanagement has left them unable to even feed their families. But Sunak wants applause for empty slogans instead of solutions.

Just look at the shocking reality. Food bank use has exploded from just 35 nationwide in 2010 to over 2,500 today. More than 3 million food parcels were distributed this year alone. Use among children has surged by over 50% in the past year. And millions of adults now go entire days without eating. 

This shameful poverty in the world’s 6th largest economy proves Sunak’s dereliction of duty. But all he offers are hollow words and crocodile tears. 

NHS Worker Floors Sunak

To make your blood boil even more about our clueless PM, Sunak’s cringe response to an NHS worker who called him out on the food bank crisis just shows how out of touch he is with what’s really going on in Britain. While he rambled about supporting food banks, Sophie from Bury nailed it: no leader ‘richer than the King’ gets what regular people go through every day.

She pointed out stark facts that are inconvenient for Sunak: over 3 million Brits now rely on foodbanks, up from just 35 nationwide in 2010 under the Tories. Sophie sees the daily human cost while working with malnourished children too poor to eat properly before school.

But when pressed on solutions by the radio host, Sunak could only mutter he’d “like to bring the number down” before getting tetchy. He clearly has no real policies to tackle this crisis, just more flimsy PR words.

With a personal fortune over £651 million and properties across the world, Sunak inhabits a different universe than citizens forced to skip meals and rely on foodbanks. His privileged pedigree makes relating to ordinary people’s suffering impossible. He’s a crony capitalist born into outrageous privilege.

Just look at Sunak’s life of opulence. A £750 monogrammed backpack, a collection of luxury cars, and at least 4 lavish homes including a £13.5 million penthouse. He once admitted having “no working class friends” – is it any wonder he’s so comprehensively failing workers and families?

While Sunak lives in luxury, millions of Brits are going whole days without eating. No wonder he can’t grasp what Sophie sees daily on the NHS frontlines—malnourished kids whose hardworking parents can’t afford to feed them.

Sunak’s anger at Iceland ‘s CEO for bringing up foodbanks just shows how out of touch and cold-hearted he is. A real leader would listen, not lash out. 

Instead of throwing around empty “buy British” slogans, he should actually make it possible. Fix the messed-up economy that’s leaving people starving instead of just making his rich buddies richer. But his chances are long gone.

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