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Freeland Melts Down After Liberals’ Toronto-St. Paul’s loss


Freeland Scrambles After Defeat

Chrystia Freeland ‘s meltdown at the press conference after the Liberals’ Toronto defeat was something else. She flipped between barely holding back tears and raging at reporters, trying to defend Trudeau’s sinking ship.

One minute, she was on the verge of crying, her voice shaking as she made weak promises about “working hard for Canadians.” The next, she was slamming her fist on the podium, practically spitting as she lashed out at anyone questioning Trudeau’s competence.

Freeland’s bizarre behavior shows someone who knows her party’s days are numbered. The Liberal stronghold is crumbling, and she’s got no clue how to stop the Conservative wave from wiping them out.

Like a cornered animal, Freeland is lashing out in all directions. Her transformation from a composed Deputy Prime Minister to someone who’s visibly losing it under pressure is pretty shocking.

She knows the game is over. Trudeau is dragging the party down, but her ambition keeps her clinging to power even as the Liberals become irrelevant.

Freeland Clings to Trudeau

Freeland’s panicked and scared face was laid bare for all to see in her recent press conference following the massive, catastrophic loss for the Liberals in Toronto—St. Paul’s byelection.

The results of this pivotal byelection dealt a devastating blow to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. For the first time in nearly 30 years, the Liberals lost the long-held riding to the Conservatives.

This shocking defeat in the heart of Liberal territory has left Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland desperately fighting to keep Trudeau in power, despite the clear message from voters that it’s time for change.

The Liberals didn’t just lose the byelection in Toronto—St. Paul’s – they were absolutely decimated. The riding had been a Liberal stronghold since 1993, surviving every challenge including the 2011 “Orange Wave” that swept the NDP to Opposition status.

As former Liberal advisor Jeremy Ghio stated, “This riding survived a sponsorship scandal in the beginning of the 2000s. [It] survived the Stephen Harper government. It survived Michael Ignatieff’s disastrous result. And it did not survive Justin Trudeau this time.”

He added: “Canadians are struggling, economically speaking and Pierre Poilievre is very popular.

So rather than supporting Justin Trudeau, we’re seeing more and more Canadians [saying] ‘you know what, we’ll try it with the other guy.”

The final results spoke for themselves. Conservative candidate Don Stewart won with 42.1% of the vote, beating Liberal Leslie Church who took only 40.5%. This marked a massive 16.8% swing from Liberal to Conservative compared to the 2021 federal election.

For the governing Liberals to lose one of their safest ridings, and to the Conservative opposition, it signals clearly that Canadians have had enough of Justin Trudeau’s failed leadership and are ready for Pierre Poilievre common-sense government.

Ipsos polling released prior to the byelection already showed 68% of Canadians say it’s time for Trudeau to step down. The Toronto—St. Paul’s vote simply confirmed that widespread desire for change. As one reporter assessed, “If you cannot win in Toronto under Justin Trudeau, why should anyone believe that you can win anywhere else under him?”

Despite the obvious signs, Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland is stubbornly ignoring the urgent need for new Liberal leadership.

At the press conference after the byelection loss, Freeland stuck to defending Trudeau’s hold on power, clinging to their sinking ship with impressive tenacity. When asked if Trudeau could still lead the Liberals into the next election after such a shocking defeat, Freeland confidently said, “Yes. He certainly can.”

Her reasoning is pretty shaky. She vaguely promised the Liberals would keep “working hard for Canadians” and pushing their agenda.

Really, Chrystia? The same agenda that led to failed policies, broken promises, and now, embarrassing electoral losses? It makes you wonder what planet Freeland is on if she thinks more of the same will win back Canadians’ trust.

It’s almost laughable how she keeps defending Trudeau, as if sheer willpower can change their dismal track record. Maybe she thinks repeating empty slogans will magically turn into real progress.

Canadians, however, aren’t buying what Freeland and Trudeau are selling anymore. The writing is on the wall, and it’s clear they’re just desperately trying to hold onto power at any cost.

But why you don’t grasp is that they don’t care. They have their agenda, which has nothing to do with what is best for Canadians, and they will continue with their marching orders for as long as they can.

Freeland will eventually take on a larger role with the WEF, openly supporting their globalist interests, and Trudeau will disappear into obscurity. They know they are doing Canadians dirty and don’t care one little bit about it.

Freeland’s hollow promises are just a façade for their real intentions: to push their agenda at the expense of the very people they claim to serve.

Her insistence that Trudeau can still lead the Liberals to victory is just plain delusional. The Toronto—St. Paul’s byelection proves Canadians have lost faith in Trudeau and are ready for a change.

The Conservatives saw a huge boost in support in what was once a Liberal stronghold, thanks to Pierre Poilievre. People are clearly connecting with Poilievre’s common-sense plans to tackle inflation and economic issues that the Liberals have ignored.

Instead of facing reality, Freeland seems determined to delay the inevitable Liberal defeat for as long as possible. Keeping Trudeau in power is her best shot at eventually taking the reins herself. She doesn’t care that this risks massive Liberal losses in the next federal election.

Freeland’s motivations are all about her own ambitions. She knows Trudeau is leading the Liberals off a cliff but won’t admit it. Instead, she gives laughable reassurances that everything is fine, even though Toronto—St. Paul’s was a wake-up call for Trudeau’s political career.

Voters Abandon Failed Liberal Agenda

The problems with the Liberals go deeper than just Trudeau and Freeland being out of touch. Their entire agenda has failed. Issue after issue, Liberal policies have hurt Canada, despite their hollow claims otherwise.

On the economy, Trudeau has completely dropped the ball. Inflation is eating away at household budgets, and the Liberals have only made things worse with job-killing carbon taxes and stifling regulations that crush economic growth.

Canadians are rightly worried about our declining standard of living under Liberal mismanagement. But instead of solutions, all we get is denial and misdirection from the government. Freeland keeps claiming inflation is under control when everyone can see that’s just not true.

And let’s talk about the housing crisis. Under Trudeau, owning a home has become a distant dream for many Canadians. Prices have soared way beyond what people can afford in many cities. Instead of addressing the real issues like increasing supply, the Liberals have left generations of Canadians feeling hopeless about ever owning property.

Public safety? Another big fail. The Liberals have weakened laws against violent crime, leaving communities and victims feeling unsafe. Their constant meddling in the justice system has eroded public trust. Plus, they’ve left our military and police badly underfunded and unsupported.

Canadians are seeing more violence and crime, but the Liberals downplay the concerns and refuse to bolster public safety, putting political correctness above basic security.

The failures are everywhere in the Liberal agenda. Health care costs keep rising while services decline. Ethics? Forget about it – the Liberals are constantly embroiled in scandals and cover-ups that show they’re unfit to govern.

Even on climate change, their heavy-handed regulations do little more than raise costs for Canadians just trying to get by.

After nine years of Liberal rule, the verdict is clear. On the economy, affordability, health care, ethics, climate, and public safety, the Trudeau agenda has failed Canadians.

We have received nothing but rising costs, declining services, increased threats to public safety, and endless scandals. Only the arrogant Liberals fail to realize that voters have lost all faith in their management of Treudeau’s government.

Deputy PM Freeland can keep spinning implausible excuses, but Canadians know better. The shocking Liberal loss in Toronto—St. Paul’s ripped away their political blinders. Voters sent an unmistakable message – we have had enough of Liberal incompetence and broken promises.

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