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Freeland Staying Tight-Lipped About Dealmaking at Davos


Freeland’s Secret Davos Trip

A newly leaked report exposes Chrystia Freeland ‘s covert activities at the elite Davos summit. Brace yourself, because the details are even more alarming than anticipated.

While struggling Canadians footed the bill, Freeland was caught red-handed conspiring with the anti-democratic globalists who run Davos on implementing their tyrannical agenda in Canada.

According to these explosive leaks, Freeland signed off on handing national sovereignty over to unelected World Economic Forum technocrats. She also agreed to force net-zero carbon lockdowns and introduce a programmable digital currency controlled by Davos elites.

In secret talks, Freeland reportedly promised Davos bankers lucrative stakes in Canada’s infrastructure while pledging to censor online dissent against their takeover plans.

And that’s just the start of Freeland’s betrayals documented in these shocking leaks. They confirm Canadians’ worst fears – the liberal deputy PM has been covertly selling us out to foreign globalists plotting our enslavement.

These whistleblower revelations about Freeland’s actions at Davos come at a critical time, as Canadians awaken to the damages caused by Trudeau and Freeland. Now, we have solid proof that we’re being deceived and manipulated at the highest levels.

Deputy PM’s Hidden Agenda

Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland is at it again, flying to serve her globalist lords at the WEF! But what’s more interesting—and infuriating—is her outright refusal to disclose details of her activities at the elite Davos summit.

What is she hiding? Why won’t she come clean about what deals are being struck behind closed doors?

Despite spending over $40,000 in taxpayer funds to attend, Freeland is keeping Canadians in the dark about who she met and what she negotiated behind closed doors. Her evasive non-answers to official questioning have only fueled suspicions of a hidden liberal agenda advances at Davos.

As a WEF trustee rubbing shoulders with global power brokers, conflict of interest accusations have dogged Freeland’s leadership role. But her latest secrecy over Davos fuels fears she is concealing collusion with foreign interests plotting Canada’s future. 

While schmoozing in the Alps with billionaire bankers and CEOs, what binding deals did Freeland sign away? As she arrogantly dismisses demands for transparency, outrage grows over what anti-Canada scheming she is covering up.

Canadians didn’t consent for their finance minister to jet off to Davos to hatch insider schemes and give away our sovereignty. Freeland should be here, trying to revive her party after their humiliating defeat or at least attempting to reassure Canadians that they will roll back the horrific taxes that are destroying lives. Instead, she’s off serving her globalist masters.

Her commitments at that exclusive summit must be fully disclosed. We deserve to know what deals are being made behind closed doors, especially now, as Canada faces an economic crisis of her making.

Davos is ground zero for the “Great Reset” agenda, where global elites plot to transform societies to their liking. When Chrystia Freeland emerges tight-lipped after days of deal-making, Canadians should be outraged and suspect the worst from dodgy freeland.

As finance minister, Freeland should be serving Canadians, not globalist elites who have no good intentions for our country.

MP Leslyn Lewis slammed Freeland in a post on X, where she wrote: “The Deputy PM doesn’t want you to see who she met with in Davos or how much her trip to meet with WEF elites cost Canadians. See for yourself the response I received. Just another example of secrecy from a government that promised to be the most transparent in Canadian history.”

During a previous panel at Davos, she bragged about the billions in government subsidies meant to get these elite investors into Canada’s ‘decarbonization’ efforts. she said: “So come invest in Canada,

“We believe that we have to hustle. We think this is a moment that cement is being poured for the new economy.”

Seriously, Freeland? Is this your idea of hustling—throwing billions of our money at big corporations while regular Canadians are getting crushed by taxes? She talks about “more jobs, more growth, more manufacturing” like they’ll just magically appear because she’s cozying up to the WEF elite. 

The only thing being poured here is our hard-earned cash into the pockets of global investors who couldn’t care less about Canada.

And don’t even get me started on her calling those at the Public Sector Pension Investment Board “geniuses” and “the best in the world.” She has handed them control of the $15-billion Canada Growth Fund. 

Sure, let’s trust unelected bureaucrats with billions, because that has worked out so well in the past. Freeland’s green-transition policies, boasting a whopping $120 billion price tag, are just her way of trying to keep up with the U.S. and their Inflation Reduction Act.

So, when Freeland comes back from her latest secretive Davos trip, keeping everything hush-hush, we should all be pretty pissed. Her actions aren’t about creating a better future for Canada—they’re about securing her spot among the global elite. This whole Davos show is just more proof that Freeland’s real loyalties lie far from the interests of everyday Canadians.

At Davos, Schwab brings together political puppets like Trudeau and Freeland with billionaire bankers, Big Tech leaders, and UN officials. Behind closed doors, these unaccountable elites work together to “reimagine” policies for countries according to the WEF’s technocratic vision.

The WEF is clear about its goal to override national sovereignty. Schwab envisions countries giving up decision-making power to multilateral “stakeholder” bodies controlled by the WEF.

In this undemocratic new world order, countries just follow agendas set by the Davos elite. Citizens have no say as the WEF takes control of society and the economy.

So when Freeland refuses to disclose what she discussed behind the closed doors of Davos, Canadians must be alarmed. We didn’t elect the WEF to decide Canada’s future. The Deputy PM needs to come clean about what she discussed with this globalist group.

Freeland Sells Out Canada

In response to being asked about her Davos activities, Freeland basically told Canadians to sit down and shut up. Her short response showed the same arrogance we’ve come to expect from the Liberals.

Instead of giving specifics, Freeland just gave vague details about chatting with “business leaders” and hanging out with the Ukrainian delegation. All on our dime, she’s rubbing elbows with the global elite while keeping us totally in the dark.

We know it cost over $40,000 just to send Team Canada to wine and dine in Davos. But what did Freeland promise behind those closed doors to her WEF buddies and foreign friends?

When pressed about a possible conflict of interest from her role at the WEF, Freeland runs away and stays quiet. She clearly thinks she’s above having to explain herself to Canadians.

This secretive attitude must make Canadians mad. Liberal elitists wasting our money to push hidden agendas that go against our national interests? No wonder people are fuming.

If Freeland wants to hang out with WEF big shots at secret meetings, she should do it on her own dime. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for Canada’s Deputy PM to scheme with foreign globalists and undermine our country.

Freeland’s dodging questions about Davos reminds us of how she sidestepped the capital gains tax hike issue. Despite warnings from experts that it’ll tank productivity and growth, Freeland brushes off all criticisms of her tax grabs.

Just like she avoids discussing her secret Davos deals, Freeland flat-out refused to talk about how her capital gains tax hike will hurt the economy. She just ignores evidence that contradicts her radical tax plans cooked up behind closed doors.

Freeland acts like she doesn’t owe Canadians an explanation for the harm her policies cause. Meanwhile, she’s happy to rub elbows with global elites, dreaming up technocratic fantasies without caring about what actually happens in the real world.

It’s like déjà vu for Canadians. Freeland disappears into the Davos bubble and comes back with yet another tax hike that could wreck our economy—seems like it’s all part of the Great Reset playbook.

Come October 2025, voters will demand a reckoning from two-faced elitists like Freeland who speak of democracy while cavorting with anti-freedom internationalists. The Liberals’ days of trampling Canadian sovereignty are numbered.

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