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Freeland Loses It As Tories Threaten Liberal Toronto Stronghold


Freeland Melts Down Over Conservatives Win

It looks like Chrystia Freeland didn’t get the “keep calm” memo. The unflappable Deputy PM just lost it in an unhinged rant that left jaws on the floor.

With Trudeau’s Liberals facing a historic defeat in Toronto, Freeland dropped an absolute nuclear bomb, accusing Conservatives of being “cold, cruel, and small.”

Her shocking meltdown tipped the Liberals’ hand – they’re panicking over an end to their power monopoly.

But Freeland’s desperate ploy seems to have backfired big time. Prominent Canadians are destroying her. One said it’s the “greatest ad for the Conservatives ever!” Even Liberal voters called her “evil.”

And scariest of all for Trudeau? His own Toronto candidate just admitted she hears non-stop complaints about “Trudeau fatigue” everywhere. After nearly a decade in power, even Liberal die-hards have had enough.

The red wave is receding fast. Trudeau’s days as PM now are numbered as his wounded brand turns toxic. Think he has a bold plan to turn things around? think again.

So Trudeau better brace for impact, because a Category 5 storm is brewing to sweep away his fading government. Continue to watch Freeland’s unhinged meltdown that tipped the first dominoes. Looks like Canada’s Conservative Spring is coming sooner than Trudeau thinks!

Freeland Unhinged as Toronto Loss Looms

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland went off on a rant against the Conservatives at a recent press conference, and it was something else. Her meltdown comes amid fears that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals may lose the Toronto-St. Paul’s byelection to the Conservatives after holding the riding for over 30 years.

Freeland lashed out, calling the Conservatives “cold, cruel, and small” in their vision for Canada. She ripped into their focus on fiscal restraint, claiming, “The alternative is cuts and austerity, not believing in ourselves as a country, not believing in our communities and our neighbors.”

So, in Freeland’s world, a government that tries to balance the books and avoid saddling future generations with debt is “cold, cruel, and small.” To her, fiscal responsibility apparently means you hate your country and your neighbors.

Her wild, fear-mongering speech shows just how scared the Liberals are of losing their grip on power. Instead of tackling real issues, Freeland resorts to dramatic accusations and over-the-top warnings, making it seem like the sky will fall if anyone questions their reckless spending. It’d be almost funny if it weren’t so blatantly desperate.

Prominent lawyer Ari Goldkind blasted Freeland’s comments as “the greatest ad for the Conservatives that they could ever come up with…Too bad this wasn’t released last week to voters in my riding.”

Royal Canadian Air Force veteran Rex Glacer also unloaded on Freeland, saying “These people are evil, and as we have seen for nine years, hate and despise you if you don’t vote for them.”

Freeland’s unhinged tirade came just as polls closed in the too-close-to-call Toronto byelection. The Liberals are facing the humiliating prospect of losing a seat they’ve held since 1993 to Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives.

This once unthinkable outcome is now a real possibility as Justin Trudeau flails in the polls amid voter fatigue with his government’s scandals and runaway spending.

The Toronto contest is a bellwether for Liberal fortunes under the increasingly unpopular Trudeau. A loss here would pile pressure on him to resign before the next election. Senior Liberals are surely panicking about holding onto power as Trudeau drags them down.

Even Liberal candidate Leslie Church admitted she hears complaints about “Trudeau fatigue” constantly at the doors. She confessed saying: “I do hear that a lot”

“I think that’s pretty natural for this point in time. We hear that the prime minister is, you know, he’s been out in front for a number of years and people have been through a lot.

And there you have it, people! Even Trudeau’s own party members can’t ignore the overwhelming “Trudeau fatigue” sweeping the nation. After years of grandstanding, broken promises, and policies that have left Canadians struggling, is it any wonder people have had enough?

Let’s talk about what “a lot” really means. Canadians have endured skyrocketing costs thanks to the infamous carbon tax, watched the national debt balloon under Trudeau’s reckless spending, and faced endless scandals and ethics violations from a government that promised transparency and integrity.

Leslie Church’s admission is the tip of the iceberg. The Trudeau Liberals have been out of touch and out of ideas for a long time, and now even their candidates can’t deny the dissatisfaction simmering across the country.

Capital Gains Tax Hike Hurts 5 Million Investors

After nearly a decade in power, lifelong Liberal voters feel it’s time for change. As resident Erica Bertucca put it, lining up to vote against Trudeau’s candidate, “I think Mr. Trudeau will be quaking in his boots very soon because — it’s just time. It’s time for a change.”

Others branded Trudeau a failure who should step aside if he costs his party this safe seat. Voter Garth Myers was blunt: “If the Liberals lose, if Leslie Church loses, then that’ll be the end of Trudeau.”

Trudeau’s diminished standing was painfully clear on the campaign trail – his name was printed so tiny on Church’s signs that you could barely see it. The Liberals are now trying to hide him rather than show him off. Talk about a fall from grace.

Canadians struggling with soaring inflation and taxes see Trudeau living it up on their dime. His lavish global trips and vanity projects really rub people the wrong way, especially when he’s squeezing every penny from citizens to fund his big-spending dreams.

Trudeau’s anti-business agenda has also taken a toll on Canada’s competitiveness and growth. His government just hiked the capital gains tax, ignoring all the warnings about economic fallout. This short-sighted move will discourage investment and hurt entrepreneurs.

High-tax Liberals like Freeland and Trudeau seem clueless about the damage their policies cause. Economist Jack Mintz pointed out that the capital gains tax hike will impact nearly 5 million Canadian investors, way more than just the “wealthiest” Canadians the Liberals claim.

This tax grab will reduce returns for business investors and give entrepreneurs less reason to take risks. Yet the out-of-touch Liberals push forward anyway. Their hostility to job creators and blindness to the consequences end up hurting all Canadians stuck with a messed up economy.

Also, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce representative echoed the same scathing critique and called out the Liberals for Canada’s dismal productivity, labeling it “the worst it’s been since the 1990s.” This echoes Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem’s alarm over our productivity crisis, branding it as the country’s ‘Achilles heel.’

Skyrocketing gas prices, grocery bills, and housing costs – this is Trudeau’s legacy. He blithely lectures overtaxed, overstretched Canadians that they just need to “budget better” – easy to say for someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Pierre Poilievre’s common sense Conservative agenda is really resonating with Canadians who are fed up after nearly a decade of Liberal mess-ups.

People are liking Poilievre’s promise to balance the budget and cut down on wasteful spending. It hits home hard for taxpayers who are feeling the pinch of rising costs. And his pledge to scrap Trudeau’s carbon tax and botched green schemes is a big hit with struggling workers and small businesses alike.

Unlike Trudeau, who seems totally out of touch in his fancy bubble, Poilievre connects directly with people who are mad about how the Liberals have handled things. By tackling issues like inflation and the high cost of living head-on, he’s clearly getting the upper hand over Trudeau, who’s stumbling around.

Those Toronto election results will be a disaster for Trudeau, proving his days as PM are definitely numbered. His Liberal brand is seriously damaged now. Even old political hands are saying that barely hanging onto that longtime Liberal stronghold would still be a huge loss for Trudeau.

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