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Guilbeault Sticks with the Carbon tax after Liberal Defeat


Clinging to the Past

If you ask Steven Guilbeault how the Liberal Party is grappling with the political fallout from their shocking by-election defeat in the Toronto riding of St. Paul’s, you will get a stubborn politician that is not looking to change a single thing in their presentation.

While most Liberal ministers have publicly downplayed any internal dissent, their desperate attempts to defend the status quo betray their fake remorseful statements.

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault is on top of that pyramid as he staunchly justify the unpopular carbon tax, dismissing any notions of changing course while doubling down on threadbare talking points.

With their hold on power under threat, all eyes will be on how Trudeau and his inner circle respond to the people’s unambiguous message – the time for change may have arrived.

Guilbeault Fails to Change

The liberal party and all of Trudeau’s close friends are not taking the devastating and quite shocking by-election loss in the St. Paul Toronto riding lightly at all.

They have divided themselves into factions in opposition and brawling quietly in the shadows over the fate of their dear prime minister Justin Trudeau, whether he is eligible to stay on and keep moving forward as their leader, or should he just step down and hand over the reins and the important duties to someone more capable and more likeable.

However, the majority of the infamous liberal ministers and MPs that staunchly support Trudeau have come out publicly to try to quell the fire that is brewing in the parliament.

It is really blatantly desperate from them to talk about there being absolutely no issues or discussions of any kind regarding Trudeau and his status as a prime minister. They will chalk it up to anxiety and advise Trudeau to keep moving forward bearing nothing in mind.

And then you have a subsection within these egregious supporters, a subsection that is so full of themselves they are not even able to pursue any form of self reflection even after a shocking and catastrophic defeat like the one in the St.Paul Toronto riding.

I am talking about the minister of environment and climate change Steven Guilbeault denouncing any notion regarding change in climate policies and taxes, while also publicly calling out anyone that tries to attack or put down the costly carbon tax.

Steven Guilbeault blabbered about the importance of the carbon tax not only to the environment but also to Canadians everywhere across Canada, before he proceeded to recite the same bullshit talking point about 8 out of 10 families getting more money back from the carbon tax and how he can’t possibly take it away from them.

Guilbeault keeps highlighting how several external experts and analysts from all over the world including Canada’s parliamentary budget office have vouched for the carbon tax giving back more money to 8 out of 10 Canadian families, and that it is a solid tax that will never ever affect the economy negatively in any way shape or form.

Guilbeault Doubles Down

Guilbeault is actually so delusional that he conjured up in his silly and almost nonexistent mind up there a reality where climate change and its adverse effects is somehow costing Canadians more tax money than when they just pay for the carbon tax, that is draining their tax money any way with the added bonus of not even protecting the environment form whatever is this week’s danger according to the liberals.

He uses made up numbers and statistics for how much climate change is costing and will continue to cost Canadians, all to justify his delusional beliefs and support his “woke” climate agenda.

This is his answer to a question trying to understand what the liberal will do differently in response to their humiliating loss at St.Paul Toronto. His answer was to do the same garbage that did not work and will continue to not work in the future.

And then the liberals have the gall to whine and talk about trying to understand why the people dislike them. They only need to listen to themselves sometimes.

They will refuse to change the status quo or even attempt to listen to the Canadian people’s endless pleas. People like Gilbeault would rather stand side by side with a failing prime minister like Trudeau.

It Was Already Debunked

What is depressingly hilarious in the midst of all this desperation and chaos, is the fact that Guilbeault still has the audacity to defend his Carbon tax scheme and subtly compare any opposition to absolute morons who don’t understand the economy, when the liberal analysis on the carbon tax’s impact on the economy proved the conservative opinion a while ago.

If you forgot, during the very latest question period in the parliament, Poilievre challenged Trudeau, Guilbeault and any liberal stupid enough to face him once and for all to a carbon tax election to let the Canadian people decide for themselves whether they want to keep paying the corrupt tax or not.

But when Trudeau kept dodging the question and diverting the conversation into more lies and to obfuscate the original point of the discussion surrounding the carbon tax, Poilievre proceeded to stump him and reveal that the liberal’s own analysis found that the carbon tax will cost Canadians an extra 30 billion dollars in tax money by 2030.

This is what the liberals were trying so desperately to hide and now Guilbeault is acting like an ignorant fool who never witnessed such an event.

Keep all of this clown show in mind. Keep in mind how the liberals will obfuscate, lie, and steal from every Canadian. Keep in mind how they will turn around and blatantly declare that they will do it again and again until they bleed you dry. Keep in mind that this is their strategy after suffering a historic loss.

Keep it all in mind for when the time comes to boot the likes of Guilbeault, Trudeau and every liberal scum out of the parliament.

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